When you plan for your next vacation, you are looking for the best destination, and the Caribbean offers the best places to visit. The islands of Jamaica and the Bahamas are some of the most visited tourist destinations in the Caribbean. The white sandy beaches, many sunny days throughout the year, and incredible culture are some of the features that make these islands an attraction to many. Both places are heavenly, and you should take your time to visit them on your next vacation. The Bahamas is a perfect destination because it has over seven hundred islands, and you can take your time to discover them.

Jamaica is famous for its amazing landscape, waterfalls, and mountains that dot the country’s land. We will make a comparison between the two islands to allow you to make the right decision on where it suits you best. While both islands have the best tourist spots and beach getaways to offer, you should look at the travel cost for each island and the value that you will get when you visit it. Here is the comparison of the two islands.

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The Bahamas has one major international airport that is in its capital Nassau. The airport serves as a link destination for both chartered flights as well as commercial flights. Many tourists will visit the island from the eastern seaboard of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and New York. 


While in the Bahamas, you can get around anywhere in the country using a taxi. While you will not find Uber or Lyft in this location, they have their taxis operated locally, and it is essential to note that you can wait for taxis for up to ten minutes or more. The taxis have a base rate of $4.50 and $2.02 for every kilometer you cover.


When it comes to transportation Bahamas is the best location that you should visit because the road network is well linked and tarmacked. In addition, there are shuttle buses that will move you from one place to another. The prices are usually indicated on the tickets depending on the location you are visiting. In most cases, the cost of a bus from the airport to the capital’s downtown will cost you $1-$2.


If you want to move from one island to the other, you will have to use the ferry services in the Bahamas. The ferries frequent the cities, and you can move from one island to another with ease. The cost ranges from $62 to $75.

Bahamas boat


Jamaica has three major international airports, and you can link your flight to these major airports. For example, you can book your flight to the airport in Kingston or Montego Bay; these are the common airports that tourists use to reach Jamaica.


While in Jamaica, you can get around using taxis, the taxis in Jamaica usually have red plates, and they are easy to spot. If you do not have to pick up arrangements with your hotel, you can use these taxis. The cost will vary depending on the location that you are going to.


There are shuttle buses in Jamaica, and you can use them if you are visiting Jamaica. However, getting the buses can be a little challenging because you can wait for 15 minutes or more for a bus. Therefore, it is better to choose a rental car to move you around instead of a bus.

Jamaican boat

Accommodation in Bahamas


The Bahamian Guesthouse

You can book a room in the guesthouse. The guest houses are perfect for travelers and backpackers looking for an experience. You will have a room with free Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, and breakfast only. You should strive to maintain a budget of $80 if you are traveling on a budget. You can find these guesthouses or Airbnb at $30 per night with a free breakfast.

Winter Haven

 This hotel is situated in Clarence town in long island, and it is a few meters away from the pristine white sandy beaches in the area. Fifteen rooms have central pools. All these rooms have outdoor spaces, and you can view the ocean. You can check out the hotel’s website for prices.

Orange Creek Inn

The orange creek is a fabulous hotel that gives you the authentic local Bahamian culture, and you will enjoy your time in this destination with ease. You can choose a simple studio apartment and spend your time there.

Bell Channel Inn Hotel and Scuba Diving Retreat

If you are going to the Bahamas on a budget, you should not fret because this hotel gives you all services in a budget-friendly manner. They are also equipped with gear for rentals, which you can use for scuba diving and snorkeling as well.


Rental Villas and Vacation Homes

If you are on a mid-range budget, you can choose rental villas because you can quickly move from the apartment and explore the country. The rental villas usually come with a maid, or you can ask upfront what you are expecting. These villas will cost you from $250 to $300. You can call the local tourist office to help you find a perfect location where you can enjoy your vacation.

Bahamas villa


When it comes to being all-inclusive, you will get a hotel resort that will have everything from meals, watersports, entertainment, and the rooms where you will sleep. However, you should first check the hotels that offer these services and know their pricing. 

The common price range is from $120 to 350$, depending on the kind of services you need and the size of the room.


The luxury range of hotels covers all kinds of hotels that will offer exclusive services, and you can have the best services you have ever received. These hotels usually have tags on their websites indicating that the hotel is a luxury. Some of the significant beaches that you will these luxury hotels include cable beach, big major cay beach, Bimini radio beach, and paradise island’s cabbage beach, just to name a few. The price will range from $430 to 700$ per night depending on the services offered and the size of the rooms.

Accommodation in Jamaica


Off-peak season

If you are looking for budget hotels in Jamaica on your next travel, you should explore the available options in the major cities and during the off-peak season. Hotel room prices in Jamaica will vary depending on the size and the type of service required.

Hostels and guesthouses

 When traveling on a budget and you want to explore the country more without breaking your bank, you can sleep in the guesthouses and hostels in the major towns. The guesthouses and hostels will usually charge you $20 per night, and you get some facilities such as a room, a small television, AC, and onsite facilities such as a bar and restaurant.



Jamaica is the location where the all-inclusive concept began, and it is where you pay the price from $250, and this price will cover drinks, meals. Your room and watersports. You can check out the major all-inclusive in the country and visit them if you want a better hotel. There are other all-inclusive in the north coast constructed by the Spanish chains, and the prices start from $110 per night upwards. So you can get the experience you have been looking for when you visit this destination.

Jamaican hotel

Sandals Ochi Beach resort

If you are a couple and want to enjoy your vacation, this is the best hotel to visit. The hotel caters only to couples, and their rates are competitive. Sixteen restaurants offer room service, and you can enjoy your stay in the area. In addition, there are watersports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, waterskiing available in the hotel.

Hotel Riu Ocho Rios

One of the best places to stay on your trip to Jamaica is the hotel Riu in Ocho Rios. This is a perfect place because it will give you a coastal and city feel simultaneous. You will find the hotel on the northern shore of Jamaica. You will have a fantastic dining experience, and guests are treated to several cocktail parties during their stay.

Hermosa Cove Villa Resort and Suites

This is popularly known as a villa hotel, and it gives a personal and homey atmosphere where you can relax and unwind. There are numerous wooden carvings and beautiful artwork in the hotel, and you will enjoy well-cooked meals that will give you a feeling of being at home. The amenities you will find in this resort include private pools and flat-screen television.



There are so many villas in Jamaica that you can enjoy your vacation in. The villas are located throughout the country. Therefore, you are not limited by the location. You can choose a villa in your preferred spot and pay. The cost ranges from $450 to $600. Some of the top Jamaican hotels include excellence in oyster bay, the Caves, and Round Hill Hotel and villas, just to mention a few. These are five-star hotels, and they offer exceptional amenities and services.

Cost of traveling / Budget for a day


The daily budget in the Bahamas will depend on the amount that you are willing to spend. There are hostels, and these will cost around $30 per night. You can choose a double room if you are a group for a double price. The midrange price for hotels will range from $130 upwards, and these are usually ensuite. When it comes to luxury hotels, you will have to part with $300 upwards.

The cost of food in the Bahamas is about $12. This is a simple dish of fish and accompaniment. You can buy breakfast for $3. Meals that are prepared and served in western restaurants will cost somewhere from $15 upwards. If you are cooking on your own, the cost of groceries is about $50 per week. The daily cost for budget travelers will be $80, the midrange cost is $200, and the luxury price per day will be $450.


Jamaican dollar

The daily budget in Jamaica will depend on your choices from the budget, midrange, and luxury. However, you will find hostels that will cost you around $22 and a twin private room for double the price. You can choose Airbnb as well. If you are on a midrange budget, you will part with anything from $150 to $250 per night. The average cost of food in Jamaica is $3.35, and you can purchase lunch and dinner each from $10 upwards. 

If you visit significant franchises, you can pay up to $10 for their food variety. If you choose to cook, you will pay $65 for groceries, which will last you a week. These include essential foods such as chicken, vegetables, and pasta, among others. Your daily budget will be around $55, including travel and entertainment costs. However, if you want a mid-range price, you will pay around $150 per day, while the luxury range will cost you $300 upwards per day.



Explore the wonderful beaches

When visiting Jamaica, one of the most outstanding features is the white sandy beaches. You can explore the warm white sand as you listen to the ocean waves and enjoy the breeze.


You will be surprised to see what the Bahamas offers in terms of fun activities to do. You can go snorkeling, and you will see sea creatures such as lobsters, corals, crabs, among others.


If you are into scuba diving, this is the perfect location for you. There are many islands in the Bahamas, and you can explore the seafloor and the things you will find there.


Fishing is a fun activity that you can enjoy while in the country because it offers all pristine locations where fish thrive. You can go on tour and catch some fish for your dinner.


There are over three hundred islands in the Bahamas, and you can kayak in between these islands. The guided trips are the most impressive features of this destination.

Visit Lucayan National Park

There is over forty-acre land that has a rich limestone ecosystem that you should visit. In addition, this park has several animals that you should check out on your trip.


Explore the beaches

Jamaica has some of the pristine beaches in the world, and you should explore this location on your next trip. You can spend your time embracing the natural environment as you unwind.


Jamaica has the best places for snorkeling, and you can see the amazing corals, fishes, and barracudas, among others.

Food Options


Conch fritters

This is a popular dish in the Bahamas, and you will find different versions. However, the most common is one with peas and rice, which may include other seasonings, bacon, or ham. It is delicious.

Rock Lobsters

These are a significant part of the Bahamian cuisine, and they are spiny lobsters that either boiled steam or are included in creole sauces.

Stew fish

The Bahamian fish stew is one of a kind that you will find in this location. It is mainly served with rice.


 This has similar features to cornbread, and it is often considered the central bread in the country. However, the cakes are usually consumed with curries and stews.



This is one of the most popular dishes in Jamaica, and it is a vegetable dish that, when it is well cooked, is super tasty, and the flavor can vary depending on the ingredients used in the making of the calloo.

Codfish and Ackee

This is a popular meal that people refer to it as ackee and saltfish. It is often considered the Jamaican national dish. The dish is made with ackee fruit and served with stewed salted fish.

Jerk chicken

Many people, when looking for international cuisine they always try Jamaican jerk chicken. It is unique. There is a particular method of preparing this jerk chicken that brings a burst of flavors and taste to your buds.

Curry goat

Curried meats are famous in Jamaica because people love them. The common forms are chicken, mutton, and goat. These curries are served with baked potatoes, among others.

Culture and People


The Bahamian culture has an infusion of British, African, and American aspects. The rich history of the Bahamians and the country can be traced back to the slavery period and during the piracy eras. If you are looking for a place with rich and diverse music culture, dances, and traditions, the Bahamas is the right place to visit.


The Jamaican people are some of the happiest people on earth. Their culture is dynamic and very vibrant, and you will find food and cultures that are influenced by their African descent and Western cultures. The art and culture scene is also unique as it incorporates the traditional African and their unique fusion.

jamaican people

Best time to visit


The best time that you can visit the Bahamas is from December through April. During this period, there is so much to see, and the weather is favorable. The temperature ranges from 63 to 83-degrees Fahrenheit. During this time, you can explore the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches.


The best time that you can visit Jamaica is from December through April. Since these islands are in the same zone, you expect that the climatic conditions are less similar. However, there is so much that you can see during this period. The temperature ranges from 70 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit.



The Bahamas is a safe place to visit for tourists because fewer crimes are reported in this area. However, you should be careful and take care of your belongings. For example, do not show off your expensive jewelry because you may attract thieves.


Jamaica is a relatively safe place that you can visit as a tourist. The essence is to avoid dingy streets and areas where there are idle people. You should also take care of your belongings and avoid showboating any expensive item.