Areas to Avoid in Paris – A Guide For Staying Safe

Areas to Avoid in Paris

Since Paris is enormous and there are different places that many people visit simultaneously, crime has been reported from time to time. The first district is very expensive to stay, and this is mainly contributed by the fact that it is the busiest and closer to major hubs. Just like any other city in the world, there are areas to avoid in Paris, especially if you are new or a visitor. 

Paris is divided into 20 administrative districts that are referred to as arrondissements. These districts are classified based on their role and composition. The first districts are the city center, while the last districts are on the city’s outskirts. Paris is served by the metro, railway, and two airports. According to recent research, the Charles de Gaulle airport is the second busiest airport in Europe, and it served over seventy-six million passengers in 2019. On the other hand, the Paris metro is rated second in terms of passengers handled as it serves over five million passengers daily.

How to Stay Safe in Paris

Like any other primary European tourist location, Paris is a safe city if you can avoid the significant areas that are questionable. You should have a plan when visiting the city to make everything flow smoothly. Hold on to your belongings tightly as you move around, as this will help you avoid anyone trying to snatch your valuables.

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Another feature that you should have is that you should put on some confidence just like locals, and no one will bother you. You can use hidden maps instead of carrying huge papers. Always have emergency contacts while traveling, and stay safe as much as you can.

The Eiffel tower during weekends in summer

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a major tourist attraction in France, and during the summer period, many people are visiting the country. Therefore, you will find that foot traffic is high. You will have to wait in the queue, and you can spend the whole day before you can get the ticket to view the fantastic structure.

The Eiffel tower attracts over seven million people annually, and the majority of the people visit on weekends and during the summer period. The best time you can see the Eiffel tower is in the morning and during the weekdays if you are going in the summer. 

Avoid the Paris metro

The metro in Paris is one of the busiest places on earth, and since there are millions of people using the metro daily, it can be quite cumbersome to find yourself in these locations if you are new. As much as the safety of the metro has been upgraded and with constant surveillance, security has been enhanced.

However, it is good to know that you cannot go to these places with flashy jewelry to attract thieves or muggers. In addition to this, you should learn the habits of the locals and be able to identify pickpockets.

Grand Magasins during the festive season 

Shopping can be a scintillating experience if you have the time and the money to do it. However, it can be pretty tricky when shopping in major cities and during the festive seasons. The common aspect is that there will be overcrowding in the shopping locations and since there are festive discounts and coupons during the festive season, visiting the shopping zone is not a good idea. 

The crowd in these areas can be uncontrollable, and this means that your safety is not guaranteed. If you visit France during the festive seasons, you should avoid the major shopping areas during peak hours. 

Sanisettes or public toilets

In Paris, the public washrooms are often known to be a gamble because you do not see how good they are for use or who is in there. This category of lavatories is not manned, and, in most cases, they are automated and work with a preset program. 

Essentially, what this means is that that your safety or user experience will depend on the last person who visited them. Therefore, it is essential that if you want to stay healthy and avoid germs, then these are the places that you must avoid visiting. An excellent alternative to this is that you can see the restrooms in a cafeteria as well cleaned and maintained.

First and second Arrondissements

Although these first two districts are renowned for the high life and are often considered the safest areas in Paris, they are usually targets for illegal sellers and pickpockets.

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The flashiest parts of town can be pretty enticing, but you have to be careful when moving from one point to another. The area has some unique shops and a theater, and you should watch out for pickpockets near the opera house.

The roundabout at Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe

This roundabout is a complicated location, and it is where twelve avenues meet; this makes it one of the busiest crossing in Paris. If you are driving to this location, you will notice no signs, which can be confusing for a visitor. Any slight turn might lead you to a different location, and you should avoid this place by all means.

This place is so dangerous for newcomers and drivers that insurance firms have coverage named after it. Knowledge of European driving rules is tantamount in this location. Otherwise, you will be lost in this area. 

Metro station at Chatelet Metro 

This metro station is the epitome of confusion as it is a station where you will find no signs, directions, or proper guidelines. If you are a visitor or newcomer, then you should avoid this location at all costs. The directions in the metro station are totally confusing, and the data is not updated. 

This metro station is a large area, and the lack of direction and proper signs makes it even more difficult for travelers visiting the area. You will find that you are spending more time looking for recommendations than doing anything constructive. Besides this, there are dark areas around the station, making it a possible location for pickpockets and muggers.

Champs-Elysees nightclubs

Champs Elysees

After dusk, just like any other tourist, you might be tempted to go out and experience the nightlife of the city. The nightlife clubs in Paris are quite appealing and for anyone looking for a club to go and dance there are plenty of joints that they can visit.

However, the clubs around Champs-Elysée’s are quite tricky at night. Many tourists will visit these clubs, and they tend to be a tourist hotspot; however, it also attracts criminals such as pickpockets or thieves because of the high-end life.

Do not go to Gare du Nord at night

There are multiple areas in Paris that you should not visit after dark. Nothing is interesting that happens in these locations because only pickpockets and thieves fill the area. Since you are a visitor, it is much better to visit these areas when the streets are busy, and safety is guaranteed.

You will sense the smell of urine in the air, and there are always a group of young men standing, and you cannot totally understand the trade they are doing. These places are unsafe at night and must be avoided at all costs at night. This is not a place for family or children, and after dusk, you will see people getting out as fast as they can, and you can lose items in this area. Avoid it at all costs at night.

The eighteenth and nineteenth districts

The eighteenth and nineteenth districts are not appropriate for women and children after dusk. The streets in these arrondissements are not safe, you should avoid La Chapelle, Port de Clignancourt as well as Porte de la Villette. The exceptions are Montmartre and Pigalle because these are safe to pass through at night and day.

However, it is imperative to note that you should not go alone if you are a tourist. 

Saint-Michel and Île de la Cité 

Île de la Cité 

Saint-Michel and especially areas closer to the rue de la Huchette is mainly filled with people from different parts of the world and locals. The area is characterized by poor quality crepe restaurants, tacky gift shops, and gyro houses. It is a crowded area, and it can be quite unsafe at night or in the evening when the traffic of people moving from one point to another is exceptionally high.

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