Fribourg is situated on the rocky peninsula and surrounded by Saane River in three directions. The town is among the oldest towns in Switzerland. There are over two hundred gothic facades that date back from the 15th century to modern times, and it has some of the exceptional features of a charming medieval town.  Ramparts covering over two kilometers were used to protect the city in ancient times. There are remnants of the walls and turrets all preserved in the museum. One of the most impressive features of the town is the cathedral of Fribourg, and this features extraordinary stained glass windows, and the construction of this cathedral began in the year 1283.

The St. Nicholas cathedral features a stunning 74-meter tall tower which offers breathtaking panoramic views of the region. Fribourg is a lively town with university students mingling in the region. In the narrow alleyways, there are antique shops, little boutiques, student cafes, and restaurants.  If you are visiting Switzerland for the first time and you are looking for ideas that will help you enjoy your stay in the city, then Fribourg is your destination.

Here are some exceptional locations and things to do in Fribourg, Switzerland.

#1- Medieval Fountains

You can take your time to discover the eleven fountains coupled with their unique columns, either alone or with the help of a local tour guide. Fribourg fountains have some unusual names such as courage, fidelity, and strength.

These historical fountains can be found dotting the entire city, and some of these fountains date back to the 16th century. Some of these fountains were built during the Hans Geiler and Hans Gieng. These individuals were responsible for creating fountains in this city, among other areas.

#2- Learn Twilight Tales of Old Town

Fribourg Old Town

As the darkness covers the region, take your lantern and follow town gossip and a knight as you get to know the history, the legends, and real facts about Fribourg. The two-hour walking tour will take you from the origins of the town in the 12th century to the 21st century as you whistle around the city and get to know some of the secrets of the town.

As you traverse the city along he lofty crags and narrow alleys, you will hear the stories from the legends and history that have shaped the region. The experience is fantastic, and you will get to know the city better, plus you can get the feel of the town from an on one perspective.

#3- Visit St. Nicholas Cathedral

St. Nicholas Cathedral, Fribourg

St. Nicholas Cathedral is one of the best places that you should visit during your Swiss exploration exercises. The cathedral is more prominent and more established when compared to a church. It is named after St. Nicholas and the Catholics in Fribourg, as well as the environment, love this church as it offers a location that you can go and pray.

There is so much to the cathedral, it is made in a gothic style architecture, and it was completed in the year 1430. The cathedral took over a hundred and fifty years to complete. The intricate details inside the cathedral coupled with figurines of Mary’s mother of god and Jesus Christ, are some of the features that make this place stand out.

There are also designed stained glass windows that you can take your time to admire.

The cathedral offers an eye-opening experience to the culture of the local people as well as the architects of the ancient century.

#4- Explore the Funicular Fribourg

Funincular in Fribourg
Photo by ActiveSteve-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0)

You can take your time to try the funicular Fribourg as well as the tramway in Fribourg, Switzerland. The funicular was launched in the year 1899, and it was an initiative of the Paul-Alcide Blancpain. The created tramway connected the upper altitude city of Neuveville and the industrial region.

This funicular had major socio-cultural significance, and its role in the development of the city cannot be underestimated. The funicular runs between 7 am and 7 pm, and you should create time and visit the location when it is at its peak to get an insight into what happens.

#5- Walk Around Bern Bridge

Bern Bridge Fribourg
Hossam El Hamalawy -ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

While in Fribourg city, you should take your time to explore the region adequately as there other features that you might tend to underestimate. The Bern Bridge is one of them. Bern is the second most populated region in Switzerland, and the construction of high-level bridges began in the 19th and 20th centuries. If you end up in Bern, don’t forget to read about exciting activities to do in Bern.

Eighteen bridges are covering River Aare in Bern, Switzerland.  Some of the bridges include a new bridge that was constructed in the year 1466 to replace the ferry.  There are so many bridges in Bern, and you can choose the shortest distance that you want to visit and get to explore the region.  You can get a scenic view above the bridges.

These bridges are useful because they help the economic situation of Fribourg as it aids in quick transportation and higher efficiency when compared to taking ferries. These bridges are also tourist attraction sites.

#6- Natural Historical Museum

The natural history museum is one of the most visited destinations in Fribourg, Switzerland. The museum has every aspect of natural science.

You can see everything from local wildlife to many animal species from across the world. You can even get to see a stuffed whale. Other animal species that you can get to see in this region are owl, among others.

#7- Musee Des Chemins De Fer Du Kaeserberg

It is another place that you should visit while in Fribourg, the announcer will announce the pulling of train at precisely 11 o’clock.  There is an imaginary network of railways that will take you through Switzerland as if it were real. This depiction is a perfect balance between different aspects of this location and what to expect in Switzerland.

It is built on three levels at a scale of 1:87, and the 2045 meter track will give you a glimpse of the entire country. You will not see such trains elsewhere in Switzerland, and the mini trains with a depiction of the full model will help you to know more about the country. The trains are run by a unique system that simulates the real train network in the country.

#8- Explore Fribourg Center

Fribourg Center

When visiting Fribourg, you must take your time to explore the city and get to know what it has to offer. Wondering in the city will give you an idea of its history, development, and what has transpired since it was constructed until the modern times that the city center has developed into one of the best tourist destinations. You can enjoy the magic eastern views as the city is constructed on an east theme.

#9- Visit Gutenberg Museum

It is one of the places that you should never miss to visit. The Gutenberg museum brings together the history of letterpress printing and modern communication features. The museum aims to help visitors to know the different aspects of letterpress printing and communications in a more exciting way.

As a novice or a specialist, you have a place in this museum as you will get to know more about the letterpress technique and modern communication techniques. The exhibition is fantastic, and you should make time to visit this beautiful destination.

#10- Schwarzsee

Schwarzsee Fribourg
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Schwarzsee is a perfect location, whether it is winter or summer. If you have a family or you are visiting alone, you should visit this location because the fun activities that you can do are not limited to just a few.  Schwarzsee is a small holiday town located in the eastern foothills of Fribourg.

There is unspoiled nature, and you can enjoy the wild view during summer and snowcapped areas in the winter. The destination has specific footpaths for children, and this makes it a perfect tourist destination for families. There is a chair lift that can move you high as you enjoy the alpine tour. There are numerous fun activities to do, such as fishing, rowing, or bathing in the clear lakes. If you’re into exploring Swiss lakes, don’t forget to read our guide on Swiss lakes.

What are your favorite things to do in Fribourg, Switzerland? Share your experiences below. 

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