St. Moritz is a luxury location situated in the alpine region in Engadin valley, Switzerland. The resort has gained worldwide popularity because of its unique features and the pristine location of this town. It is has been home to the Olympics two times and has the Crest. A run which is a world championship bobsled competition made of natural ice. The frozen lake in the region is also famous for cricket, polo and horse racing. Some of the exquisite locations such as Diavolezza, Corvatsch, and Corviglia are best for snowboarding and skiing.

St. Moritz
St. Moritz

One of the main attractions for this region is winter sports and St. Moritz was home to winter sports in the years 1928 and 1948. The village of St. Moritz has large palatial hotels and it sits on the sunny terrace of the range. On the floor of the valley on the southern part of the lake are iron-bearing springs that have been in use since the bronze age. The beautiful alpine scenery has over twenty-five crystal clear lake mountains and forests with glaciers. The region has attracted thousands of tourists across the world and during summer it is filled with activities such as tennis, windsurfing, hiking, climbing, golf, and skiing.

How to get to St. Moritz

You can get to St. Moritz through various means such as a car, train, or by air. If you choose to get to the destination by train then you board your train from any European city and this will take you St. Moritz Station. In addition, St. Moritz is the beginning of the famous Palm Express and Glacier Express.  Alternatively, you can choose to drive your car to this beautiful destination.

A drive from Zürich will take you up to 3 hours.

On the other hand, if you are flying in from a far destination then St. Moritz is your place to be. There is a small airport in Samedan, a 15 minutes ride from St. Moritz and this airport serves major international airports such as Munich, Geneva, Milan, and Basel among others.

From Zürich airport by car or train would take you 3 hours.

What to do in St. Moritz

1.    Winter sports and skiing

St. Moritz is a unique tourist destination that has been in operation for many years (St. Moritz is the first skiing resort in the world) and it is from the rich skiing characteristics that it has gained popularity across the world. The location has developed over time to be one of the topmost skiing metropolis in Europe with more than twenty lifts carrying skiers to this terrain for skiers of all levels. One of the highest resort in Switzerland has some of the best intermediate skiing terrain as well as tough terrain for experienced individuals.  You will get the best feeling over the obstacles that are on the skiing terrain as they will push you to the next level.

Snowboarding and skiing are not the only sports here, there is a natural ice-skating rink, tobogganing, curling, and ice polo. The Olympic ski jump and the slopes are on of te places in the world you should not leave behind. Take your time to explore these locations and enjoy your vacation in Switzerland.

You can find much more information about skiing and all snow activities in St. Moritz right here: Skiing in St. Moritz.

2.    Explore the Corviglia funicular

This funicular ascends over two kilometres from St. Moritz Dorf to Corviglia through an intermediate Station at Chanterella. Corviglia stands at 2486 meters above sea level and it has exceptional alpine views, exquisite restaurants, and excellent skiing locations. In this location, you will get the lift carriers carrying hikers and sightseers during the summer period to allow them to explore the region as well as boost. The tourism in this location. You can get a cable car which will take you to Piz Nair which is at 3057-meter elevation, therefore, giving you more wide views of the region.

There are wide choice of activities on Corviglia, you can explore them all here: Corviglia.

3.    Enjoy Glacier Express

Switzerland has the most iconic mountain rail journey that starts from St. Moritz to Zermatt and it is one of the most famous in the world. The glacier express is known to the most magnificent train journeys across the world because you will get to explore the pristine mountain landscape, remote green valleys, deep gorges, and high viewpoints in Switzerland.  The train crosses Oberalp pass at over two thousand meters above sea level and it passes through 91 tunnels towards its destination.


Glacier express train
Glacier express train

The journey is quite exquisite and you will get to enjoy every bit of it as the train has large windows that allow the passengers to enjoy their journey as they take photos and watch the surrounding environment.

More information right here: Glacier Express.

4.    Explore St. Moritz Lake

St Moritz lake
St Moritz lake

Just like the mountains above St. Moritz lake draws focus to many people because it is the center of attention during winter and summer periods. During winter the lake is frozen and there are various sports that you can enjoy in this region. However, during the summer period, the lake melts and you will find some of the clearest waters in the region in this lake. There are numerous activities that you can enjoy while in the region.  There are cafes, restaurants, and hotels that you pass by as you are walking around.

5.    Visit Hahnensee

St. Moritz is rich in diversity and features that the town offers. From the town down through the beautiful forest paths you come across Hahnensee a beautiful location at an elevation of 2000 meters above sea level. This is a perfect destination where you can enjoy some of the most amazing mountain views and the stunning features of the city.  Besides, you can take your lunch in this exquisite destination without worrying about anything.  You will be able to see Engadine lake and the Bernina peaks as you climb to the peak of this location.

You can get there by car or hike to it.

6.    Have a nice time at Engadine Museum

This museum is unique because it is set in a house that dates to the early 1700s and it houses more than four thousand items that depict the evolution of life and culture in the region from the thirteenth to the nineteenth centuries. It is popular for the house interiors along with furnished rooms that have costumes, embroidery, farm equipment, and household utensils that depict the alpine living conditions.  There is an e-guide that will help you understand the area well before you physically explore it. There are also artifacts from the bronze and Neolithic ages.

All information about tickets and visiting times is right here: Engadine Museum.

7.    Explore the St. Moritz-Celerina Bobsled Run

This is an experience that you will only have in St. Moritz and it is a bobsled that runs down the slopes. It is a natural bobsled run and the oldest in the world, therefore, you are sure that you are only experiencing the best. You are allowed to ride with some of the most experienced pilots and this will give you as exquisite experience as that of the Olympic individuals running the track. The course if 1722-meter-long and you can reach speeds of up to 135 kilometres per hour and it a solid adrenaline rush activity in the region.

Check it out right here: Bobsled Run in St. Moritz. This is one of the most unique activities in the whole Switzerland.

8.    Take a day trip to Val Fex and Sils


Between Silsersee and Silvaplanersee is a popular summer winter sports location that is called Sils.  The town has two sections the Val Flex and Sils Maria and it is well located at the River Inn from the lake. In both locations, you are sure that you will experience some of the best areas that you can in the world. You will find the best-looking houses in Engadine and this will give you an ultimate feeling of the Swiss travel. The Sils Maria has a baroque architecture that dates back to the 1760s and on the other hand, the Sils Baselgia has a church that dates back to 1448. These are some of the unique ancient structures that are several centuries old.

You can find more information about this fantastic place right here: Sils Maria.

9. Visit Julier Pass

It is a very high mountain pass very close to St. Moritz and the top spot is at 2284 meters. What is the most outstanding about this place: it is open in winter. Once you go there in the middle of winter (I have done it in January) it is a complete Santa Claus winter wonderland. The amount of snow on the top is enormous and you have a chance to simply drive through this part of Switzerland.


The views are breathtaking.

On the way there are some restaurants where you can have a cup of coffee or some local meals if you wish. On the top there is a very bizarre modern piece of architecture which holds events mostly in summer time.

Julier Pass is one of a kind mountain pass especially in winter times.

Top things to do in St. Moritz conclusion

In conclusion St. Moritz has along to offer and you should visit this destination especially during the winter period because this is when everything is exceptional.  You can enjoy all the winter sports and activities in the area during this period.

If you have any questions about St Moritz, please let me know, I will do my best to help you!

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