Biel city lays right in the border of german speaking and french speaking areas in Switzerland, so let us explore top things to do in this unique place. If you ever see that Biel is named Bienne, do not worry, it is the same place, just Bienne is the french name of the city and since 2005 the city has two names.

Biel is right at the foot of the second biggest mountain range in Switzerland – the Jura mountains.

Lake Biel is in the area of Biel city and is just minutes away from the old town, so it offers quite many water activities as well.

Let us explore top things to do in Biel, how to get to Biel, and some facts about Biel city.

How to Get to Biel, Switzerland

Biel is just 119 kilometers from Zürich and you can reach it by car just in 1h 20 minutes. I recommend parking in the Seefelsweg parking place as it is very close to the lake and in another direction close to the old town. Have some cash, as parking fees only acceptable that way, no credit cards.

If you want to come to Biel by train, it would take you around 1h 20 minutes from Zürich. There is a direct connection, so no need to change trains. Please check all the latest time schedules and ticket prices right here.

Interesting Biel/Bienne Facts

As mentioned before, the city is right on the border of two different languages speaking areas: french and german, so you can get around there using both languages. As I was there, I actually heard much more french speaking people, but maybe that is just a coincidence. In the city as well you will notice many bilingual street signs.

Biel is in the canton of Bern and has a population of over 55 000 people.

In the times of Napoleon Biel belonged to the French Republic, but that didn’t last long, and back in 1815 Biel joined the canton of Bern.

These days Biel city is a proud place of watch production as they have Rolex, Swatch, Omega and Glycine watch manufacturing or administration.

Awesome Family-Friendly Things to Do in Biel

As Biel/Bienne is a city right next to lake Biel, the Jura mountains, and at the same time has a rich history, it provides activities to a wide variety of people with different interests.

In Biel, you can find museums, a zoo, funicolare, hiking trails, a small port and many other places where you can have a great time.

I have prepared a list of activities I hope you can enjoy and you will have a great time for one day or the whole weekend.

1- Biel Lake

Biel lake is the biggest water object next to Biel city and you can have a very nice long walk by it. Usually, it is full of birds, especially swans and ducks.

Biel lake Switzerland

If you want to have a nice long walk, head to Nidau’s direction and keep going by the lake. Do not go to the other side, as it is right next to the road and it is quite noisy, although Capriccio restaurant on that side reminds me of a bit of Norwegian architecture.

Biel lake has a small port and you can take a boat tour to other settlements by the lake. The one direction I would like to offer is St. Peterinsel – it is a peninsula on the other side of the lake with swamps and only reachable for tourists by boat or foot. Only locals can drive there. I will write a bit more about St. Peterinsel as it is in my top things to do in the Biel list.

You can check boat rides right here: Biel lake boats.

By the lake, you will find as well restaurants, huge meadows to read a book or play frisbee, small parks, fishing places (just be sure to have a permit to fish) or you can even swim there in the summertime.

2- Omega Museum

As mentioned before, Biel is a proud manufacturer of great watches.

One of the most famous watch brands in the world is Omega and they have their own museum in Biel.

Omega Watches

Did you know that one of the Omega watches landed on the Moon? Isn’t that fascinating? You will find that piece of history in the Omega museum.

As well they exhibit many great watches who can dive hundreds of meters below water, who were used in many Olympic games and so on.

If you are a fan of Swiss watches, it is a place to visit.

You can find all information about Omega right here: Omega Headquarters.

3- Biel Zoo

If you want to have great family time, why not visit a charming Biel zoo.

In the zoo, you will mostly find the local fauna: deer, wild bores, owls, fox, goats, and many other animals.

Biel Zoo

In the zoo territory, you will as well find a fireplace that you can use, so it is a perfect place to have your lunch during your visit.

You can find the museum in this address:

Zollhausstrasse 103, 2504 Biel

All other information about the zoo you will find here: Biel Zoo.

4- St. Peterinsel

As I mentioned before, you can take a boat from the city to St. Peterinsel which is a very well-protected nature area on a peninsula right on the other side of lake Biel.

St Peterinsel

If you want, you can as well reach St. Peterinsel with a car from the other side (you will have to drive around the lake), you will have to park your car and then walk 4.5 kilometers till you reach the restaurants, hotels and resting areas.

The path which leads to the resting area at the end of the peninsula is gravel and better not to leave it as all-around is swampy land. From time to time, you will see some wooden paths above the swamp, so you can use it to explore nature. While you walk you will as well get good views of the Jura mountains.

Once you get to the end, you will reach a very nice hotel and restaurant, a small port, some boats, and very peaceful nature.

I would say that St. Peterinsel is an exceptional place in Switzerland as not so many swampy uninhabited places you can find in all the Alps country.

5- Biel Old Town

You can find a charming old town in the city where you can wander around, have a cup of coffee or do some shopping in local boutiques.

Once you are in the old town, do not forget to check out these buildings and places:

Alte Krone, The former Rockhall Manor building, Jordi-Kocher House, Catholic parish church of St. Maria Immaculata, Museum Schwab, and many other historical sites.

The overall tour of Biel’s old town should take you up to 1 hour.

6- Funicolare

There are two ways how you can get up the mountain and check out the lake from the top: you can hike up there or take a funicular from Biel.

Switzerland is famous for many different mountain cable cars, gondolas, and trains, but you will not find that many funiculars in Switzerland.

The track is 1693 meters long and in 9 minutes you will get to Magglingen/Macolin village.

From there you will get perfect views of the surroundings, find some restaurants and can have a nice walk or hike to even higher areas.

There is a huge Bar und Cafétéria Grand Hotel which you can see even from Biel sitting on the mountain, so it is a perfect place for a cup of coffee. If you wish, you can spend a night right there as well. Lake Biel and all cities and villages around it light up really beautifully at night.

7- Art museum

If you are looking for more art experience, you can visit the art museum in the city.

It is called Kunsthaus Pasquart.

During the year they have a lot of different exhibitions and of course the permanent one.

In this museum, you will find contemporary art not only from Switzerland but from all around the world.

I really recommend visiting their website and checking out their latest information as they have very interesting artworks coming up all the time: Biel Kunsthaus Pasquart.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Biel, Switzerland? Share your thoughts below.