Vienna in December – What You Need to Know

Vienna in December

There is no city as glamorous as Vienna in December. The imperial architecture, old charm basking in the twinkling lights, and amazing environment all make it a perfect destination during the winter break. The capital of Austria is one of the largest Germans speaking cities in central and eastern Europe. Besides this, Vienna is the most populous city in Austria, and nearly a third of its population is in the city. It is the main economic, cultural, and political center.

Vienna used to be the largest German-speaking city in the world before WWI. The city is a host to major international organizations such as OPEC, OSCE, and the United Nations. Apart from the city’s glamorous history, Vienna is one of the most visited European cities, and you should make time to visit this exceptional destination.

There are so many things that you can do in Vienna. Every December, Vienna squares turn into some of the most magical Christmas markets that feature endless stalls selling hot mulled wine and souvenirs. The atmosphere is different than other times of the year. December is the right time to visit the city if you want to see this city’s magic.

We will explore the city together as we show you some of the unique spots that you should visit in Vienna. 

How to Get to Vienna

Vienna is an easy location that you can travel to from any part of the world. The city has an international airport that welcomes flights from across the globe. You can reach the city center by public transport or train or a cab if you want to, Vienna is the right destination you should visit in Europe. Vienna has the best public transport systems in Europe and based on experiences around the city, you can get both metro and trams, and they are very reliable and clean.

If you plan to visit Vienna in December, you should have a Vienna visitors’ card for your trip. It will make it is easier for you to access numerous services quickly and at a lower cost. The card features all types of transportation, including discounts at major sights and museums. Some of the old trams have seat warmers, and you should check out during the winter period when traveling. It will help you alleviate the cold that is associated with the December period.

What to Do in Vienna in December

Vienna walking

The Austrians celebrate Christmas on 24th December, and if you arrive in the city on 24th, you will find that many Christmas markets are closed, and the streets remain empty because people are in a celebration mood. You will expect that many restaurants and cafes around the city are closed during the Christmas festivities. It is imperative that you check your time and analyze the situation before leaving for Austria, that way, you will know what you are expecting. 

If you will stay in Austria during December, you are likely to experience one of the most amazing feelings as you will find the annual big street party. There is a large firework around the city hall ad night. Besides, you can go on special boat tours on the Danube to this occasion.

If you visit Vienna in December, then the most important activities you should list are listed below. It is a period when there are high tourism activities, and there are various activities that you can do during this period.

Explore the Christmas markets

The first market in this area was held back in the 13th century, and this is when Albrecht allowed the Viennese to hold a market one. As time has passed many people, have become fond of this market and many are enjoying the services from this location.

In case you’re on a Euro trip and visiting Switzerland, I’ve been writing about Switzerland’s Christmas markets a lot, so be sure to read a guide and organize your trip.

There are over twenty markets in Vienna, and you can get almost anything that you will need for your Christmas. If you would like to explore the markets virtually, it is recommended that you get a local guide who will be able to get you around quickly and easily.

Experience the Viennese coffee culture

One of the best ways that you can spend your time is by enjoying the local coffee. It serves as a perfect opportunity that you can get to know the history of the country.

After numerous activities during the winter period, you can sit down and enjoy some coffee and tasty dessert at local restaurants. Viennese’s coffee culture provides endless opportunities, and there are multiple quiet and relaxed coffee cafes that you can enjoy your time.

Visit museums and palaces

St. Stephen Cathedral

Vienna is known as the tone of the essential cultural centers in Europe. For over 700 years, this area has been under Hapsburg family rule. There are fascinating places that you can visit, including palaces and museums.

When you see these locations, you can learn more about the country and the historical pieces and artifacts. Be sure to visit St. Stephen’s cathedral, which is located at the main square.

Enjoy a spa day

During the December period, Vienna can be quite cold and chilly, and when temperatures fall below zero, then a great activity that you can do is to escape to a sauna, spa, or whirlpool. Numerous hotels feature spas, and you can enter the spa and relax and unwind.

Go ice skating

Ice skating is one of the fun activities that you can do while at this destination. Vienna is very cold and icy during winter, and you can enjoy various activities such as skating during this period.

You can choose either between indoor and outside ice skating. You can skate against some of the beautiful backdrops.

Explore walking around the city

Vienna walking

If you love exploring different areas, then a walking tour can be a perfect option for you. You can join others and walk around Vienna with the locals as you explore different city areas.

All you need is warm clothes and shoes, and you are good to go and enjoy what the city has to offer.

As you can see, Vienna is the glamourous European capital in December, and it’s definitely a place to visit. Radiating with culture and tradition, you’ll definitely feel that Christmas spirit.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Vienna in winter?

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