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Austrian grocery stores

Austrian Grocery Stores – An Expat Friendly Guide

It is imperative to understand that Austria is very strict when it comes to shopping hours. The shopping hours may vary from one chain to another or one shop to another. However, the main rule of thumb is that most grocery stores usually open from 0730hrs to 1900hrs on weekdays […]

Best lakes in Austria

Best Lakes in Austria You Don’t Want to Miss

Austria is a landlocked country in central Europe, and many people may assume that since it does not border a coastline, there are no amazing waterbodies. This is not true because Austria has many lakes that are popular tourist destinations in Europe. Whether you would like to enjoy the views […]


Vienna in January – Everything You Need to Know

Vienna is a colorful and diverse location in Europe in that there are different things and places that you can see. No matter the time of the year that you will visit the city, you are sure that you will enjoy visiting the city. If you are considering visiting the […]

Weed in Austria

All You Have to Know About Cannabis in Austria

There have been numerous debates on the legalization of weed in Austria. Austria has complex laws regarding the sale, use, possession, and growth of marijuana in the country. The sale and supply of weed are punishable. However, if it is for personal use, you can use it without any problem. […]

Vienna souvenirs

12 Souvenirs From Vienna & Where to Get Those

If you’re visiting Austria, you simply can’t miss its majestic and historical capital Vienna. On the way back home, you’d better not forget beautiful Vienna souvenirs for your loving ones. Vienna has so much to offer when it comes to souvenirs, you can get high-quality interior pieces to delicious sweet […]

Coffee in Austria

Everything You Need to Know About Coffee in Austria

Austria is a popular destination in Europe, and they are known for their coffee culture because of the Kaffeehäuser or coffee houses. In Austria, coffee culture is unlike other parts of the world, where people buy coffee as a takeaway or something they drink when they wake up. Austrians have […]

Easter in Austria

Easter in Austria – Learn About Customs and Traditions

Easter in Austria is one of the most critical events in a country since the majority of Austrian people follow Christian traditions. Also, the Easter period marks the beginning of the spring season. It is the season that many people go out for fun activities and visit different locations. The […]

Things to do in Innsbruck, Austria

15 Exciting Things to Do in Innsbruck, Austria

If you are on your way to Austria, then Innsbruck is a destination certainly not to miss. The charismatic ambiance of the Innsbruck city with loads of attractions and adventures to unroll. Innsbruck is a city in Austria with vivid views and spectacular art. This city has rolled over the […]


Learn Everything About Business Culture in Austria

Austria is a unique country in the southeastern part of central Europe, and it is a popular place for tourism and business. The business culture in Austria and attitudes are the main aspects that drive prosperity and wealth in this nation. Cultural behaviors, influences, and attitudes vary from one country […]