Getting away from it all is something that all of us think about doing at least once in a given year. The combined stress of work life and managing a household in a cost-of-living crisis are more than enough to justify a retreat, even if just to get a little perspective. 

Holidays are a little out of many peoples’ budgets at the moment, but luckily some of the best places to get some rest can be found right on our doorstep. Perhaps the best example can be found in Wales – but what is it that makes Wales the perfect retreat destination?

Stunning Natural Landscapes

The main draws for Wales as the destination for your rural getaway are, naturally, the beautiful landscapes that run through the country. Eryri National Park is one of the more prominent places in Wales for this, being the home of Yr Wyddfa – known in England as Mount Snowdon. 

Yr Wyddfa is the tallest peak in Wales, and the second tallest in the UK (second only to Ben Nevis in Scotland). The national park that surrounds it is massive, encompassing incredible glacier lakes and boundless rolling hills. If you’re looking at holiday homes for sale in North Wales, chances are you are looking at properties within Eryri National Park, and hence properties with the best views for hundreds of miles around.

The north of Wales does not have a monopoly on breathtaking views, of course. The south is home to Bannau Brycheiniog, better known as the Brecon Beacons. Bannau Brycheiniog is a stunning mountainous location with amazing walks and even more amazing vistas. Meanwhile, coastal Pembrokeshire is an irresistible seaside destination for the perfect provincial retreat.

Rich Cultural Heritage

Among the incredible landscapes of Wales lies evidence of a rich cultural history. Plainest to see are the many castles that stipple the country, some of which predate the Middle Ages. Chepstow Castle was a Norman fortification built in the 11th Century, and remains standing as a monument to the incredible struggles that defined early Britain.

The Active Outdoors

Wales’ natural locations are not just there to be seen and admired. They are also there to be experienced, actively – as evidenced by the wide array of activities and adventure sports that can be enjoyed throughout the country. Wales’ mountain biking routes are world-renowned, and take in amazing forests by way of fire roads and thrilling forest pathways. Water sports are also extremely popular, with Pembrokeshire and Northern Welsh coastlines together being magnets for surfing and kiteboarding amongst other things.

Peace and Tranquility

Last but certainly not least, a Welsh retreat is a fantastic way to find some real peace and tranquillity. The slower pace of life in even the more built-up areas of the countryside is addictive, and the quietude of rural Wales has no equal.