Why Families Are Choosing an Activity-based Getaway Over A Beach Holiday 

Traditionally, the summer holidays were all about sunbathing and relaxing on the beach. This is still the case for some of us but in recent years, there has been a rise in families opting for holidays with an active element.

Pip Tyler, Overseas Director at Neilson Active Holidays said “We’ve noticed that more and more people find it equally as relaxing to hire a bike and cycle into the mountains, take to the water in a kayak, or go for a long walk/hike amongst beautiful scenery. Focusing on a more technical activity really focuses the mind and helps people to completely switch off from it all.”

Family activity holidays are a great way to spend time together, but what exactly makes these getaways more attractive than a beach holiday? 

Environmental Awareness 

Activity-based holidays promote environmental awareness and sustainable travel, so they are ideal for eco-friendly travellers. Activities like hiking, wildlife tours, or ecotourism encourage an appreciation for nature alongside a desire to protect it. 

You’ll often replace car and plane travel with more sustainable travel methods as you move from place to place. This goes a long way to offset the impact of your holiday footprint by lowering carbon emissions. 

Memorable Experiences 

On your adventure holiday, you’ll find ample opportunity to make memories that last a lifetime. By putting yourself in unfamiliar situations and challenges, you get to visit landscapes and cultural sites that were previously inaccessible to you. You get to relish your travels forever, including the sense of accomplishment you get from completing your adventure and the thrill of the activity. 

More families are opting for spontaneous and immersive adventures that they will remember for years to come. These holidays are less about where you are and more about how you are spending your time. 

Outdoor Exercise 

Activity holidays offer your family health benefits in spades. Outdoor exercise like cycling has been linked to better cardiovascular fitness, reduced stress levels, and lowered risk of developing conditions such as diabetes and some cancers. 

Being outside in nature with its cleaner air and lush landscapes leads to improved mood, boosted self-esteem, and higher energy levels. So, not only does your physical body see greater improvement but the mental well-being of your entire family does too. 

Learning New Skills and Development 

You’ll be pushed physically and mentally on an adventure holiday, which offers you great opportunities for great personal growth and challenges. You strengthen your resilience and learn new skills from backpacking and pitching a tent to experiencing local people, culture, and history. 

Adventure travel will start your children on newer and healthier activities that are more fulfilling and meaningful than other holidays.

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