If you are on your way to Austria, then Innsbruck is a destination certainly not to miss. The charismatic ambiance of the Innsbruck city with loads of attractions and adventures to unroll. Innsbruck is a city in Austria with vivid views and spectacular art. This city has rolled over the Alpines and embraces some exotic winter sports. Being the capital of the Tyrol region, this city has a blend of historical and contemporary architectures. Whether you are a distant architecture lover or passionate about natural heritage, this city has exclusive experiences to offer. Well, there are loads to see on your visit to Innsbruck, but if you are on a tight budget and less time, then this article is here to help you out with exciting things to do in Innsbruck. 

Let’s begin our journey with some exciting and important things to know about Innsbruck. 

Things to Know Before Heading to Innsbruck

The beautiful city of Innsbruck is located on the Inn Valley and is the capital of Tyrol state in Austria. It’s a city that is surrounded by the Inn river which flows from Switzerland to Germany. If you are on your visit to Innsbruck, then knowing a little about this city would help you streamline your adventure. Since the 15th century, one of the popular destinations has witnessed the rule of The Holy Emperor Maximilian 1st. The king was a famous ruler of the Habsburg dynasty.   

The beginning of the 21st century brought some excellent renovations in this city. Attractions like Maria Theresien Strasse, the famous shopping stroll right ahead of the old town is equipped with stores and cafes. It’s a fully pedestrian zone and has another level of experience. If you are one of the adventure lovers, then some stunning winter sports are there to bewitch you. It’s definitely a must-see location with transforming features. Here are certain things about this exclusive space.

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What & Where to Eat

Tyrolean food

Innsbruck has some fantastic cafes to try out. You don’t want to miss authentic Tyrolean food. That’s simply irresistible, and you can bet if you get satisfied in one go. The place is also very much famous for its dairy products. Well, yes, you’ve guessed it right, it’s going towards cheese. The alpine cows are particularly renowned for the best cheese and other dairy products in the world.  

If you are thinking about which dish to try, well, then check out Maren. It’s a blend of smoked meat and sausages that are beautifully garnished with bread and cheese. You can also try out Kasspatzen, these are baked noodles smoldered with cheese and fried onions. If that much cheese wasn’t enough, then here you have Kaspressknödel, which is a flat dumpling loaded with cheese and potato. It’s served with a warm broth. 

Traveling Around 

Now you must be thinking about how to get into this fantastic place. Well, Innsbruck Airport is there to welcome you. It’s located on the city’s western outskirts, and the city center is merely 4 km away. The airport is a regional one, so the flights connect the city with popular international destinations, including London, Vienna, Amsterdam, and many more. You can make your bookings through popular airlines like Transavia, Lufthansa, British Airways, Finnair, and more.  

When traveling within the city, you can make your journey through trains, buses, and trams. Your journey from trains makes the best of scenic trips. Also, the best thing is convenient and inexpensive access to this fantastic transport. The central railway station known as Hauptbahnhof Innsbruck is well-connected to the different domestic destinations and other European capitals. You need to make bookings through the website of OBB

The trams and buses are another attraction for your Innsbruck city tour. Though you cannot access the tram at night, there are options to travel around through buses. Buying 24-hour tickets is always an inexpensive option. Yet you have the choice to purchase tickets from the driver as well.   

15 Things to Do in Innsbruck – Attractions & Experiences You Can’t Miss

It’s time you begin to explore all those beautiful excursions around the city of Innsbruck. This article has combined all types of places and activities suitable for different kinds of travelers. Whether art is your thing or skiing is your passion, here are some fantastic things to do in Innsbruck. 

Visit the Altstadt von Innsbruck aka the Old Town 

Innsbruck Old Town

On your visit to Innsbruck, the first thing to do on your bucket list is to take a stroll in the old town. It’s one of the city’s most charming spots and has some buildings for more than 500 years. If you like to cross the gates of the past, then this is the place you were looking for. You can observe explicit details of the medieval period that are perfectly preserved.  

The venue has some delightful cafes and restaurants, take a stop at a cafe and sink in the aroma of exclusive coffee and take a bite of some excellent treats. Blend into the aesthetic of exclusive architecture and amaze yourself with the culture of Innsbruck. The Old Town has a semi-circular quarter surrounded by the street rings known as Graben Moat.

This section of the Old Town is embraced with a history of the past 800 years. You can explore the Tyrolese architecture’s uniqueness with a blend of southern influence in the arcaded facades houses. Also, there are Rococo buildings, Renaissance and Baroque. 

The stucco facade of the Baroque Helblinghaus has cherubs along with adornments. You can make your way to the Golden Eagle, a 16th-century inn with exclusive popularity among emperors and amazing writers. The 57-meter high Stadttrum dating back to the 14th century is a watchtower aligning with the Old Rathaus to give some spectacular views of the Old Town.  

A Tour of Ambras Castle

Ambras Castle

The charm of imperialism is spread across the magnificent Renaissance castle. Once the home of one of the popular emperors, Archduke Ferdinand II, the castle has some classic historical backgrounds and artifacts. The castle and its amazingly charming grounds are settled in the Southern part of the city and can be accessed via buses and trams. The lower part of the castle has two rooms with some gorgeous arms and armor collection. On the other hand, the first floor of the castle has a worthy art collection comprising applied arts and sculptures. 

The upper part of the castle known as the Hochschloss has one of the most lavish bathrooms specially made for Philippine Welser. The bathroom has an architectural design of the 16th century. The charming hall has a Spanish appeal along with some stunning influence of the German Renaissance. The interiors are specifically bewitching and quite detailed. If you come at the right time of the year, you will get the chance to witness some exclusive music concerts. You can spend hours exploring the charming ambiance of the Ambras castle.  

Visit the Architectural Beauty at Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace or the Hofburg is a charming representation of architecture. It’s undoubtedly one of the most spectacular buildings in the city and is a major attraction point. Its construction began in the 14th century and presently has some green-domed towers and facades and charming interiors. Thanks to Emperor Maximilian I, the palace got completed in the 15th century. It’s among the top 3 most significant buildings in Austria. You will have the option to get a guided tour or make your way on your own.  

This palace is presently spread across 5 theme-based museums. Hofburg offers a fantastic tour of Austrian history and exclusive furnishings to highlight royalty. The lineal history is expressed across the gallery with some gorgeous paintings. The gallery embodies the lifestyle and culture of Hapsburgs. You have to get the tickets for entry at €9.90 for adults. Admission for children is free. The prices are certainly affordable, hence you don’t have to worry about missing the most charming spot of Innsbruck. 

Ride at Hungerburg Funicular

Hungerburg Funicular

As Innsbruck is situated among the Alpine mountains, the destination is surrounded by the mountains. Well, the best part about this part is the cable car and Funicular routes. The Hungerburg Funiculars serves as the best and must-try rides in Austria. This ride will take you from Innsbruck city to the Hungerburg district, and the scenes are undoubtedly stunning. Your entrance will be the first part of the amazement you are going to see. 

The Hungerburg Funicular has a new monorail style carriage, and the sweeping views of your journey make it exclusive. The station has a unique and modern design that makes it chic. A bridge connects the passage of Funicular along with a steep incline and a tunnel to make your way to the Hungerburg situated at 860 meters from the sea level. Don’t forget to experience the exotic view of the central Inn Valley over the Italian borders. 

Excursion at Swarovski Kristallwelten

Swarovski Kristallwelten

Swarovski Crystal World’s mystical world is calling you to surround yourself in the gaze of charm and delight. If you are a bit of a shopaholic or have interests in glamour, here is the heaven waiting for you. Enclosed in the shimmer of crystals, this place has an enchanting appeal. This mystical world is furnished with some fantastic outdoor areas that suit every kind of person. You can enjoy the panoramically sculptured waterfall and face with a hedge maze. 

On the indoors, you have spectacular displays associated with Swarovski. Also known as the Chamber of Wonders, the displays on the inside of the Crystal worlds are adorned with the charming crystals specifically created by the artistic designers. If you have children on your trip, then these are the must-have things to do on your itinerary. To your surprise, the Swarovski Crystal World is a modern place within the historic surroundings of Innsbruck. It was made in 1995 and has some gorgeous museums and attractions like fountains and much more. 

The Best Stroll In Austria – Maria Theresien Strasse

Maria Theresien Strasse

When you are off for the Old Town, you must visit the Maria Theresien Strasse, it’s the poshest streets in Innsbruck and is loaded with bars, cafes, shops, and restaurants. With entirely created pedestrian paths, this place is ideal for a stroll or your evening excursions. Behold the beauty of aligning architecture and admire the peace within the hustle. 

You can also make your way to the Triumphal Arch, Chapel of St. George, and St Anne’s Column from this street. It certainly has a lot to be done and seen. Now, coming to the architecture part, you would like to note that it has Baroque architecture. At the time of Christmas, the place is beautifully decorated with stunning adornments. On your trip with your family, you can certainly spend hours mingling with the authentic culture. 

Get Your Kink With Skiing at Olympia SkiWorld

In a city adorned with snow and alpines, you can certainly not miss an adventure with skiing. If you are professional, then the first thing to cover in Innsbruck is Skiing. Winters are the best as you would get the chance to enjoy the beauty and thrill of skiing at the Olympia Skiworld. You can visit a few resorts that offer night time skiing. The period of skiing is between November to April. 

The best part of skiing at Olympia Skiworld is the Olympia Ski-jump or the Bergiselschanze. It’s an Olympic structure and has a spectacular tower with mesmerizing visuals of the city. You can enjoy skiing across varied ski slopes as the city is certainly the capital of the Alps. Olympia Skiworld has nine resorts across the city and offers a ski bus shuttle to cover the distances. Popular ski resorts are Kühtai, Nordkette-Seegrube, and Patscherkofel. There are a lot more with plenty of amusing sights. If you are on a short trip, then choose certain ones only. 

Tiroler MuseumsBahnen – A Visit To The Ancient World

The old automobile has always been a wonder in itself. It seems like a passage to the historical world. The Tiroler MuseumsBahnen has a historical collection of rolling stock from the ancient period. This place is also equipped with some photos of lines and the routes presented via photographs in a compact museum. The Tiroler MuseumsBahnen is also called the Local Railways Museum and is located in a district called Wilten. 

This museum was inaugurated in 1984. There are three rooms to display the exhibits of the old trams and railways. Overall, you can take a view of 27 vehicles, including some of those functioning at a point in Innsbruck mountain railway, local railway Innsbruck and many more. All the automobiles are artistic and antique in their way. 

Visit The Karawendel Alpine Park – Make Your Way To Nature

Karawendel Alpine Park

The list of things to do in Innsbruck has this unique venture into greenery forests and nature in the Karwendel Mountains. It has lush meadows and rugged peaks with tranquillity to submerge yourself in the heart of purity. This national park is been preserved since 1928 and is among the oldest natural reserves in Europe. If you think you can visit the entire park in a day, then it’s not possible because its beauty is spread across 727 km. A variety of landscapes grows across fenlands and peaks.  

The park is also home to several unique plants and animals who seem to have been sheltered with god’s love endorsing a Noah’s Ark in the alpine region. Some of the rare plants and animals you can see in the area are ibex, the German tamarisk, sandpipers, wild orchids, golden eagles, and of course, the oldest sycamore maple trees. It’s also an abode to some fascinating birdlife. The three-toed woodpecker, woodcock, and owls are somewhat interesting while you go hiking in this region. You can make a stop at the Hinteriss museum offering a glimpse of the great aspects of the park. 

Cable Car Journey at the Nordkette

Must explore things to do in Innsbruck include a cable ride in the Nordkette. It’s the most proximate mountain in the Innsbruck region. This cable car ride would take you to the Seegrube and further Hafelekar, which is at the height of 2,300 meters. The views are stunning and give you a composed scenic experience, no matter what season it is. 

There are several hiking trails with multiple spots for viewpoints and restaurants. Your cable car ride would include the ride and the entry pass for the nearby attractions. The cable ride is a bit of excitement, and yes, the Nordkette mountains’ scenic beauty are the added benefits to your trip. A subtle transformation of the landscapes is all that makes it unique. You should definitely try it out. 

Behold the Art at the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum 

The Folk Art Museum in Innsbruck is one of the unique museums in Europe. It’s located beside the Hofkirche, and the surrounding sights are certainly commendable. You can witness the beauty of Tyrolean culture and the inspiring artifacts of the area. The exclusively wood-paneled rooms make the design even enjoyable and historically influenced.  

The museum is established in one wing of an old Franciscan monastery having 4 such wings. As mentioned above, the wood panel rooms have a historical influence, it unveils the charm of the Renaissance and Gothic period. Some of the exclusive artifacts are wax, earthenware, and paper of the 18th century.   

Fill Up Your Album at the Golden Roof

The arcaded Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse has some spectacular old merchant’s houses that aligning with the Old Town moves towards the Golden Roof. It’s in the south of the Old Town and has a charismatic appeal. The Goldenes Dachl has sweeping Late Gothic oriel window with copper tiles and was built in 1496 to welcome and celebrate Maximilian I and Bianca Maria Sforza’s union. 

The roof is made of 2,657 copper tiles, and its ower balustrade is amazingly adorned with coats of arms. The balcony is open and has ten figural reliefs. It also has Neuer Hof, which was the ducal palace architectured in 1822. The best part is you don’t have to pay to enter this beauty. You can take numerous pictures and fill your gallery with royalty. The museum is though payable for adults. 

Visit the Emperor’s Tomb in the Court Church

Court Church Innsbruck

The stunning Court Church in the Innsbruck region has a Gothic style and has three aisles with classic interiors inspired by 18th and 17th-century artifacts like high altars and choir screens. However, this church’s main attraction is the gorgeous Tomb and Museum dedicated to Emperor Maximilian I. It was built in the 6th century and has been one of the German Renaissance’s splendid architectures. 

It reflects the Holy Roman Empire’s pride and has a major black marble sarcophagus blended with the statue of the Emperor made in 1584. It’s surrounded by various sculptures highlighting the life of the Emperor. Overall, 28 bronze statues are offering a lineage of the Emperor. You can dive into the history of monarchy rule in Innsbruck at the Court Church. 

Enjoy and Play Around the Scenic Beauty of Seefeld

Other than Olympia Skiworld, another destination to enjoy skiing and other snow amazement is Seefeld. It’s a small village that is turned into a stunning resort for snow excursions. This excellent skiing destination is extended around the valley and has a gorgeous center as well. 

The 15th-century parish church for St Oswald is glorified with excellent frescos, wall reliefs, and Gothic font. The southernmost part of the town has Wildsee, a small lake comprised of swimming pools and beaches. Even if you visit this place in the summers, the view will be charismatic and perfect for your mountain biking and hiking adventures. 

Visit Wildlife at the Alpine Zoo

Last but not least is a visit to the Alpine Zoo. You must be thinking that there are zoos in different cities, so why do you need to visit the Alpine zoo? Well, the reason is their indigenous animals. This zoo has some animals that can’t be seen if you are not on a journey into the mountains’ dense forests. Some of them are mightly, some are incredibly adorable, and the place is filled with diversity. 

Don’t miss to take a look at the Brown bear, otters, howling, and a bit terrifying wolves (no, don’t worry, they are not werewolves) and the classic golden eagles. Some of the endangered animals also find homes at this zoo. Authorities take outstanding care of the animals and give them enough space to wander around. The most exciting part is the howling of the wolves on the ringing of the church bell. The unison howling is certainly mystical. 

Final Words

Well, your journey to this amazing city is full of beauty and adventure. From cultural insights to lively streets and thriving adventures, make the area a perfect abode for your holidays. The best part of the city tour is the reasonable rates and ideal settings. Make your way to this wonder and forget the world. 

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