Michigan, located in the Great Lakes region of the United States, is an extraordinary state to visit. With a population of around 11 million, it ranks as the tenth-largest state in both size and population. While many might think Detroit is the capital, it’s actually Lansing. Michigan’s distinctive geography, with two peninsulas, nurtures a diverse range of wildlife and plants.

Known for having the longest freshwater coastline in the United States, this state’s history is rich, first inhabited by Native Americans and later welcoming European settlers and immigrants from various nations.

Joining the union in 1837, Michigan rapidly evolved into a thriving trade center, attracting immigrants from the Netherlands, Macedonia, Finland, and other European countries. Its economy is diverse, anchored in the automotive industry, mining, and logging, alongside activities like agriculture, forestry, manufacturing, and high-technology industries.

Michigan boasts one of the most multifaceted economies in the region, offering a blend of trade and culture that is truly unique.

Let’s dive in deeper and see what should you know for your visit to Michigan!

What is the best time to visit Michigan?

A mystical morning in Michigan.

That’s a question worth considering as this state experiences distinct seasons, each with its unique charm. Spring is an ideal time to visit, as the snow begins to melt, giving way to blooming flowers and outdoor activities like hiking, biking, kayaking, and boating.

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However, if you prefer less snowy areas, this might be the perfect time for your visit. Summer, on the other hand, is the best season to explore Michigan in all its glory. With pleasant temperatures and lush surroundings, this season allows you to enjoy the state to its fullest.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a nature lover, Michigan, often referred to as the Wolverine State, has something special in store for you.

How to get to Michigan?

Road in autumn, Michigan

Getting to Michigan largely depends on your starting point. Traveling from continental Europe or other parts of the world, flying into the major international airports is your most convenient option. But, if you’re located in the neighboring states, a road trip could be a more interesting choice, offering scenic views along the way.

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Michigan also provides various transportation options, including taxis, buses, and even ferries in some regions, allowing you to explore the state via land, water, or air. With so much to offer, Michigan welcomes you with open arms, ready for your adventure.

Things to do in Michigan

Michigan offers a plethora of attractions and activities for you to explore during your visit. Here are some of the must-see and must-do things in this diverse state:

Visit Mackinac Island

A church in Mackinac Island.

Mackinac Island, a picturesque 4-square-mile island in Lake Huron, has a rich history, having been inhabited by the indigenous Odawa people. It’s been a hub for trade and hosts numerous welcoming resorts. While you’re there, enjoy the state park with picnic areas and delve into the history of British and Native American relations at Fort Mackinac. Explore unique boutiques, savor coffee at charming shops, and experience the vibrant nightlife on the island.

Explore the Henry Ford Museum

Discover the remarkable evolution of one of the United States’ major automobile manufacturers. The Henry Ford Museum offers a unique opportunity to witness the progression of car models throughout the centuries. This extraordinary museum attracts about two million visitors annually, making it a must-visit location for automobile enthusiasts.

Michigan Science Center

If you’re interested in modern science and architecture, the Michigan Science Center is a museum that should be on your list. With over a decade of operation, this technology museum offers a wide range of exhibits that promise an enlightening experience. It boasts planetariums and more than 250 exhibits, covering subjects like physical science, health, space, and engineering. Don’t miss the immersive dimension films for an exceptional educational adventure.

The Detroit Institute of Arts

A staircase in the Detroit Institute of Arts.

The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) is a cultural gem worth exploring during your visit. It houses an extensive collection of fine arts from various parts of the United States. The museum’s diverse art pieces span indigenous cultures, South America, Asia, and more. It’s a place to discover the unique artistic heritage of the region and beyond.

Explore the Boyne Mountain Resort

With over fifty years of operation, the Boyne Mountain Resort offers an array of attractions. Set in a mountainous landscape, this resort provides access to log cabins, hiking trails, and skiing locations. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or a winter sports lover, you’re bound to have an amazing time exploring this fantastic destination. With a variety of accommodation options, you’ll find something that suits your preferences.

Visit the Detroit Zoo

A peacock in the Detroit Zoo.

The Detroit Zoo is a highly sought-after location in Michigan, drawing in over 2 million visitors each year. Situated on a sprawling 125-acre site, the zoo continues to expand and diversify its animal exhibits. With a history spanning over a century, it offers insights into the world’s wildlife. Explore and learn about the fascinating history of this renowned zoo.

Accommodation in Michigan

A hotel in Flint.

When visiting Michigan, you’ll find a range of accommodations that offer modern amenities and unique experiences. Here are some exceptional options for your stay in the state:

Grand Traverse Resort and Spa

Nestled in a pristine location with easy access to Lake Michigan’s beaches, the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa is a haven for those seeking relaxation and recreation. Boasting numerous golf courses, hiking trails, and a health center, this resort is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. The rooms are equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Mission Point Resort

Known for its luxury and wellness offerings, Mission Point Resort is a renowned destination in Michigan. This tranquil retreat provides guests with a serene environment, complete with a spa and massage services. Golf enthusiasts will appreciate the on-site golf course, while the resort’s bike and kayak rentals make it easy to explore the surroundings. With exceptional suites, rooms, and gourmet dining, Mission Point Resort is a top choice for a memorable getaway.

Garland Lodge and Resort

For a one-of-a-kind experience, the Garland Lodge and Resort stands out with its rustic ambiance and natural surroundings. Set against the backdrop of a magnificent golf course, it’s an ideal place for families and friends. With fantastic dining options, a spa, and massage services, you’re guaranteed a delightful stay. This resort is a premier golf destination, surrounded by stunning natural beauty.

Stay at the Crystal Mountain Resort and Spa

Crystal Mountain Resort and Spa is the perfect family-friendly destination in Michigan. With a park-themed resort that includes an aquatic playground and a swimming pool, it’s a great spot for water sports enthusiasts. The resort also offers golfing and various exciting activities such as laser tag, mountain biking, and paintball. You can choose from a variety of rooms to suit your preferences. Enjoy private balconies and pools, ensuring a fantastic stay for you and your loved ones.

The Inn at Bay Harbor

The Inn at Bay Harbor is an elegant resort that exemplifies the epitome of beauty. With breathtaking lake views, a spa, and gourmet dining, it’s a place where visitors are drawn by the allure of its features. Accommodations range from suites to deluxe rooms, offering privately covered porches and hot tubs for added comfort and relaxation. Explore the resort’s amenities and revel in a truly memorable experience during your visit in this remarkable region of Michigan.

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