El Salvador might be the smallest country in Central America but this country does not just remain small in everything there is a lot of charming activities and things that you can do in the country making it a perfect holiday destination for your next visit. The country is rich in pristine beaches, volcanoes, rich history and culture, Maya ruins, and natural beauty. The Maya ruins in el Salvador are listed in the UNESCO heritage sites and when you choose to visit the country you will experience its pristine nature because not many people visit it. Just a few kilometers from the airport you will find the colonial Suchitoto which is over two hundred years old and this is a cultural hub where you can discover some other aspects about the country. The people in the country are charming and welcoming and you will easily feel at home when you visit the country. You can visit the major coffee plantation in the country and since el Salvador boasts as one of the black coffee producers you will have a chance to sample the product from the source. The country is filled with waterfalls that give it a unique picture and beauty. Here are some of the waterfalls in El Salvador.

Juayua waterfalls

The Juayua waterfalls are located in the quaint town of Juayua which is a two-hour ride from the capital. This cascading waterfall is exceptional because it has layers of calm and crystal clear pools that you can enjoy during your visit. The falls were formed as a result of an earthquake that occurred in the past century and these created streams that passed over the stony slopes. This has created an ambient environment for different fauna and flora to thrive.

The Chorros de la Calera is one of the most important places in El Salvador because it is the capital of art and culture in the region. When you hike down the cascades you will see multiple waterfalls. There are indigenous trees and pristine forest cover which makes it ideal for photography. You can hike to the lower side of the waterfall and swim in the pool of water down. However, you should be careful because of the slippery rocks.

Tamanique waterfalls

The Tamanique waterfalls are situated closer to la Libertad town and it is one of the best amusement places that you should visit during your tour to el Salvador. The moderate hike will take you to the waterfall and there are numerous amusement locations in the area. You can begin with the walk-in park, plunge at the hilly path as well as deep swim in the crystal clear water. Essentially, you should be prepared to have fun when you visit this destination.

The uphill hike can be a challenging experience for some people. However, you should ensure that you explore the majestic waterfalls by hiking down and taking photos of the picturesque surrounding. If you are planning to explore the waterfalls in El Salvador, then you should bring a change of clothes or swimsuit so that you can dip into the water and enjoy your hike.

Chorros De La Calera

This is one of the best routes when you are exploring the waterfalls in el Salvador. During your trip to this region, you will enjoy the most mysterious waterfalls in the region. Apart from the major waterfalls in the area, there are lush green coffee plantations, handicrafts, local cuisine that you can sample as you watch the water from the top of the waterfall splash down on the rocks. The path of the seven waterfalls is one of the major locations that you should explore during your next visit to Chorros de la Calera.

There is an ancient church along the trail to the waterfall and you can learn more about the history of the people in this region by checking out this church. During the weekends you will find that the people are hosting gastronomic festivals and it could be the right time to explore these functions and enjoy interactions with the local people.

Cascadas de Don Juan

The don Juan waterfalls are ten minutes away from the main highway and you can take your time to explore this waterfall as it is located perfectly within the towns of Concepcion de Ataco and Apaneca. The entry that you will be charged to the park is $3 and you can buy some of the souvenirs from the local people as you explore the don Juan waterfalls.

There is a tiny trail that leads from the main road and this road can be accessed throughout the day especially from 8 am through 5 pm. Since the trail is short and well-marked then you can just walk up from the highway and enjoy the view. There are geothermal springs around the area as well and with the help of your guide, you can explore these geothermal falls.

Salto de Malacatiupan

This is one of the waterfalls that is a little distance from the main highway and it is 45 minutes away from La Ruta de Las Flores. However, if you choose to explore these waterfalls you are sure that you will enjoy your time in the area. The volcanic activity in the region has raised the temperature of the earth’s crust hence the water from this waterfall is hot. 

You can take your time and bathe in the natural pools that have been created by the hot water. There are powerful falls down when you hike to the lower side of the waterfalls. The steam creates an exceptional view and you can take more pictures as you explore the warm water. It is believed that warm to hot water has skin healing properties because of the salts that the water dissolves in while ejecting out of the earth’s crust.

The Salto de Malacatiupan is the only thermal waterfall in El Salvador and you should not leave the amazing experience to miss without exploring the features that are available in this region. The waterfall is made of three cascades and a short walk towards it will dazzle you because there is so much that you have to enjoy because the scenery is exceptional. The natural terrain where Antonio and river Caliente meet creates cascades that makes the waterfall stronger. 

The waterfall is about twelve meters high and you can take pictures below the waterfalls. The third waterfall resembles a monkey and you should take pictures of it. The cool weather creates a lush green landscape surrounding the waterfall. It is a perfect place where you should take your pictures.

El Perol waterfall

The el Perol waterfall is one of the best places that you can explore when you visit el Salvador. This waterfall is situated in the Morazán department and it is a combination of natural water and deep forest which is a conducive environment for enjoying your holidays. This waterfall features green forests surrounding it and it is rich in fauna and flora. You are not only taking amazing pictures but you will also get time to see the different plant and animal species.

The waterfall is approximately thirty-five feet high and it has two tributaries that create a large pool below the waterfall. This is a perfect area for swimming after a long hike and you can get a dip as you enjoy taking pictures with your loved ones. The greenery on the mountains creates a perfect space where you can enjoy your day.

El Escuco Waterfall

This is a waterfall that is located in the eastern part of the country and it is highly captivating for its idiosyncrasy making it a perfect place for you to visit on your next vacation to el Salvador. The waterfall is half a kilometer from the road and it is a perfect place to take photos and enjoy the lush green environment. The el Escuco waterfall is 80-meter-tall and when you hike to the lower region of the waterfall you will receive a spray of water which is relaxing especially when you have been hiking or exploring the country.

You can dip into the pool and enjoy a cool environment after a long day. The pools are one to five meters deep and it is the right location where you can enjoy your day. If you are a lover of extreme sports and adrenaline-filled activities then this is the right place for you to visit. The rocks are slippery when you try to ascend hence you should be very careful when hiking up. Many of the Nahuatl language speakers live in this region and you can indulge in knowing their culture and traditions.

Cascada Los tercios

This is a waterfall that is five minutes from the capital and this waterfall is rich in history and picturesque surroundings where you will take pictures and enjoy your day in the region. One of the historians in el Salvador denotes that the waterfall is mythical and it is something that has gained a huge reputation across the country. Thousands of tourists visit the waterfall annually. The hexagonal rocks and vertical walls that are formed as a result of rock changes have been there for years.

During the rainy season the waterfall bursts into one of the most scenic locations on the planet. The people who visit these waterfalls are stunned by the formation of the waterfall and many attributes to myths and folklores as they try to check a waterfall formed naturally this way. The Cascada Los tercios is forty meters high hence it is a perfect place where you can take a dip in the pool that is created below it. The volcanic activity that led to its formation is still a mystery to many people.

Chase all the waterfalls

When you choose to visit El Salvador, you can explore the country by checking out all the waterfalls around the Ruta de las Flores. Here you will find a myriad of waterfalls and your guide will give all the information about the waterfalls that you can explore during your visit to the region. The waterfall route usually takes around six hours and it is an adventurous experience that you will never find anywhere else in the world because El Salvador is a unique destination in Central America.

During your adventure, you will see the best volcanoes such as Cerro Verde, Santa ana, and Izalco. You can decide to explore the local cuisine or culture. Since El Salvador is a destination that majorly focuses on growing coffee you can sample the local coffee while visiting this amazing region. There is so much that you can explore in the area and the cool cascading water presents you with a unique opportunity to relax and unwind as you check out what the country has to offer. There are major coffee shops around the area where you can sample the local pupusas and coffee.

In conclusion, El Salvador is a pristine tourist destination and when you are looking for a place that you can explore in the south and central American region then this is the place to visit. The waterfalls are amazing and unpolluted. The people are charming and friendly and you are sure to have a good time in this region.

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