Austria is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe because of its unique landscapes, cities, culture, and diversity. Vienna is the capital of Austria, and despite it being a famous city, there are other cities in the country that demand attention and one of these is Salzburg. Salzburg is a city located near the Austria alps, and with the fresh green alpine meadows and trail paths heading to the alps, it is a city that you should visit when you go to Austria. Salzburg during winter is a charming, stunning, and magical city that is exceptional that makes a perfect destination.

When you visit Salzburg during the winter, you will understand why many people refer to it as a magical city. The crispy chilly nights, magical Christmas markets, and snow-covered roofs. The markets are covered with a lovely smell of glühwein as you head to the city. Salzburg is an amazing tourist destination that you must visit. It is the home to Mozart, and there are houses that were converted into museums.  

There are exquisite scenes in the city where the sound of music fills the air, and you will find the most amazing tourist site. The city is nestled between the snow-capped mountains, and it is exceptionally amazing during the winter when the streets light up and the mountain backdrop and snow powder drop. What else can you want during the winter period? Here are some of the awesome things that you should do in Salzburg during winter.

Attend the best holiday concerts

Concert in Salzburg

Salzburg bursts into activities during the winter period. You will find various events that are rolling out during this period. They hold classical concerts, and you must attend these concerts if you want to have fun during your trip. 

Their new year concert shows begin to sell the tickets earlier in November. However, you should follow local guidelines that are stipulated by the concert promoters. You should make a point of checking out what they have to offer in December and I am very sure that you will not miss some of the unique activities in the city. There is a mix of the performances with Christmas specials, and you will find the top-notch performers in the region.

Visit the Hohensalzburg Fortress

Hohensalzburg Fortress

The Hohensalzburg fortress is one of the most exquisite locations that it is hard to miss, and you should make a point of visiting it. It is located on top of a mountain with the city at the backdrop and this creates a vantage point to see the city from higher ground. 

You want to walk to the medieval building, or you can opt to take a funicular. The view from this destination is priceless as you can see the features that have to be present when you are out of town. Besides, there is a thirty-minute audio tour, and you can visit this fortress, including staterooms, dungeons, and the courtyard in the area. Furthermore, during the winter period, especially the Christmas period, there is a Christmas market that is held in the courtyard, and it is a perfect place that you should explore.

Explore the impressive Salzburg Cathedral

Salzburg Cathedral

If you are in Salzburg during the winter, this is a fantastic place that you are likely to see and Salzburg cathedral. The cathedral’s stunning architecture is located in the form of the colorful and bright Christmas market, which creates a perfect setting. 

The entrance to the cathedral is free, and you must get into the cathedral to explore the unique ancient and modern architecture and modern history about it.

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Visit Mirabell palace

One of the most charming locations is Mirabell palace. This destination is a popular one because of the beautiful gardens and the ancient architecture. The palace has an amazing sculpture collection that stands in the area, and you can make time to check out these features.  

During the winter period, the gardens could be covered with snow; however, you cannot miss some of the exquisite features of this palace. Mirabell Palace is one of those places that you should never miss visiting during the winter period. The palace was featured in making a movie, and it is a perfect place that you should explore as a movie fan. Furthermore, a cozy Christmas market emanates during the Christmas period.

Explore the Salzburg Christmas museum

The Christmas Museum is a perfect place open all year round, and you must visit it during the festive season. However, the museum has an added appeal during the winter period, making it a popular place to go in the winter. 

The museum showcases how Christmas traditions and customs have changed over the past centuries, and you will find items from ancient Austrian history. Some of the things you will find include decorations, statuettes, figurines, calendars, and other artifacts from the past. 

You can go for a self-guided tour, or you can choose someone to guide you through the quaint little museum. It will take you very shortly and escalate your festive mood feelings.

Visit the Tomaselli café

Coffee houses are a major Austrian tradition, and you will find the best cafes in the area when you visit the local cafes. The most famous café in Salzburg is café Tomaselli, a popular meeting point in the center of the old Salzburg town. 

The café dates back to three centuries ago, and the family took ownership in 1852, and ever since, it has been in operation. This is an established landmark, and you can never miss a fantastic trip to this destination. 

Pop into this amazing café and enjoy some tea or coffee with cake. The pastry in the hotel dates back several decades, and it is a perfect chance for you to explore what the city has to offer.

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Explore Salzburg old town

One of the most impressive features of Salzburg is that the old town has unique structures, and you can visit this destination because of what it has to offer. 

The charming squares, exquisite buildings, and cobbled shopped streets are some of the features that make it a perfect destination that you must visit. 

It is an exceptional experience to wander around and breathe fresh air from the ancient town. There are numerous shops that you can shop for antiques in the city and purchase souvenirs as well.

Take a day trip to Hallstatt



This is one of the best destinations that you can ever go to in Salzburg. The fairy tale town that is hidden in the mountains around a gorgeous lake is what you have been yearning for. 

The happy, sleepy village has all the ingredients for a perfect spot for your romantic vacation or a chilled-out evening as you watch the sunset or take dinner in the most amazing places on this earth. This is the most scenic place in Austria, and it is probably a place that you will miss when you return home.

Visit Lake Konigsee and Salt Mine Tour

This is hardly twenty kilometers away from Salzburg, and it is popular as the salt mine destination. You can embark on an adventurous trip to the mountains as you explore the city. 

You should be dressed in warm clothes as you check the miner’s train in the mountains. Here you will find the best explanation. You will see all the 3D displays of the process of the salt mining industry. You will understand how the process takes place. The one-hour video will give you a deeper understanding of how the mining activities are carried out. 

You can explore the town in the area and spend time taking some lunch. During the winter period, Lake Konigsee is not yet frozen from November to December. Therefore, you can also take ferries and explore the lake.

Relax in a thermal pool

When visiting Salzburg after visiting different places and being tired, all you need to do is pamper yourself. There is nothing as remarkable as enjoying a spa and massage in the thermal pools in the area. 

There are heated pools, thermal baths, and saunas that are available during the winter months. A thermal pool will rejuvenate your body, and you will have the energy to deal with upcoming activities. It is a popular destination for many tourists.

Salzburg is famous for its glass viewpoint platforms. You can go to one of these places and enjoy the views of the fantastic mountains and lakes. However, it is better to go during the day when the sun is up. The clouds in the mountains have disappeared in the winter. 

In conclusion, Salzburg is one of the best tourist destinations you should visit as it is rich in history and diversity. Take your time to explore what the city has to offer and the best views of the city from high up the mountains. Remember to take as many photos as possible and souvenirs as well.