I have a spent a whole day in the Titlis ski resort in Switzerland and would like to share my opinion about this ski resort.

Switzerland has many great big ski resorts and Titlis, although not that big, is one of the most popular and I would say one of the more expensive ones in Switzerland and probably all Europe (as all the expensive ski resorts are in Switzerland).


I have found one list of top 10 ski resorts in Switzerland and Titlis got into that list.

So let us have a look what to expect from Titlis, how to get there, how much does it cost, what kind of slopes they have and all other possible information about this ski resort in Switzerland.

Fast facts about Titlis:

Open: from late November to April

Slopes: mostly red and black

Ski lifts: comfortable, mostly cabins or 4 seaters.

Price: 68 CHF one day for an adult.

Recommended: for intermediate snowboarders and skiers.

How to get to Titlis

Titlis ski resort is next to a quite popular mountain village called Engelberg in Switzerland. It is a small village with cute old town and a huge monastery. It is as well the last village on the road, so it is all surrounded by big mountains. All around. No where to escape or go further 🙂

Why ski resort is not called Engelberg? Simple reason, there is a mountain peak called Titlis in the ski resort (although you won’t reach the top of it with ski lifts).

You can reach Engelberg with train or your car, if you come by car, there is a very very big parking lot next to the entrance of ski resort, so I think you should find place there at any time. I was on a pretty busy weekend there, had no problems parking there. I paid just 5 CHF for 7 hours parking. This is a very decent price in Switzerland

If you want to come by train, you can just jump in to the train in Zürich. You will have to change the train in Luzern and reach Engelberg from there. The whole trip from Zürich will take your around 2 hours. From the train station it will be just 10-15 minutes walk to the Titlis skiing resort.

If you want to spend two days in the ski resort, you can easily find a place to sleep in Engelberg, although it gets pricey in the high season. I have slept in the city 20 kilometers from Engelberg called Buochs and paid just 90 CHF per night (In Engelberg be ready to pay at least 150-200 CHF).

Titlis prices

Ok, so when you come to Titlis entrance, don’t rush into the building to buy a ticket, you can actually buy it in ticket automat in 2 minutes which stands outside. It is strange to me that there’s always a big line inside the building for tickets and those ticket machines mostly stand with no people 🙂

The price for the whole day is 73 CHF. 5CHF is a deposit and you get it back at the end of the day – you can put again the ski pass card into a machine which is next to the entrance and get back your 5 CHF.

So the price is actually 68 CHF. That is pretty steep even for Switzerland, but this is a famous skiing resort high in the mountains.

Titlis ski resort map

Titlis map
Titlis map

Ok, first things first.

Titlis ski resort is not for beginners. Yes, it has teachers, yes it has blue routes, yes it has some very short easy routes (which I even didn’t try as they are small, with those cable lines (where you put that thing which pulls you up between your legs), and they are very low in the resort), BUT almost all of the resort is red and black routes. I would never suggest visiting this skiing resort if you don’t feel at least very good on red routes. If you struggle on a red route in other skiing resorts, don’t go to Titlis, first master the red routes somewhere else. In a big resort with many blue slopes. I don’t want to ruin your holidays if you already planned your week in Titlis, but then, be ready to learn with a lot of falling 🙂 That’s the way I did it few years ago, but I, personally, don’t think that Titlis is good for beginners.

BUT if you like speed, feel good on red routes, you are going to love this place.

When we bought our tickets, we went straight up to Trübsee and then again up to Stand and at last to Klein Titlis (the younger brother of Titlis).

Klein Titlis

The mountain station is at 3020 meters above sea level.

The views from Klein Titlis to other peaks.

From Stand there is a very big ski lift which probably fits 100 people and the cool thing is, once you go up to Klein Titlis, it turns around all the time 🙂 Only in Switzerland. So you get the 360 degrees view while you go up.

On Klein Titlis there’s a huge mountain station with restaurants and shops. If you have time and would like to enjoy a cup of coffee: that is a perfect place. Maybe even to get a new fancy Swiss watch? 🙂

On Klein Titlis we had very good weather and a lot of tourists who just walk around as there is this famous cliff walk which I really enjoyed. It is a metal wire bridge which hangs on the rocks attached to the mountain at 3000 meters altitude.

Titlis cliff walk is just 100 meters from the Klein Titlis mountain station.

Titlis cliff walk
Titlis cliff walk

There is quite a lot of people all the time on this bridge, but you feel completely safe up there.

Titlis cliff walk
Titlis cliff walk

After visiting this bridge we started our snowboarding activities.

From Klein Titlis you can ski down to Ice Flyer and although on the map it is shown as red slope, it was black. And as the first slope on the day, it was a big mistake. I didn’t have any falls, but on the black routes you must be always pretty careful not to loose balance and there’s always experienced swiss skiers who almost fly above you 🙂 So that was pretty inconvenient for us. Once we got up again to Klein Titlis, we decided to go straight down to Stand.

I don’t if it was a bad day, but the last leg to Stand was so badly maintained, it was the first time I saw so many small hills of snow in one place, it was pretty impossible to make turns. Saw so many people falling down, laying on the snow, loosing their skis and so on. It looked pretty sad. I quite literally did zero turns and just got down on one side (looking towards to the valley on snowboard) all the way to Stand. I don’t know if it was a bad day or something, but the people in Titlis must definitely fix that place with machines more often. It was a dangerous place.

From Stand to Trübsee the slope was very pleasant.


So as we experienced that pretty bad slope, we decided to go to another side of skiing resort to Jochpass.

On the Jochpass is a very nice restaurant which we visited after 3 hours of skiing. It is very cosy and nice. Prices: barley soup was 12,50 CHF (deliiiiiicous!!!), glass of coke: 5 CHF. So one person for a pretty small lunch pays 17,50 CHF. Well, this is a ski resort, you pay extra 🙂

If you want to have something more, like a steak or something, be ready to pay 30 CHF. But I don’t like to eat too much while skiing, because I always get sleepy afterwards 🙂

Ok, so the slopes from Jochpass. There is one “blue” slope which goes down to Engtslenalp. I put blue in quotes because I consider it a red route. Again, saw money beginners falling and falling. It is not a wide slope, quite narrow and quite steep. This is why I say that this resort is not for beginners.


These are slopes going down from Jochstock to Jochpass.

As you see the restaurant in Jochpass is pretty popular.

What is cool from Engtslenalp is that, that the ski lift has a heated seats! That’s the only time I saw such a luxury 🙂

Afterwards we went up to Jochstock there you get red and black routes. It was quite good, but pretty fast. As well on the top of Jochstock I saw many skiers going off road to the other side of the mountain 🙂

The slope I liked the most in this side of the skiing resort was from Jochpass to Alpstübli. It is a red route, but pretty wide, pretty long, interesting, fun. I would say that it is even more easy than the blue route leading to Engtslenalp. So I did this slope probably 4-5 times and really loved it.


I must mention other activities what you can do next to Trübsee.

There is maybe the most fun, loud and biggest restaurant in all the skiing resort. With plenty of people enjoying their time.


On the lake: there was a snowmobile track. It was well prepared and you can just jump on and have a safe race with your friends.

If you walk a bit down to the lake: there is a sledge slope or you can slide down on a big fluffy tire down this slope. It was full of kids and people just having fun. Probably not skiers, but just having a good time.

As well you can do plenty of snowshoeing and other activities up there. I would say that is the most active place in all the resort.


After Jochpass we decided to go back to another side which we visited before and try Stand – Laubersgrat. And that was my completely favourite part of this resort.

It is part black, part red slope. I luuuuuved it. I don’t know why, but there was much much less people than in other parts of the resort, the slopes quite wide, enough place to make bigger turns. Very nice and comfy.

I would say as well that all the time the slopes was pretty hard, icy and with pretty little snow, but these slopes I really liked. Not too steep, clever enough for me 🙂 So I did these slopes as well 4-5 times. One thing to mention: quite often there slopes interconnects with other slopes so you should be careful not to bump into another person. But there are always signs about these interconnections. And if you are the daredevil who just flies in the skiing resort, be careful. There are people coming from many sides all the time.

While enjoying the time in this Laubersgrat slope, the time was coming to an end (the resort closes at 17.00), and I am not going to lie, after 6 hours of skiing, I got pretty tired 🙂

We decided to take the last leg to Trübsee, then use the ski lift to Alpstübli and there’s a loooong blue route to Engelberg and I hated that slope.

Very simple reason (and I saw this in quite many resorts) – the slope is pretty narrow and not steep, so I damn stopped quite many times even though trying to keep the best possible speed to avoid these situations. And you know how it is for snowboarders: if you stop, you must take of snowboard and walk and walk and walk. So in this route I did it 3 times. For skiers it is easier: you just use the sticks to push you further.

So if you are in Titlis, and in the end of the day you are going to use this last slope which leads to Engelberg, try to maintain a good speed, especially in places where you see that it is getting flat or even you have to slide up a small hill.

So this last part of the snowboarding wasn’t that pleasant and it took quite a long time to go down 🙂


All in all, Titlis is a good resort for a one day skiing. I don’t know if I would have what to do for 2-3 days there. I visited all the slopes in 7 hours I was there. If you use slopes just once, you can do it all in 4 hours.

A NOTE: in the map you can see that there are slope on the other side of Engelberg: but I have no idea how to reach it (there’s no direct connection) and I saw just green fields on that part of the mountain. So I don’t know if this is part of Titlis or what, but to walk or use a bus in the middle of skiing is not my cup of tea.

Ok, so in 7 hours I visited all the slopes.

My favourite part was in Jochpass and in Laubersgrat. Best slopes right there.

For beginners – no.  I saw quite many beginners really struggling and I can not really imagine myself in such a resort when I started snowboarding. It would have been pretty painful. The resort is mainly red routes, black routes and to pay 68 CHF just for a couple of blue routes – not a good idea.

For intermediate skiers – YES. You can get all you want. If you are good enough to go off road – you can do it there. There is plenty of pretty safe room to go off road and not fall from the rocks. I saw quite many people going off road.

If you want to check out all the information about Titlis, prices, weather reports, snow reports, visit their official website: Titlis ski resort.

If you have any questions to me about Titlis, please let me know, I will do my best to help you.

Would you like to visit something cool next to Engelberg, why not Mount Pilatus? It is one of the most popular spots in all Switzerland with amazing views, great service and amazing experience for you fellow traveller!

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