If you’re visiting Austria, you simply can’t miss its majestic and historical capital Vienna. On the way back home, you’d better not forget beautiful Vienna souvenirs for your loving ones.

Vienna has so much to offer when it comes to souvenirs, you can get high-quality interior pieces to delicious sweet treats. If you are visiting Vienna and wondering what would be the best souvenir option, then you’re at the right place. At the end of this list, you will have some tips on the best souvenirs in Vienna, Austria. 

Zotter chocolate

Chocolate in Austria

There are dozens of smaller chocolatiers that make chocolates across the Austrian capital when it comes to chocolates. Zotter chocolate is manufactured in Styria, however, the best way is to purchase them by purchasing the Zotter chocolate. If you want a place where you want to taste cheese encased in chocolate, then this is the right place that you can buy them.

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Snow globe

You might assume that this is a cliché or something that you cannot take it home. However, an essential aspect that you must understand is that the snow globe was invented in Austria. The traditional snow globe was manufactured in Austria in 1900, and ever since, it continues to enchant around the world.

The world usually depicts a Viennese winter scene or a landmark of your choice. You will find the snow globes in many souvenir shops, however, the best way is to visit the snow globe museum to get the latest edition and big ones.

Manner wafers

If you are not a big fan of chocolate, you can try to pick up something sweet. You can easily purchase manner wafers in Vienna. Every Austrian is fond of these wafers, and you can easily find them at the supermarkets in the capital.

You can pick a pack for around two euros, and if you do not want to do this, you can go to a flagship store and indulge in a wide array of sweets available to the market.

Get Mozart balls

A Mozart ball is a small Austrian sweet that is made of nougat and pistachio marzipan with chocolate encasing. These Mozart balls have been made in Austria Vienna since the 1890s, and you can purchase them and take them with you as you head to your home or country. The most common form is the Mirabell, which dominates the market as it is mass-produced. 


Although you will find that many Austrians may tend to drink many beers, schnapps has an essential place in the Austrian people’s hearts. Schnapps may be distilled from things such as herbs and fruits.

You can explore what the country has, and this is the right moment you should follow. The most popular items are plum and apricot schnapps. You can find both these flavors around the supermarkets in Austria.

Schnapsen cards

The game of Schnapsen is popular in Austria, and it is often played in taverns. You have the chance to enjoy a game of sixty-six and 20 cards. You can play the game with French cards or sample it with German cards for the best experience. 

The company dates back to 1824, and this is when the game was started, and it has been in play ever since, and you can get the pack for about four euros.

Demmers Tea

Although you will find that most Austrians love to drink coffee, Demmers Tea House is one of the country’s most famous tea producers. The location has been around since 1997, and it is an integral part of the culture of Viennese people.

You can purchase tea from this shop and go to your home country to sample or give it to your family. There are over dozen places to get traditional tea as a souvenir in Vienna.

Austrian novel

Austria is the home for over twenty-one noble laureates, and one of them is in literature. The German writers often overshadow the Austrian literature. However, if you are a person who loves reading, then you can easily differentiate.

You can get Austrian novels that are translated into English in some of the shops in Vienna. It is a perfect choice as you will have a souvenir that you can sign for someone.

Austrian dry sausages

Dry sausages

When you think of the sausages, bratwurst with mustard may come to your mind, however, that is one of a kind. One of the sausages popular in Austria is a dry sausage, which can be consumed when cold. These sausages have been cold smoked, and you can purchase and carry them to your country or home if allowed by restrictions.

In case you’re wandering around Vienna and looking for delicious steak, you should definitely sample Wiener schnitzel.

When bringing food from one country to another, always be sure to read the restrictions as the last thing you want is to get these tasty delicacies confiscated at the airport. 

Viennese wine

Wine is the best choice that you can take to your family or friends. Wine has been an excellent choice to give people when you visit them. There are over 630 hectares of slopes producing one of the country’s finest wines, and the history of Austrian wine dates back to 750BC. You can find a good bottle of wine from the specialist wine shops around the region. 

Augarten Porcelain

Augarten porcelain

The Viennese manufacturing company began in 1718, and they have a history of production, which includes the production of some of the top-notch tableware. The Augarten porcelain is famous in Austria, and it is the best souvenir that you can take to family and friends.

You can also get figurines all stamped with the blue-striped shield, which is a sign of authenticity. You can find the tableware at the porcelain museum store.


FREYWILLE is a new addition to the Viennese landscape, and it was found around 7 decades ago. The company has gone through changes from time to time. The success of handmade jewelry, particularly bracelets, is some of the top-notch souvenirs that you can take to your family. They are colorful and have artistic designs with special enameling techniques.

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