Everything You Need to Know About Coffee in Austria

Coffee in Austria

Austria is a popular destination in Europe, and they are known for their coffee culture because of the Kaffeehäuser or coffee houses. In Austria, coffee culture is unlike other parts of the world, where people buy coffee as a takeaway or something they drink when they wake up. Austrians have a culture where coffee is part of their daily routine and diet. Although the nation is not a pioneer in the coffee culture, the tradition has stuck with the people, and it has sparked across the country like no other region in the world.

Most famous coffee houses have an air of elegance associated with them and when you enter an establishment. They are places where people socialize and take a few hours to relax as they make conversations. One thing that is outstanding about them is that you can purchase the coffee and take it in the house or take it away. Depending on your taste and preference, you are bound to have fun with the coffee in Austria. 

Coffee Types in Austria

Coffee types in Austria

Since visiting coffee houses is an integral part of your trip to Austria. You must take time to review what the country has to offer in terms of coffee houses, leisure, and the experience that you will get by joining the culture. Austria prides itself on having an extensive list of coffee choices.

Whether you want your coffee with milk, whipped cream, bitter, sweet or extra-strong, there is always something for you. Some of the classic coffees you will find include:

  • café americano – a small cup of espresso served with hot water.
  • Turkish coffee – you can find many coffee shops serving delicious Turkish coffee with plenty of extras to choose from.
  • Mélange – a small espresso served in a cup topped with either milk or foam.
  • Brauner – it is basically a black coffee or espresso. You can order single, double, or even triple, depending on your taste.
  • Latte Macchiato – it is a mixture of an espresso shot, hot milk, and froth.

Coffee houses in Austria

With a long culture and sense of tradition, coffee houses have become more common than you might think. The grand décor of the coffee shops coupled with waters dressed in a waistcoat and a bow tie can make you feel out of place. However, this is what the coffee culture in this country dictates. The vaulted ceilings, chandeliers, and marble columns are a common characteristic of the coffee houses around the capital.

The formal nature of getting coffee in Vienna goes beyond the waiter’s uniform. You will get table services and the little coffee house experience that will leave you in awe of this location. You will be given a glass of water after you finish your coffee. These are the small things that define the coffee culture in the country.

Here are a few popular coffee shops in Vienna you can’t miss:

Coffee is ingrained in Austrian history

Coffee history

As much as coffee may not have been invented in Austria, the Austrians have taken it to a whole new level. In the capital of Vienna, you will find the first coffee house that was opened in 1683. From the 17th century until now, they have been perfecting their art.

The culture has sipped into the entire country and given the ambiance and the lively social atmosphere that you will feel inside the coffeehouses. Some of the coffeehouses in Vienna have been in place for over two centuries, and going for coffee in these coffeehouses is not just for coffee but experiencing the long-held tradition.

Coffee is not the same without extras

Getting coffee in Austria rarely means just having a cup of coffee, as you enter the coffee houses, you will pass through a large display of cakes, crumbles, cream slices, strudels, among others. Coffee does not have to be lonely or just plain. You can take a slice of the cake or something that will accompany it.

Besides, you have the chance to explore different types of cakes that are available in the display and shop. You will find that each café tends to have a signature cake, which means that you have to choose from the variety they are serving.

You can stay as long as you like 

Cafe in Austria

There are different places that you can get coffee in Austria, you can get to-go coffee and Viennese café. If you want to go, you can get from modern style café, and you will find most places have that indication of ‘coffee to go’.

Generally, it is acceptable for you to stay as long as you like in Austria cafes and you will see groups of people chatting inside and others reading their books. 

Tip for digital nomads in Austria: Most cafes offer high-speed and stable internet, so you can spend your productive hours there while infusing with delicious and potent Austrian coffee. Austrian people are very used to spend hours in coffee houses chatting with friends, working, or studying, so staying at one place for a prolonged time is normal in Austria.

Queues are normal

One of the standard features you will see is that there are always queues in these coffee houses. In most places the lines are not very long, however, in most established locations you will find that there are long queues as there are many customers who want a taste of the best coffee.

There are cafes where you can take your coffee and brunch as well. To avoid queues, you can arrive at these places before 11 am. That way, you will find the right spot, and lines will be short or none at all.

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