Sampling Wiener schnitzel is a must-try thing to do when visiting the Austrian capital. When I was traveling to Vienna for the first time, I remember that finding the best Wiener schnitzel in Vienna was on top of my list. 

The traditional wiener schnitzel is a pork or veal piece that is thinly sliced and tenderized before frying in fat or oil. It should not be dressed with anything fancy as the schnitzel is often considered as a humble and unpretentious workman’s dish. The slice of meat has formed the main cuisine in Austria, and many people continue to enjoy their sandwiches with a slice of meat. 

If you visit Vienna and you haven’t tried a Wiener schnitzel, then it’s like you haven’t been there. Here you can find my favorite places where you can sample one of the most delicious schnitzels in the whole of Vienna.

Vienna Cruise Schnitzel Tour

Vienna Schnitzel tour
Vienna Schnitzel tour

Why not shoot two birds with one stone?

You can enjoy the beautiful boat tour on Danube whilst enjoying freshly prepared food with the main course: Schnitzel.

On your tour, you are going to pass even two locks (which is always an exciting thing to see) and the whole tour takes 3,5 hours. Good thing is that you are not going to get hungry.

The helpful crew is going to serve you all tour long and you are going to enjoy the beautiful views of Vienna from the water.

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Glacis Beisl

Working hours: Works every day from 11 am – 1 am

Official site: Glacis Beisl

If you are spending your afternoon in Vienna, then you should try the Glacis Beisl. Here you will find tons of the best schnitzel in the region. The schnitzels served in this location are those that dwarf on the plate, and you are free to share with a friend. 

The experience is fantastic, and you will find yourself asking for more. Wiener schnitzel from pork is common in other parts of Austria, however, the commonly served in Vienna is both veal and pork. If you are looking for a place where you can sample traditional food and the wiener, then Vienna is the best place you can visit.



Working hours: Works every day from 11.30 am – 11 pm. The kitchen only works till 10 pm, so be sure to arrive earlier if you want to get your dinner served.

Official site: Figlmüller

When traveling, the most important aspect is to go with the flow, and you should try and explore the city if you are to enjoy your visit effectively. When trying to find out the best schnitzel is to do some research beforehand. The Figlmüller is a cozy, traditional venue that you will get both the pork and veal wiener schnitzel. 

You can opt to choose one of each to allow you to sample the delicacy of the city. The schnitzel is often served with salads and other accompaniments of your choice. You can wash down your meal with Austrian beers and feel at home away from home.

Café Central

Working hours: Workdays from 8.30 am – 5.30 pm

Official site: Cafe Central

It is one of the most popular places if you are looking for a place to eat in Vienna. It is mostly famous for cakes and coffee. However, they have perfected the art of making schnitzels, and you will get one of the best wiener schnitzels in this restaurant. The schnitzel served is a healthy portion, and it is lightly fried with a crisp coating making the meat tender and juice. 

The schnitzel can be served with parsley and potatoes with a lemon squeezed over the meat to give it a zesty flavor. The café is located in a beautiful building, and the waiters are well dressed, and you can enjoy a conversation as you eat your schnitzel.



Working hours: Works every day from 11 am – 0.30 am, but the kitchen only works till 11 pm

Official site: Plachutta

When in Vienna, with numerous choices, Plachutta is the right place to visit this location. It is a restaurant that is located in the city center, and it is characterized by a traditional dining style with great food and an exceptional atmosphere. You should try their wiener schnitzel because they serve one of the most exceptional schnitzels in the city. 

The restaurant serves a traditional veal cutlet that is pounded thin, breaded before frying. You will have a lemon zest, which adds some tangy and zesty flavor to your schnitzel. There are various side dishes that you should have to include potatoes, among others.


Working hours: Works every day from 11 am – 11 pm.

Official site: Schweizerhaus

One of the things that you will be obsessed with when you visit Vienna is Schweizerhaus, this is a restaurant that serves exceptional wiener schnitzel. It is a classic beer garden-style restaurant that is, and it is situated inside Prater Park. Here you will be served with giant portions of pork schnitzel, and it is some of the best schnitzels in town. 

Pork is well tenderized and fried, giving you the best taste that you can ever get. The crispiness of the schnitzel and inside juiciness makes it the best in town. You can get it with a German-style cucumber side salad and a wedge of lemon or any other side dish of your choice. You can get an entrée side that can accentuate everything. 



Working hours: Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 9.30 pm; Friday and Sunday closed

Official site: Schnitzelwirt

It is one of Vienna’s restaurants that serve one of the best wiener schnitzels, mostly from pork in a traditional setting. The restaurant sits in one of the busiest streets in the city, and it is easily accessible through various means of transport as you arrive in the town. It does not take long for your food to arrive at your table at this restaurant once you have ordered. I definitely recommend making a reservation, especially if you’re planning to visit a restaurant during weekend nights. It gets packed!

It is one of those places you would like to run to during lunch hours when you are super hungry. The restaurant serves the schnitzel with a side dish ranging from potato salad, dumplings, French fries, garden salads, among others. 

Café Mozart

Working hours: Currently closed due to COVID restrictions

Official site: Cafe Mozart

If you have eaten schnitzels in a few restaurants, your taste buds are about to be taken to a whole new tasting level by the excellent wiener schnitzel at café Mozart. The schnitzel is made from the most accurate method, and you will get either in pork or veal.  

The breadcrumbs are fried to perfection, and the meat is tender and juice. You can order a side dish of your choice, and they mostly include parsley potatoes, dumplings, among others. The staff is friendly, and you will enjoy the best wiener schnitzel in Vienna in this restaurant.

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