Where you are going on your next vacation is primarily determined by what you want to see or do. Going to the Caribbean is one of the fun places that you can visit on your vacation. The Caribbean has a wide array of islands that you can visit and understand the history and enjoy the white sandy beaches, sailing, exceptional cuisine, and the culture of the Caribbean people. The Bahamas or St. Lucia is the hardest decision ever when visiting the Caribbean.

The Bahamas has over 300 islands, and St. Lucia is a gem yet to be identified. The beautiful holiday destination presents you with endless opportunities that you can explore during your vacation. Besides, these two countries speak pretty good English. Therefore, you will not experience any challenges on your travel.



Rental cars

If you are in the Bahamas and want to rent a car, you can easily move from one location to another. The base rate is $5, and you will be charged $2.5 for any kilometer covered.

Charted flights

Numerous domestic flights often ferry passengers from one island to the next in the Bahamas. These flights move from one island to another, from Nassau to Eleuthera and freeport. The flight will cost you $110 upwards from one island to the other.


It is important to note that using taxis in the Bahamas is faster than driving a rental car. Unfortunately, there is no uber or Lyft in this location. However, the government usually has fixed rates for several routes in the country. The base pay for the taxis is $4.50, and you will be charged $2.02 for any extra kilometer.


They offer a friendly and cheaper and will cost you from $1 to $3 for a trip from a central location around the capital. These jitneys usually operate from 0630hrs to 1900hrs local time. The fare is generally paid once you are on the bus, and you should enjoy your time while in this location.

Water Taxi

It is important to note that there are ferries that move people from one island to another. However, the easiest way to move from one location is to use the water taxis, and this water taxis usually charge anything from $50 and upwards.

Bahamas water taxi

St. Lucia


You will find buses in St. Lucia, and these buses usually carry people around the islands. The route that the buses usually follow is around the major towns, and you will be charged anything from $0.95 to $3 per trip depending on the location you are going to and the distance covered.


St. Lucia does not have ride-sharing apps like Lyft or Uber, but some taxis operate around the city. A taxi from the major international airport to Castries will cost you $70 while from Castries to Soufriere will be $90. These prices will vary based on the distance


You can rent a bike for $25 per day, and you can use it to move around the island.

Accommodation in the Bahamas



The Bahamas offers affordable accommodation as you can find budget hostels that will cost anything from $30 upwards. It is good that you take your time to review these hostels before you can get to one.


Airbnb is one of the budget options that you have in the Bahamas. You can relax and unwind in one of the hoses around the region, they are usually located in a safe place, and you can get complimentary breakfast, among other treats, during your stay. The prices of these Airbnb ranges from $50 going up.

Atlantis bahamas


Ocean west boutique hotel

This is one of the best hotels you can stay in during your next visit to the Bahamas. It is a cozy place that allows you to explore the area with ease. The hotels have a phenome ocean view, and it is very tranquil with numerous restaurants around the area.

Golden Palm BnB

This is one of the locations that you can stay on a midrange budget. It is a perfect place because it is close to the international airport in the capital, and they offer a $12 transport one way to the airport. Their rooms are exquisite, and there is breakfast included. You can sample meals from nearby restaurants as well.

El Greco Hotel

This hotel is in the cruise port, and it is a private well-furnished hotel with a pool where you can cool off. The hotel has fantastic rooms that you can sleep in, and they offer breakfast as well.


Sandals Royal Bahamian

This is one of the luxurious hotels in the Bahamas and offers all-inclusive deals for couples. It is located on a beautiful beach, and you can walk on the sandy beaches as you enjoy your time on the island. There is a gourmet chef who will prepare five-star meals. It is the ultimate destination that you want.

The Island House

This is a top hotel in the Bahamian capital, and it has 30 rooms with 6 private apartments and beach access. In the hotel, you will get free Wi-Fi, a fitness center, spa, and all the rooms are air-conditioned with a minibar and kitchenette.

Hotel Riu Palace Paradise Island

The hotel is adult-only in the capital, and it has 2 miles of white sandy beaches, a lounge bar, spa, infinity pool, and a fitness center. There are 379 elegant rooms, and you will experience the highest standard of service on your visit to this fantastic destination.

The Ocean Club

This is an upscale resort that offers stunning rooms and suites to give you the best experience you can ever get in the Bahamas. You can enjoy a poolside dinner in the evening, and there are tennis courts as well as yoga classes.

Accommodation in St. Lucia


There are numerous Airbnb’s in St. Lucia; you can choose one of the best rooms and stay in the best locations on earth. Alternatively, you can visit Soufriere where the accommodation is cheaper.


In the old settlement of Soufriere, you will find guesthouses that will charge you anything from $60 upwards. However, these guesthouses have access to the white sandy beaches, and it is the best way to spend your time on the island.


Sandals halcyon beach resort

This is a hotel that is less than 15 minutes drive from the airport, and it is a property that will make you feel welcomed and relaxed. The serene environment coupled with fabulous amenities is one of the main attractions in this location. The hotel has a fitness center, and it has two pools where you can relax and unwind. Wi-Fi is free, and you can enjoy some watersports as well while in the area.


This is an adult-only hotel that was built in a location that was a former coconut plantation. It features excellent rooms with bamboo floors, tennis courts, an outdoor pool, spa, and unique dishes. You are sure to enjoy your romantic outing in this hotel.

Jade mountain

This is one of the top-rated hotels, and their rooms feature modern furniture, infinity pools, and exceptional finishes. It is one of the places that you can unwind in the scenic environment as you enjoy your dinner or drink. The sunset views are amazing.


The Calabash Cove

This is a luxury hotel that offers all-inclusive accommodation, and it mainly caters to adults. However, if you are looking to have fun as a couple, then this is the right destination that you should visit. The seaside villa provides everything you need, coupled with a fantastic infinity plunge pool and views of the oceans. There is a well-stocked bar and cable television for you to enjoy while staying there.


This is one of the most beautiful places to stay, and you can relax and unwind in the amazingly crafted wooden suites. In addition, there is a pool that you can plunge in if you are feeling too hot. The views are stunning, and it is worth every penny.

Anse Chastanet Resort

This hotel is a fantastic location to stay in because it is very appealing, and everything has been put into detail. The bedrooms are majestic, and you will get free access to WIFI, breakfast, swimming pool, and you can sample their fantastic cuisine. All these luxury hotels in St. Lucia will ask for $300 and going up for one bedroom per night.

Cost of traveling


If you are traveling to the Bahamas on a budget, you are expected to spend around $85 per day, and when you are on this budget, you can choose the hostels or guesthouses that will charge you about $30 per night for a room. On the other hand, if you are on a midrange budget, you will spend around $130 per night for a room, while the luxury hotel suites will cost over $400 per night.

The average cost of food per day is around $15 if you are on a budget, while midrange will cost you anything around $50. Transportation cost will be determined by the distance that you are covering. Therefore, you should choose a mode of transport that suits your budget. You can choose fine dining as well, which will cost you around $40 for a meal. The average cost per day for a budget traveler is $90, a midrange budget $250, and a luxurious individual is anything from $500 upwards.

Bahamas currency


St. Lucia does not have hostels; therefore, you will have to cope with Airbnb’s, and these usually charge $20 per and upwards depending on the location. The midrange hotels will charge you from $80 and upwards. The cost of food is around $20, and you can spend the amount for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The most expensive meal, in this case, is lunch and dinner. The cost of beer is $2, and numerous bars are offering these drinks. If you choose to cook a week’s groceries will cost you $50. The average cost for a budget traveler is $90, a midrange traveler $250, while a luxurious individual begins from $500 and upwards.



Visit Shroud Cay

These are some of the most exquisite islands in the Bahamas, and you can explore them on your next visit. In addition, they have the best waters for sailing and boating.

Visit the Atlantis Paradise Island

The paradise island dominates the skyline, and it is a provocatively incredible location that you should visit on your next travel.

Explore the capital Nassau

One of the fun activities that you can do while visiting the Bahamas is to visit the capital and get an idea of what they are up to, the nightlife is fantastic. Also, it gives you a chance to know the culture and diversity of the local people.

Sea park and Exuma cays land

These are the most amazing places that you can visit on your next vacation. The luminous Bluewater coupled with turquoise color is a fantastic location that you can visit. The location is ideal for exploration and checking out the best that the Caribbean island has to offer.

St. Lucia

Visit Castries market

The Castries market is one of the most colorful markets in the Caribbean. You have the chance to purchase some souvenirs for your family.


One of the most fun activities you can do in St. Lucia is the best way to do it on your next visit. Numerous bird species are thriving in the islands, and this presents a perfect chance for you to know them firsthand.


St. Lucia has some of the most exceptional hiking trails. You can be adventurous and check out the best tourist destination on foot as you embrace nature.


The hot springs in Soufriere present some of the most notable attractions on the island, and you can swim in the warm water.

Food Options


Cracked Conch

This is one of the most popular dishes in the Bahamas, and it is often considered the national dish. It features pounded bread and fish that is fried, and it is served with creole sauce and other curries.

Rock Lobsters

If you are looking to enjoy some of the best meals in the country, then you should explore the rock lobsters. The meal is often boiled or steamed, depending on your taste and preference. You can enjoy it with patties or in sauces.

Dark roux

This is a Bahamian meal that involves the use of fish stew combined with onions, celery, tomato, and other spices, making a thick red sauce. The fish can be served with patties, among others.

Pigeon peas and rice

The rice in the Bahamas is served with pigeon peas, and it is a classic dish that is often a local delicacy with pork and other spices.


Callaloo soup

The callaloo soup is one of the best dishes with African influence that features a creamy coconut milk-based broth with vegetables such as spinach, garlic, potatoes, and okra. There are different versions of this meal, some using lobster, conch, and fresh items from the Caribbean Sea.


This meal is often cooked in large pots, and it is a celebratory meal made from chunks of sweet potatoes, yam, and others. You should have a hot sauce on the side when you are making soup.

Fresh lobster

One of the best meals that you can sample in the Bahamas is the fresh lobsters. The giant lobsters are meaty, and you should enjoy the best served in the afternoon with a cool drink.


This is a perfect Caribbean island, and the shellfish is a meal that makes what the locals call lambi. The conch is served as a pan-fried meal, and most restaurants serve it. You should ask for a fresh cook if you want to enjoy the best meal.

Culture and people


The Bahamian people are the friendliest individuals that you can find in the Caribbean. They are very aware of their culture and traditions, and you can take your time to check out some of the celebrations and music featured in the country.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia people are the friendliest and most welcoming individuals in the Caribbean. Their culture is largely influenced by English, French and African heritage. They speak Creole and English, and they are predominantly Christian population hence take their religion seriously. However, they are warm, friendly, and outgoing.

Best time to visit


The best time that you can visit the Bahamas is from December through April. This is because the temperatures are fair during this time, and there are no hurricanes. You should investigate your budget before choosing your Caribbean destination.

St. Lucia

The best time to visit St. Lucia is from mid-April to mid-December, and the island temperatures do not go below 70-degree Fahrenheit. However, you should avoid the April to July season because there is a high chance of hurricanes.

Best time to visit St. Lucia



This is a relatively cool place if you are visiting it as a tourist. However, there is very little crime on the island, and you should be careful about your belongings if you want to enjoy your vacation. Besides, always take notice of international travel restrictions.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a perfect tourist destination if you want a Caribbean island to visit. You can go on vacation with your family to this island. It is a comfortable location, and you are sure that you are sage.