Poschiavo is an olden town that was first mentioned in the literature in the year 824, and it was formerly called Puschlav. The region is characterized by some of the most exquisite looks and awe-inspiring looks. The amazing destination has a beautiful imposing renaissance style of 19th-century architecture. The palazzi were constructed by some of the most prosperous residents who got their wealth abroad and mostly in Spain.

Poschiavo can be accessed from the upper Engadine valley in the north aboard the Bernina pass, and from the south, you can access it from the Italian community of Livigno through the Livigno pass. The region stretches far wide in the lower region to Campocologno, which borders Tirano, an Italian town. The valley drains to the Poschiavino river, and it flows through the Lago di Poschiavo. Unique mountains are surrounding the valley, which gives some of the unique experiences around the city. The Bernina express train, which passes through the Lago Bianco, connects these destinations. A branch of the Rhaetian Railway is the highest elevation point on this train’s journey. With the unique experience and charming, serene lake surroundings, the small town of Poschiavo has some of the most exceptional aspects that you should explore.

Explore Old City of Poschiavo

There is one way that you can arrive in Poschiavo. You can explore the Bernina express (which is one of the best passes in Switzerland), and this will start in the Italian town of Tirano and ascend through the Bernina pass. The UNESCO acclaimed rail route is breathtaking, and you should have the best stunning views of the town. The Poschiavo is the best place to visit, the site is amazing, and you can take as many pictures as possible.

At the circular century-old viaduct, the train will snake as it ascends, and this is the most majestic view that you can take pictures of the journey. The climbing stone igloos are some of the exceptional places that you can enjoy photography of this location. 

Visit Hotel Albrici

This is a wooden paneled cold alpine winter hotel that serves as the best destination that you can enjoy while in transit. This hotel preserves the town’s historical past, and there are over ten guest rooms that you can explore while in this region.

You can read and understand the town’s history through the pictures and literature available in the hotel.

Learn About the History of Poschiavo

When you want to understand the dynamics of the history of this location, you will explore what the ancient population was going through. There is a catholic church which all show the history of the local people.

The town has a strong Italian influence, and you can learn the history of the town and the local people before you move to the next destination.

Explore in Local Produce

Poschiavo is located in the alps, and it is well preserved from the worst northern weather. Poschiavo is known to be an area where some of the best raspberries and strawberries are grown.

You can enjoy some of these majestic views of the town. The local flowers and herbs allow you to enjoy a fresh brewed tea and pastry by the locals. Rabbit or veal can be served on pasta and slices of cheese.

Taste Fine Wines

Poschiavo Vineyards

The global warming process has resulted in some adverse effects in the agricultural regions of Switzerland. The Graubünden, a region that grows grapes of their own on the hillside terraces, can be one of the unique locations that you can enjoy while visiting it.

You can get to enjoy some of the finest wines produced in the location, and this presents a unique chance for you to explore what you have and choose wisely.

Visit Via di Palaz

In the early 19th century the Poschiavo was an underdeveloped poor rural village, many people left the area to seek their fortune across Europe. Many people were successful, and upon return, they came and changed the beautiful view of the mountainous region.

In the 1850s, an enterprising mayor commissioned an Italian architect lured wealthy families to Poschiavo, and since it has developed to be one of the top destinations in Switzerland. They built the palace, and this provided an amazing view of the surrounding locations.

Explore the MS Sassablo

This was an initial lake cruise on lake Poschiavo, however, over time, the mere five-minute ride has developed into one of the most visited destinations. The train journey allows you to explore what the city has to offer. The locals’ enterprising spirit has left the area with many inspiring places that you can go and enjoy your trip with ease.

One person bought a boat and provided cruise services to passengers who came to tour the location. Steadily he came to realize that he was gaining many passengers, and he explored the idea fully. Now you can visit the destination and get a glimpse of what it has to offer using the boat cruises.

Taste the Local Cuisine

Poschiavo cuisine

You can set aside a couple of hours to explore the cuisine of the local people. Since the area has a huge Italian influence, you are bound to have fun as you explore what they have to offer. You can grab your lunch on the terrace viewing the surrounding lake and snow-capped mountains in the backdrop.

You can order trout or salmon caviar all from the fresh lake in the regions. Traditional desserts are well decorated with strawberries, raspberries, and redcurrants.

Angler’s Paradise

Poschiavo is a perfect location if you are looking for an area to enjoy your fishing activities. There is a lake that will allow you to enjoy your fishing experience.

Besides, they have nice picnic areas, and from the many locations, the area is well equipped with the latest technology to guide you to the best fishing spots.

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