The Berlin high trail is a multistage hiking trail situated in Tyrol in the eastern part of Austria. It is one of the great walks of Tyrol, and the route mainly consists of hut-to-hut trails. The hiking trail gained massive popularity over the recent past because of its alpine nature walk and the original landscapes, which attract people to the region. If you plan to go to Austria for vacation, you should note that you are not limited. All you have to do is make a reservation online, and you can quickly join others in the fantastic hike.

The hiking trail can be traversed on several days as it is very long, and this gorgeous alpine route highlights what the alpine world has to offer and the vistas of the Zillertal Alps. There is nothing as unique as an adventure in the most amazing trail in the world. Berlin high trail has challenging descents and ascents and rustic and exceptional huts full of history and culture. 

The trail is rated moderate to difficulty; hence it is best trekked by experienced hikers since some challenging passages may challenge newbies. Traditionally, people used to walk the berlin high trail in eight days, and you must choose the right time that you are going to hike the trail. Changes in the weather can be pretty adverse and may affect your performance and health. Therefore, the best time to walk the trail is from June to September. However, one of the most important aspects is that you can customize your hike and trek at your own time and end at whatever location you want.

Why hike the Berlin high trail?

The Berlin high trails are easily managed if you plan adequately and are well prepared to deal with the challenges that may come your way. There are seven mountain huts, and you can make each hut a stop, where you can unwind, relax and enjoy a meal. The trail offers you a chance to explore the Zillertal Alps at the height of 3130 meters above sea level. The exquisite landscape encompasses lakes, glaciers, and the exceptional Alps fauna and flora. The huts in the lofty summits of the trail present a memorable experience that you must enjoy while hiking.

Hiking the Berlin high trail is achievable for people who are confident enough and feel that they can tackle the high alpine world. Besides, it is an adventurous experience that will remain memorable over a lifetime. All you need to achieve this is surefootedness, proper gear, a little hiking experience, and determination. You must only need hiking boots, warm jackets, and a pole, depending on the season. You can take a GPS device, although it is not mandatory. It is imperative to note that the trail is well marked, and the signposts well guide you in the area. There are sudden weather changes, and you should be ready for such situations by reading the weather report and carrying the appropriate gear. You should bring snacks to your trip as it helps you rejuvenate and remain energetic throughout the process.

Stage by Stage Guidance on Hiking the Berlin High Trail

Stage one: arriving at the trailhead

This is the most important part because you will be arriving at the destination and want to explore the options you have for your trip. Mayrhofen is a commonplace that many hikers prefer to settle before they begin their hike. 

Transport to this location is well connected, and you can access the public transport system to take you to this point. 

Mayrhofen to Olpererhütte hiking trail

This trail is classified as moderate, and it is approximately ten kilometers. The average time that many hikers have made this trail is in five hours. Once you are at the bus station, you will see signs that indicate the direction of the trail. The narrow trail will ascent slightly, and you will then cross a river on a wood plant before you get to a forest. Eventually, you will see marshy meadows, and as the trail opens, you will reach Schlegeis Stausee.

You will continue to hike from here as you head to Friesenberghaus. The environment in this part of the world is perfect, cozy and it is an ideal place where you can break, take some lunch, and relax as you plan to take the next part of your journey. You will find Friesenbergsee Lake, and if you want to check out this location, the directions are well indicated. As you head out, the trail opens up, and you will see the breathtaking balcony trail that will take you to Olpererhütte. From this point, you will have the most amazing views of the environment and the peaks in the mountain peaks. You can choose to stay in one of the huts in this area.

Second stage

Hike the Olpererhütte to Furtschaglhaus trail

This hiking route is thirteen and a half kilometers long, and it is classified as moderate, and most hikers will take about six hours to trek the trail. There are different ways that you can handle this route either you can choose the Neumarkter Runde or the Schlegeis Stausee route. It is better to take the longer route if you are new to hiking because it descends slightly, unlike the shorter one ascending.

The Neumarkter Runde is the longer route, and it continues through the balcony trail, and you can see the fantastic alpine picturesque, which gives you something to marvel at. There is a statue of the Virgin Mary, and it levels from this point before dropping down. Once you cross the wooden plank, you will see an indication of Schlegeis Stausee, which goes along trail 535. As the trail approaches the lake, you will cross a parking lot before crossing a bridge, and the route will lead you to the lake. It will take you two and a half hours to Furtschaglhaus. 

Stage three

Explore the Furtschaglhaus to Berliner Hütte hiking trail

This hiking trail is classified as difficult, and you should be ready if you have to hike it. The trail covers a distance of 8.2 kilometers, and you will need about six and a half hours to trek it. This is an epic journey, and you will experience the most tranquil and exceptional environments that you have ever seen in the world. This stage begins with ascending to the Schönbichler Horn peak, characterized by uneven terrain and other difficulties.

The last part of the hike is secured with ropes, and as much as it may look intimidating, it is pretty safe to trek. You will be surrounded by glaciers and peaks in all directions giving you the best feeling you have ever had. As you follow the river, you will get to a mountain hut, and this is where you can break before you embark on the journey the next day. The hut in itself is an experience as it has a history that dates back decades. 

Stage four

Trek the Berliner Hütte to Greizer Hütte hiking trail

This part of the berlin high trail is still categorized as difficult, and you should be well prepared if you are going to hike this route (check it out: Best Hikes in Austria). The time that you will need to complete this hike is about six and a half hours. The trail begins gently, and as you ascend to Schwarzsee, you can follow trail 502 until you reach the black lake. It is one of the most beautiful segments of the Berlin high trail.

Once you are past the lake, the terrain will steepen, and you will find boulders all over. The landscape is usually overcast, and you should have your weather report because it usually changes suddenly and it may impact your movement. In Mörchenscharte, you will find that the weather is not friendly as it can turn foggy at any time, and you can feel the changes. 

However, the trail gets easier after this part, and you can move across the river as you head to Greizer Hütte. You can find homemade meals in this hut, and your hiking will be worthwhile.

Stage five

The Greizer Hütte to Kasseler Hütte hiking trail

This hiking trail is considered moderate, although this is mainly dependent on the prevailing weather conditions. It usually takes about six hours to complete it. From the Greizer Hütte, you can ascend moderately to Lapenscharte ridge, and this is a straightforward descent. There is an intersection in this trail, and you can go left or continue in the right direction. Both of these trails lead to huts that you can access transport back to where you came from. 

All the trail is well labeled, and you can move from one point to another by only following the signposts. You should have your weather report in check because it will help you make the right decision as the weather may cause the terrain to be challenging and quite inconsistent.

In summary, the berlin high trail is one of the most fantastic hiking trails that you should go for a hike. It presents you with adequate challenges as well as difficulties that can get up your hiking game.

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