The Park Ela is one of the largest parks in Switzerland. The park is located in Graubünden in the Albula, Septimer, and Julier Pass, and it offers the best travel experience if you want to enjoy something different and exceptional, and you want to feel an authentic swiss experience. The park lies in these passes, and it offers a perfect mode to enjoy nature, traditional villages, and lively culture of three regions Germany, Italian and Romanic cultures. Since this is the largest park in the areas, there have been efforts to save it from extinction and other harmful human activities that would otherwise destroy the park’s natural phenomenon.

The nature park municipalities corporate in strengthening the region’s economy, protecting nature, and promoting the preservation of culture in the region. The Albula, Julier, and Septimer passes are historical, and they lie inside the park. There are over fifty minor passes and winding paths, which lead to rugged ranges and unique park experience in the area. If you are looking for a place with exceptional cultural experience, this is a perfect spot because it has been preserved over the decades. You will find classic cart tracks, baroque churches, medieval castles, and hotels from the stagecoach period. The park’s nature offers floral dryland, hedgerow country, untouched alpine forests, rugged gorges, mountain lakes, and an unusual variety of animals and plants.

What to Eat in Park Ela?

Swiss fondue

There are four main ingredients which make your holiday in park Ela a rare treat. The unique cuisine matches the untouched mountains scenery, and it is from three regions hence making it diverse and unique at the same time. When visiting this location, you can take some barley soup famous for locals and international visitors. In addition to this, there is a north tart which is made by local confectioners.

Besides, there are capuns which presents a new cuisine experience that you can try when in this location. Apart from the regional cuisines, you can order foreign cuisines from the hotels in the region.

How to Get to Park Ela

If you are visiting park Ela for the first time, you should have all the essential information to make your trip memorable. Different travel options will allow you to reach this destination with ease and safety. If you choose to travel to this region by car, you must know what to expect from the local travel agencies and requirements for tourists. One of the quickest ways to reach this destination is by taking the Vereina car shuttle train. The train is the most common method that many people use to reach this destination. For people who have motorways, you will have to get motorway tickets, which will cost you around 40 CHF.

Switzerland has some of the best train networks, and you can easily reach anywhere by boarding a train. A train from the major cities such as Zurich, Lucerne, or Basel through Graubünden will make your travel experience more comfortable and faster. The railway system will offer transport for both luggage and ski equipment. You can also arrive at this destination by air, and this can be done by booking a ticket that will take you to St. Gallen or Basel. Be sure to check the prevailing weather conditions as well as the notifications from the transport authority.

What to Do in Park Ela, Switzerland

Explore the Landwasser Viaduct

Landwasser Viaduct

The Landwasser viaduct is a single track of six arched curved limestone railway viaduct that spans between Filisur and Schmitten in the Graubünden region of Switzerland. This railway track was designed in 1901 and 1902 by Zeerleder and Muller on behalf of the Rhaetian Railway.

The lines have been in operation since that period until today, and the site is listed among the UNESCO world heritage sights. In the year 2009, the Landwasser viaduct underwent some renovation work since its first renovation, and you can now access it with ease.

Visit the Julier Pass

Julier Pass

The Julier pass is a mountainous pass in the Albula Range of the swiss alps. This Pass connects the Engadine valley with the rest of the Graubünden region. It is known to cross a watershed or drainage between the river Danube and river Rhine at the summit. This road was constructed in the 1820s, and it was meant to replace the old Septimer Pass and it is easily passable even in modern times.

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It is important to note that the Pass widened for ordinary trucks and cars. However, you should ensure that during the winter period, you have winter tires otherwise, the weather will take a toll on you.

Explore the Albula Pass

Albula Pass

The Albula pass is a swiss mountain pass that is located in Graubünden in Switzerland. The Pass lies in Albula alps, and it is on the watershed between the tributary of river Rhine and Ova d’Alvra, which is a tributary of the inn.

The area has unique features, and you will get a chance to know some of the exceptional places in Switzerland with unique characteristics. It is accessible via cable car, and you can get the car from the station thirty meters below this summit.

Visit the Septimer Pass

The Septimer Pass is a high mountain pass located in the Graubünden region of the swiss alps. During the Middle Ages, the Brenner pass and St. Bernard passes were the preferred routes of the emperors traveling.

However, this Pass was uplifted and modernized to incorporate designs. Since this Pass was an important part of Augsburg and Milan’s route, it was easier to have it maintained regularly. The Septimer pass was later modernized to incorporate modern features, making it one of the best tourist attractions.

Explore the Piz Scalottas

Piz Scalottas

The Piz Scalottas is a perfect location if you want to see the swiss alps from a different perspective. This region is located near the Lenzerheide in Graubünden canton. During the winter, a chair lifts the skiers to the summit of Piz Scalottas, and the mountain offers a perfect location for people to have this fantastic view of the region.

If you would like to discover some unique places in Switzerland, this is the right place you should start with. You can enjoy sports like mountain biking at the top as you check out the fantastic views below the mountains.

Explore the Railway Museum

Albula railway museum

The Albula railway museum is situated at the Albula railway of the swiss Rhaetian railway system. The museum has been in operation for the last decade. It has a rich history of the railway its construction as well as many artifacts.

You will explore topographic simulations and demonstrations of how tunnels were constructed and a myriad of multimedia plans that will help you understand how the railway system works. One part of the museum has a miniature railway operating in O scale, and it has been in operation for many years.

Visiting Goat-Peter and His Herd

Goat -Peter I located in Tigignas, a small mountain above Savognin, and this where the kids help in feeding his goats and taste the cheese. There are a few tiny wooden houses like erratic blocks.

Visitors can pet and feed the animals with peter as they listen to stories about the region and preserve culture and diversity in this region. The trip is perfect for small children as it helps them explore nature and get a glimpse of what goes on in the area.

Wildlife Watching in Val Faller

You can experience some of the best places in Switzerland by taking a guided trip to Val Faller. Here you will see roe deer, red deer, and chamois.

The high valley is an oasis where the roe and red deer are often present. You can also enjoy some of the delicious swiss cuisines after a walk in the area.

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