Belize is one of those countries that many people do not know much about it. However, it is an incredible tourist destination in Central America, and it should be on your next travel list. The country is a popular spot for honeymooners, vacationers, backpackers, and adventurous individuals alike. Since Belize is a small country, you will not need time to explore the entire country. There is always something that you can explore in this destination. The Bahamas, on the other hand, is a perfect holiday destination that attracts thousands of tourists annually. 

It is a classic Caribbean country that is rich in culture, diversity, and activities to do. You should have it in your country to visit during your next vacation. The sandy beaches of the Bahamas, coupled with the locals’ fantastic welcoming and friendly culture, make it a perfect holiday destination. There is a wide array of natural and cultural attractions that you can find in this country. The Bahamas has around 700 islands, and about 31 are inhabited. You can explore these islands on your next visit.

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There is a lot that you can do on the ground in Belize. As it is an easily accessible country, you can rent a bicycle for around $10 per day. You can use this to move around the country.


Belize does not have Uber or Lyft. However, they have regular taxis, and they will charge you something from $3 to $10 for a trip around the country. Unfortunately, there are no fixed meters, and you have to negotiate the price before you leave.


One of the most influential and cheap options is buses. You can use public transport to move around the country quickly. The fares of these buses range from $1 to $10, usually determined by the distance you have covered. However, you are sure that you will save some money on this. The schedule changes, and you should be sure of the time that the bus is coming before you begin your journey.


Two significant airlines operate within Belize, and you can use them to move from the major cities in the country. The price for a ticket from cay caulker to Belize City is $140 and such. You should check their fares before you embark on your journey.

Charter plane



The Bahamas is one of the most developed nations in the Caribbean, and some airlines operate within the country. In addition, you can fly from one island to another easily using chartered flights.


The Bahamas ferries operate a fleet of ferries that shuttle people between the major islands. You can use these to move from one island and explore the next. The charges are from $62 to $75.


There are also tiny boats that shuttle people from one island to the other. You can use this boat to visit the less inhabited islands. The charges for an overnight trip are $30 to $45. These are also classified as water taxis, and they can help you move from one island to the other.


Some minibusses will help you move from one destination to the other. The fares for these buses are from $1.25 to $3 for a trip. The charges are usually based on the distance traveled.


You will find cabs in the Bahamas, which are often reliable and safe. These are easily found anywhere in the country. They have a base rate of $4.50, and you will be charged $2.2 for any extra kilometer traveled.

Bahamas boat taxi

Accommodation in Belize


This is the perfect option if you travel to Belize on a budget and want somewhere to sleep and freshen up. There are many guesthouses, small hotels in the country, and these hotels usually cost around $20 per night, and you can save a lot of money by using them. Besides, in some cases, breakfast is also included. In addition, Wi-Fi has become a standard free amenity in these rooms, and this is why you should enjoy your stay in these hotels.


Hostels are a great option if you are looking to cut on spending too much money on accommodation. Numerous hostels offer rooms at competitive prices. You can choose between ensuite baths and shared baths as well as private rooms and dorm rooms. The rooms usually have Wi-Fi as well.


There are numerous Airbnb’s in the country, and you can explore them as you move across the country. The Airbnb’s are a cheaper option because you can make your own meals as well.


Jungle lodges and eco-resorts

One of the best ways to spend your time in Belize is to explore the different parts of the country. You can check out what it offers at a particular time because you can combine your stay with other fun activities such as hiking, watching birds, and excursions. You should care when choosing these properties because you will get some bugs since it is a jungle. The cost will be $100 going up.

Beach resorts

There are numerous midrange budget beach resorts in Belize, and you can take advantage of the offers they give to tourists to explore this remarkable destination. The beach resorts are found on the big island, and they are a great attraction to people from different parts of the world. This will usually cost you $150 going upwards.

Vacation rentals

This is another mid-range option that you can utilize. These rentals are group and family-friendly, and you can choose them as your place to stay during your vacation. In addition, they will save you a lot because they come with kitchenettes where you can cook your own meals. The vacation rentals usually cost $120 going up depending on the size of the room chosen and amenities offered.

The Red Hut Inn

This is a short ride from the capital center, and it is located in an ideal situation for people looking to explore the country. Since it is in a quiet neighborhood, you can try to relax and unwind in this area. There is a beach nearby, and the rooms are nicely fitted with air conditioning. The price ranges from $150 going up.

Belize apartment


Chabil Mar

This is a big hacienda-style villa that is in the famous region of Palencia in central Belize. It is a perfect destination where you can go relax and unwind. The views are stunning, and with balcony-fronted rooms, you are sure to have the time of your life here. In addition, there are other fun activities on the deck, such as whale watching, kayaking among others.

Turtle Inn

The turtle inn is a lush villa located on the beach and is ideally inspired by Far East designs. The palm-touched cabins are a perfect place where you can relax, and the food is exceptional. The cost is from $250, going up depending on the amenities provided and the size of the room.

Copal Tree Lodge

This is a luxurious resort that is located in the copal wildness. It is a perfect location where you can unwind because nature, a tranquil environment coupled with comfortable sofas are something to look forward to on this site. You can also indulge in fun activities at the nearby shores, such as diving on the reef, kayaking, and snorkeling, among others. The price is $250 going up.

Accommodation in Bahamas



There are several Airbnb in the Bahamas, and it is a perfect opportunity for you to explore what this place has to offer. The gorgeous apartment is located in the capital, and there is ashore a few miles away. You can get a complimentary breakfast, among other features.


The capital Nassau offers a wide array of dorms and private rooms that you can utilize on your next vacation. These hostels offer you the best prices ranging from $20, and you can get complimentary breakfast in some places.


The guesthouses are a perfect option for people who are traveling on a budget. These are usually constructed in a dormitory-style, and you can choose shared or private rooms. The cost is usually $20 upwards.

bahamas accommodation


Ocean West Boutique Hotel

This hotel is situated on the cable bay, which is an exceptional location for anyone looking for a perfect place where you can stay on his or her vacation. The stunning mansion comes with several amenities such as a swimming pool, fantastic food, among other features. Besides, it is just a few miles from the airport.

Flamingo Bay Hotel and Marina

This hotel has a wide array of fun activities that you can choose from waterslides, a swimming pool, and an amazing barbeque area. It is one of those places that you want to stay during your vacation. It is a few minutes from the Tainos beach, and you can experience the best nightlife in this region.

Bell Channel Inn Hotel and Scuba Diving Retreat

This is an excellent destination that you should stay on your next vacation. The hotel has shuttle services. Therefore, you can move from the airport to your hotel within minutes. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, and you can enjoy all the amenities offered.


Rosewood Baha Mar

This is a mammoth luxurious hotel that offers high-end perks. You will have butlers, marble bathrooms, and sophisticated as well as a relaxed beachfront where you can relax and unwind. You will part with $450 upward to stay in this hotel.

Gray cliff

This is a Bahamian treasure, and it dates back to 1740 where it was used as a pirate site. However, in the 1800s, it was converted into a private mansion, and ever since, it has been maintained and upgraded with the latest luxurious features. You will pay anything from $400 going up.

The Cove

This is one of the best destinations if you are looking for sophistication coupled with luxury. This should be your hotel to stay in during your visit. Several amenities include a heated pool, sauna, spa, and bars, among others. You will pay $450 for a room in this hotel.

Budget for a day

bahamas budget


The budget for a day in Belize should be around $85 when traveling on a budget. However, if you move up the scale, you can then opt for a mid-range budget, and this will cost you around $250 going up. The cost of food in the country is low, and you will pay $15 for a decent meal. There is Wi-Fi in most hotels, and you can spend any amount on food and travel. However, the average cost for traveling is $20 per day. If you are looking for luxury, your budget should be $450, going up per day depending on what you choose.


The cost of accommodation in the Bahamas is relatively cheap and comparable to that of Belize. However, depending on your budget, a person on a tight budget will pay $90 per day, mid-range $250, while someone looking for luxury will part with $450 going up. The price of food is quite affordable, and you can pick an excellent meal for $15. The transportation costs are manageable as well, depending on the mode you use. Budget hotels will cost you around $200, while the luxurious hotel will cost $400 going up.

Activities / Things to do


Watch wildlife

Belize is an incredible destination packed with unique fauna and flora, and you can take your time in the country to explore the wildlife. There is a wildlife sanctuary where you can watch some of the most protected animals.

Visit Caracol

This is one of the most ancient structures that is found in the country. You can see the Mayan sites, and you will understand more about the history of the people of Belize.


Belize offers some of the most beautiful diving sites, and you can explore these areas during your next trip. You should go on a guided tour so that you can see more within a short period.

Nature walks

Whether you prefer morning or evening walks, Belize is the best place to visit on your next trip. It is well equipped with natural resources that you can take time to explore.


Visit the Sea Park

The Exuma cays present some of the most stimulating environments; it is the first marine conservation park. Here you can watch all those marine creatures that you have been hearing about. It is a one-of-a-kind experience to visit this location.

Explore the Lucayan national park

This is the most extensive underwater limestone system, and you can see the creatures in this location. It is a perfect place where you can go with experienced divers who will show you these features.

Visit the marketplace

There is a twelve-acre shopping complex in Freeport, and you can explore the wares that people are selling in these markets. It is an excellent place to purchase your souvenirs. There is live music as well.

Food Options



This meal has a vibrant history because it originates from the Mayan culture. During their times, they used to create a chunky stew, and it usually involved chicken and chimole, which gives it a unique flavor.

Rice and Beans

This is the most common Caribbean dish, and you can enjoy it with the locals. The standard method of making it is by cooking red bans with rice and other spices. This usually creates a simple and delicious meal. You can pair it with potato salad or meat.

Chicken stew

The chicken stew is a typical delicacy in the country, and it is often served with rice and beans as well. The local spices used in the making of this dish make it excellent and tasty.


This is the most common Belizean snack and is often made up of fried corn tortillas mixed with chicken, avocado, cabbage, and hot sauce.


Cracked conch

The Bahamian people usually cook conch differently, and the cracked version involves the breading of the conch before it is deep-fried in oil. It is more or less like a cutlet. The meal is served with creole sauce.

Rice and pigeon peas

Pigeon peas and rice are some of the most common dishes that are served in the Caribbean islands. This is a classic dish, and it is made from pigeon peas mixed with thyme, tomatoes, celery, pork, onions, and other vital ingredients. It is served with rice making it wholesome.


Snapper is fish found in different places on the island of the Bahamas, and the common forms include hogfish and red and yellow snappers. The snapper is cooked differently in the Bahamas as it is wholesomely cooked, with no filleting. Instead, you can serve it with a tomato-based sauce.

Guava duff

This is a dessert that involves combining guava before it is covered with pastry before they are boiled. Then, it is served with custard sauce or without it.

Culture and People


The Belizeans are friendly, welcoming, and outgoing people. When you visit the country, you will feel their charm and have a fantastic time at this destination. The culture of Belizean is a mixture of their African heritage, Spanish influence, and American or English influence, making it unique.


The Bahamas is your go-to travel destination in the Caribbean because their culture is rich and diverse. You are going to get the best value for your money when you visit this destination. Their culture is influenced by British, African, and Spanish as well. So you have a community that is a melting pot of culture and diversity.

Best time to visit


The best time that you can visit Belize is from mid-November until mid-April. This is the best time because the weather is dry and you can see everything clearly from clear waters too to, impressive skyline, among other features. In addition, the temperatures usually revolve around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, therefore a perfect climate to relax and unwind.

Best time to visit Belize


The best time that you can visit the Bahamas is from mid-December through April. This is a perfect time because the temperatures are favorable and the weather is excellent as well. The daily temperature range is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. However, avoid the seasons when there are hurricanes in the country.



Belize is a safe place that you can visit. However, you should take care of your belonging and know the environment that you are staying in the area. Petty theft is reported rarely, but you should not show off your jewelry because you can attract muggers. Avoid isolated areas.


The Bahamas is a beautiful country, and you can enjoy your vacation on this island because the people are relaxed and friendly. However, it is always good to be careful and aware of your environment.