Austria is an awesome European country with a hoard of walks in the mountainous and lower regions of the country. The beauty and splendor are inexhaustible, and you have to be well prepared if you are planning to hike in Austria. 

The Austria Alps is filled with green valleys, gorgeous meadows, and exceptional alpine landmass. It has centuries of development and rich history as it lies in the heart of the Roman Empire. The capital has grand monuments and other exceptional architecture that you can explore while visiting the country.

Austria is one of those countries that must be on your vacation list if you want to visit the best places in Europe. The delightful cities, towns, and exceptional charms make it the best place to stay. 

It is imperative to note that the hiking trails are not limited to adults only. However, if you have kids, you are sure that you will find something amazing for them to do while in the country. Most of the fine hiking areas in the country are located near the alpine ridges in the southern and the western part of the country.  

When visiting Austria, you are sure that your trip will be memorable because the hiking trails in the country are some of the best in the world. It is vital to note that you are not limited to the hiking trails that are listed in this article. You can be adventurous and explorative and visit other trails that are available in the country. Here are some of the best hikes in Austria.

Explore the Three lakes circular hiking trail

Lake Traualpsee

This is one of the exceptional hiking trails that you should explore when visiting the country. It is an intermediate-level hike, and it covers a distance of about 15 kilometers. You can access this hiking trail by car or bus. 

The three lakes loop is just as the name indicates. It is a moderate trail that will take you around three lakes. The views along the hiking trail are breathtaking, and you will see the lakes and their fauna and flora as you continue on your hiking trail. You will pass by Lake Lache, Lake Traualpsee, and Vilsalpsee. These three lakes lie on the Tannheimer Tal valley, and they are close to each other.

Depending on your speed, you will be able to cover the trails in about five hours or so. The circuit begins with a gondola ride to the mountain, where you can climb the hill. The exceptional views of the land below are something that you will never forget in your life. 

The Vilsalpsee is often considered the best hiking trail in the Tirol region, and along this trail, you will find some of the rarest animal and plant species. You can spend as much time as you want in this region as it offers you the best scenery that you can ever see in the country.

Embark on Lunersee circuit trail

Lunersee - Austria

The Lunersee hiking trail is relatively short as it is only six kilometers, and it is classified as an intermediate or easy to experienced hiker. You can reach this destination by buying, car or cable car. The trail will take you a maximum of two hours to complete hiking it. 

If you are looking forward to enjoying some of the best Swiss hiking trails, then this is the best hike that you should explore. There is stunning picturesque in every scenery. The majority of the hiking trail is at a moderate ground level, and you can take your kids with you as you check out the best in the country. When you are at the hike’s summit, you will see spectacular scenes of the lakes and the surrounding environment. 

Hike to a mountain hut

Austria is a blessed country, and the hiking trails will reveal some of the country’s unique features that you have never seen before. It is an excellent experience to hike to a mountain, and the Coburger Hütte hiking trail is the right option. This hike features some of the exceptional features of the country and is a good place to visit during the day. 

The trail is accessible via cable car, and from the stop, you can begin hiking this famous trail. You can choose whether you want the difficult or the easy trail to the hut. You can choose to hike the difficult trail while moving up and the easy one downhill. This way, you will have a chance to explore what the environment has to offer. 

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Hike at Höll Gorge Trail

This hiking trail is about 4 kilometers long, and it is often classified as intermediate or advanced. The time that you can take exploring this location will be two hours at most. It is accessible by bus or car. If you are visiting Austria for the first time, you must choose the right location to start your hike as it will give you a chance to explore the fantastic natural environment that the country offers. 

Do not be fooled by the circuit distance because you will find that it can be pretty complex if you are not well prepared. You will see the highest falls in Styria at Riesach waterfalls. This hiking trail is not suitable for young children and dogs. The viewing platforms are exceptional, and you will have memories to keep when you go back to your country.

Explore the Salzburger Almenweg hiking trail

Salzburger - Austria

This is a popular hiking trail that presents the best location that you can go for a hike in Switzerland. The trail length is around 350 kilometers, and these include thirty-one individual hikes. The walks vary from easy to expert level and depending on what you want to do in the region. It is a perfect place that you can taste a mixture of different trails in the area. If you’re going to explore the entire trail, it might take you a couple of weeks to finish. You can access the hiking trail via a taxi service, bus, train, or car.

This hiking trail is often recommended to backpackers who want to explore the country and know different parts and check out the hiking trails in the region. The second stage is the most magnificent one as it features exceptional scenery that you should make time to visit. 

Hike from Kaiser-Frans-Josef-Höhe to Heiligenblut

The hiking trail is located at the base of the Grossglockner, this hiking trail is closer to Austria’s highest mountains, and you should take time to explore the region. When you are at the summit of the mountains, you will have an opportunity to see some of the best landscapes and excellent areas below. 

Heiligenblut is a famous tourist village in Austria, and it is known for its gothic churches, among other exceptional places you must visit. In addition, you can explore the national park close to the hiking trail. This hike is popular because people get to explore the unique features of the country.

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Why not explore the Wachau World Heritage Trail

This is an excellent hiking trail that you should explore while visiting Austria. The hike is categorized as intermediate, and you can pass by numerous exciting sites as you should take time to explore and understand the dynamics of the area. This region is easily accessible via train, car, or taxi service. 

The Wachau hiking trail is made of different stages, and you can explore the different routes that you will find interesting and to your level. If you are looking to explore the longest trail, you should visit the extended trail version that will take you through the Danube valley and the wine-producing county. 

Hike closer to the Krimmler waterfalls

Krimmler Waterfall

The prettiest mountainous lakes in the region present you with Austria’s best places that you should visit. It is a perfect location that you should take time to explore as you hike around the country. You will find a series of mountain lakes and walking trails connecting these lakes. You must check out these trails in the morning. This is when the beauty of the lakes is seen, and the morning sun’s reflection will give you a memorable trip.

Hike in the Alp Tour Obertal trail

This hiking trail is about twelve kilometers, and it is classified as intermediate or advanced depending on the hiker’s experience. You can access it via a bus or a car. This is a challenging hiking trail, and you should come well prepared as you plan to check the route.  

One of the exceptional sites you must check out during your hike is the 19th century Nickel Museum. The trail will take you from the upper region as you move to the lower part of the trail and get to view more lakes, creeks, and interesting rock formations. There are several huts in the area where you can take a break and relax for a few minutes.

Explore the Kemptner Köpfle and Geißhorn 

This is a hiking trail about 19 kilometers, and it is categorized as an intermediate level of difficulty. This is a perfect location if you want a real challenge and want to stretch your limits. You can put a target of summiting two ranges per day. It is an opportunity for hikers to see what the world has to offer to them.  

There are more demanding parts on the hike, and these require a little more effort from your side as a hiker. However, when hiking on this trail, you will experience some exceptional natural surroundings that you have never seen before. You might even spot an ibex while you walk in the area.

Hike the Innergschlöss Glacier Trail 

This hiking trail will take you to the center of the ice in the middle of the Höhe Tauern National Park. The hiking trail begins at the Gschlöss valley, one of the most exquisite valleys in the eastern Alps region. You can choose to shorten your trip by taking a taxi in the less elevated areas.

In conclusion, Austria has the best hiking trails in Europe, and you should make time to visit some of the best hikes in Austria. However, you should not limit yourself to the listed trails, be adventurous and let your spirit of adventure flow.