Adelboden Switzerland

I was actually surprised that I found out this amazing small village in the Swiss Alps just after three years traveling around in Switzerland.

Last weekend I was looking for some options to hike and spend a night in the Swiss Alps and found out this very beautiful Swiss village in the middle of the Alps.

First things first: how to get to Adelboden?

Well, I went with a car, so that’s pretty straightforward.


Adelboden doesn’t have a train station, so the last stretch to Adelboden you will have to travel with a bus, but don’t worry, Swiss buses work like a Swiss clock 🙂

Check out all the time tables and other travel related stuff here: Swiss trains and buses.

What to do in Adelboden?

Actually, Adelboden has to offer a lot. Really a lot.

Considering that I came here in October – skiing is not an option, but they have a skiing resort 🙂 No worries.

And Adelboden ski resort is pretty big, so you can definitely can plan your skiing vacation over there. Check out the information about it here: Adelboden ski resort.

Ok, so as I am a hiking fan, once we left our stuff in the hotel, we walked straight to the mountains. Our final destination was Engstligen Falls. It’s a pretty high waterfall right on a steep mountain wall.

The hike itself was very pleasant, not hard at all and on the way we meet a lot of cows which are always a pleasure to my eyes, goats, sheep and so on. As well, not that far from the waterfall I met this nice Swiss guy, look at the picture below:

Adelboden Switzerland
Adelboden Switzerland

He looks amazing, straight from Swiss dream. He was very friendly and had no problem to take a picture with me. Please take note that I am not with very hiking looking outfit as the walk was very easy so I even don’t bother to prepare too much 🙂

But I can say, that Adelboden has a loooot of options for hiking. You can choose many directions and possibilities. You can even hike through mountain pass to next Swiss village: Lenk. It’s beautiful as well.

I highly recommend hiking to Stiegelschwand (it’s a very very small village) – very beautiful. We met those curly hair cows there:)

Adelboden Switzerland

So, if you choose a very straight hiking road to waterfalls, it’s just around 1 hour, but we took a detour and it took us around 2 hours 🙂 But it’s not that hard.

Adelboden village

First of all, if you want to find more information about the village and find what suits you the best, please visit the official website of this town: Adelboden. There’s no way I can cover it all, as city has a lot to offer, for every taste 🙂

The village itself is not that big, maybe 2km to walk through it all, but it has many shops (especially for hikers), cool restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, even bowling or whatever you are looking for.

Adelboden village


I have visited a very nice coffee shop/bakery called Bäckerei Haueter. It had a pretty wide variety of baked good, but what I liked the most was an Adelboden cheese cake. It was deliciouuuuus 🙂 Especially if you like Raclette –  I think it is one of the ingredients. The bakery itself is quite big, has a very cosy interior and a pretty cool view to the mountains.

Later on, once I was strolling around Adelboden, I was very surprised to find a co-working space in Adelboden, which, I assume, is very cool location for such a place. Me myself, who worked quite a lot in co-working places, I think this location is the coolest one I saw so far. If you are living around or just spend a week in Adelboden and want to have a place to concentrate and work, I think Adelboden’s co-working place is an amazing choice.

Adelboden village
Adelboden village

As well, in Adelboden you can find a climbing school which offers a lot of courses, but as well an Iglu sleeping option where you can enjoy a portion of fondue:)) Isn’t that cool?

I think that Adelboden has a lot to offer to anyone 🙂


Now, the next day, in the morning, we took a path to Stiegelschwand which I enjoyed a lot. It’s a very small settlement, I think it’s considered to be a seperate small village. But as far as I saw, it has maybe 20 houses, but very very beautiful old wooden Swiss houses which is always a joy to explore. In the village we saw those beautiful curly cows which I do not see that often in Switzerland.

The road through Stiegelschwand leads to the forest and to the mountain where you can hike up and end up in the end in Lenk. So if you have a lot of time, you can hike to Lenk, have a rest there and hike back, but I suppose, that’s a very long hike, I must investigate and do that later myself.

Hut to hut hiking in Switzerland
Hut to hut hiking in Switzerland

Despite the fact, that it was in the middle of October, Adelboden and Stiegelschwand had amazing weather -> 20 degrees with sunshine 🙂

I highly recommend choosing Adelboden as your destination just for a weekend or for the whole skiing vacation. I don’t regret spending a weekend there and definitely will come back. 100%.

If you have any questions regarding Adelboden or any other, please let me know.

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