Cassis is an ancient town that has been inhabited since Roman times and with a unique country vibe going on. The area is nestled in the Mediterranean coastline, and it is in between the sleepy town of La Ciotat and Marseille. Cassis is a French word for blackcurrant, and as the name indicates, there so much more than the town has to offer in terms of tourism than any other region around it. If you are looking for a vacation spot in southern France, then Cassis should top your list. The town is famous because of its Calanques, pebble-filled beaches, and narrow inlets with limestone cliffs. 

The town has sidewalk cafes, pastel-colored buildings, and local restaurants that serve traditional or regional cuisine. There are local vineyards that produce the most fabulous wines called Cassis white wine. You can get to the town from the trail along the rocky canaille headland and enjoy the panoramic views of the sea.

 The town has become popular as many tourists visit the location regularly, and the cliffs and sheltered inlets are some of the unique features of this town. Cassis town is situated about 20 kilometers east of the city of Marseille. The town’s area currently dates back to over 500 BC, and the people who fortified the habitation and have lived in the city for centuries now. During Roman times, Cassis was part of the Roman maritime route. 

Why should you visit Cassis?

best time to visit Cassis

Cassis is a unique location that you must visit because of the tranquil environment and a privileged geographical location that gives it the best Mediterranean climate. There is Calanques national park on one side and Cap Canaille on the other side. This town is unique, and there so much that you can explore on your visit. The beauty of Cassis has been protected because of the limitation for any expansion or movement of the original features of the city. When you visit Cassis, you will have the time of your life as you experience the typical characteristics of Provençal villages coupled with the coastal charm of the Mediterranean Sea.

Cassis has undergone a tremendous transformation since ancient roman times, and over time, the characteristics of the original town remain. The preservation of old features makes it a historic site that has a unique part. The present-day Cassis had not been established until the 18th century, when industrialization flourished, and there was significant diversification. Cassis still has history and the features of an 18th-century town, and with the expansion protection, you will learn so much more from the ancient city. The architecture, culture, and diversity are all the major attractions of Cassis. Here are the top things to do in Cassis.

The best time to visit Cassis

The French ports are a popular tourist destination, and you can explore the areas anytime you would like. However, it is much better when you are prepared, and you can explore these areas safely without the risk of adverse weather conditions or experience huge crowds.

If you would like to enjoy your trip to Cassis, then the summertime is the perfect time because it is warm and you can explore the Mediterranean Sea and beaches with ease.

Explore the beaches

Cassis beach

As indicated earlier, Cassis is quite unique because it has the influence of the Mediterranean climate, unlike other parts of France. There is a beach a few meters from the port, and it has numerous inlets and fringes that make it unique, unlike other expansive beaches in France. If you are looking for that Mediterranean experience, you should get your hiking boots and hike through Calanques de Cassis.

In case you’re exploring the northern part of the country near Bordeaux, be sure to check some amazing beaches in that area. 

The national park is fantastic and has a diversified species of fauna and flora. The best time that you should visit Cassis is during the spring or autumn time. This is because, during the summer months, the Calanques are closed because of fire hazards. The picturesque of the Mediterranean Sea and the national park with all the features make it a unique holiday destination that you should consider visiting.

Sample the local food and drink

Cassis may be popular with the crème de Cassis, a sweet liqueur manufactured from blackcurrants. However, this is not everyone’s taste; therefore, it is often used in making cocktails. If you are visiting Cassis, you should try the local black currant liqueur and understand how it is made and its tones.

Getting a small black currant liquor as a souvenir from France is a thing to do. 

If you love meat, then this is the right place that you should visit, Cassis’s menu is sea-inspired, and most of the eateries will have fishes and meat. You can sample the food from the small fish market or check out the major restaurants for their best beef. 

Explore the Plage de la Grande Mer

Just a few meters from the Cassis port, you will find the Plage de la Grande Mer, the main beach. This beach is family-friendly because of the high levels of accessibility.

You can take your time by renting a pedalo, taking a dip in the Mediterranean, or relax and play with your kids on the shallow ends of the sea. There is a lifeguard during the summer period, and you should explore all the features that this beach has to offer. 

Calanque d’En Vau Beach

This is a beautiful beach, but it is imperative to note that it is pretty tricky to access, and you must move from a steep pathway to the cliffside before reaching the beach. Nevertheless, you should explore the region before you get to the beach.

The beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in this location, the cliffs surrounded by the sandy cove and the clear turquoise waters make it unbelievably awesome to walk around and enjoy a dip.

Visit the Cassis markets

You will not have experienced the actual value of the Cassis town without visiting the markets. The local markets stock up all the regional delicacies, and you will get to explore what Cassis as a town has to offer.

The market days are every Friday and Wednesday morning, and it is a perfect place to know how the rural French culture works out. You will get baguettes with a Mediterranean twist and foods that you will not get anywhere else in France.

Take a hike at the national park

Hiking in this location is an excellent activity that you should include on your trip to Cassis. One of the best things you can do in the area is a hike on the nature trail. The national park stretches from Cassis to Marseille, and you will find the best and finest scenery and excellent hiking trails.

It is possible to walk from one part to another because the terrain is not severely steep. You will pass through port Pin and Port Miou to Calanque d’En Vau beach and back to your original position. It is a fantastic hiking trail that you should try and explore while in Cassis.

Enjoy a boat tour

Cassis port

One of the most exciting things you can do is get yourself to the port and rent a boat to tour the Calanques. This is a perfect idea for people who cannot hike the entire trail or if you have children and have to take them with you.

You would want to skip the strenuous journey but still experience the awesomeness of the nature park and the Mediterranean Sea. Boat riding provides you with a different perspective of the cliffs and the narrow inlets or fjords.

Sample the wines from Cassis

Cassis may be a famous region for black currant liqueur, but something else stands out from this beautiful town. The Cassis white wines are some of the bests in France, and they have won multiple awards. It is important to note that they are protected by the European geographical protection or AOC.

Cassis’s wines are often characterized by their light color and citrus aroma with a hint of honey. Cassis town is home to 12 wineries, and these wineries often allow visitors to sample their wines during production. You can explore the wineries and sample their wines or even take one as a souvenir to your home country.

Take a drive through des cretes

Cap canaille is one of the glowing oranges under the mystical sun cliff that divides the coast and the town. The main route that you will enjoy driving traverses the cap canaille, and it is called Corniche des cretes. It is an awesome drive-through as there are plenty of pit stops that you can relax and sample some of the local drinks and food.

In summary, Cassis has so much to offer, and you can explore the area on your own or choose a guided tour that will take you from one part of the town to another. Explore the different parts of the town and sample the drinks and cuisine.

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