The high route, or Karwendel Höhenweg as it is commonly called, is a trail in Austria that begins in the southern region as it transcends to the Karwendel mountains. The high alpine route comprises impressive balcony trails, exciting peak summits, riverside walks, and numerous descents and ascents. The hike is exceptional as it is well known for its diversity, and the experience you will get while hiking this trail is out of this world. The walk will satisfy all your hiking needs as you will experience some of the most strenuous hiking trails in the world. Each stage will take you to a cozy mountain refuge where you can take sumptuous Tyrolean food, relax and unwind.

Karwendel high trail is sixty kilometers long, and there are 7000 meters in elevation loss and gain. This trail requires stamina and good body condition as you will move from one type of terrain to the next, and all will need you to be in shape. Therefore, you must have all the essential hiking gear, such as high-cut boots and poles. The region is in the northern limestone Alps, and it is easily accessible from Seefeld or Innsbruck. Therefore, you can easily make one of these places your center as you embark on your hiking experience. As much as the Karwendel Mountains may lie slightly lower in altitude than some parts of the Alps, you should be ready for the experience. 

What is the best time to visit?

You will find that most of the mountains in the area have a whitish appearance because of the limestone-rich soils. The best time that you can visit the region is from June to September. You should not be worried about accommodation because different locations will offer you accommodation as you trail. The area is well served with public transport, and it is possible to join or exit the route at any hiking trail location.

Why should you hike the Karwendel high trail?

The Karwendel high trail presents you with an opportunity to explore the unique locations in the world. If you are looking for a challenge, a degree wilderness, and a trail that is easily accessible, then this is the right choice for you. The trail is well-marked, friendly and it has well-situated huts that allow you to rest after hiking. There is spectacular wildlife along the way, and you can experience all these if you choose the Karwendel hiking trail. If you love solitude hiking, you might find it challenging as you will meet plenty of hikers on this trail. However, the environment is well protected, and you will experience all the blissful features that this fantastic destination has to offer.

Although the Karwendel high trail is well marked, and you can hike it at any moment, it is critical to note that some parts are black graded, indicating that they are steep. Besides, you will find some sections with loose soils or stones, and this could be harmful. Therefore, you must hike the trail patiently and with utmost care. 

According to most experienced hikers, this train is for moderate and experienced hikers. Nevertheless, you can hike some stages where the terrain is friendly.

A guide to hiking Karwendel high trail

The Karwendel high trail is a six-stage hut to the hut hiking trail, and it is in the mountains of Tirol in Austria (where you can look for more amazing trekking routes). Depending on your preference, you can hike this trail from east to west or west to east. Here is a guide on how to hike the trail.

The Reith to Nördlingerhütte trail

This is one of the most fantastic hiking trails as it covers 4 miles or 6.5 kilometers. It is classified as moderate hence beginners, and experienced individuals can trek the trail. The trail begins at the beautiful village of Reith down from the valley of Seefeld. There is a tourist office, and you can grab a map to help you while hiking on this awesome trail. The information covered is critical, and you can handle any part of the journey that rises. 

As you begin the hike, there is a particular ascent, and there will be forests with cattle browsing, especially in the summer period. As you approach the Naturpark, you will see stunning views of the mountains, and it is here that you will find the most enchanting ideas. The dense shrub that carpets the mountains is worth looking at, and their peaks have a unique two-tone look from the ice and the natural shrubs. 

The broad ridgeline that unfolds the views of the Karwendel Mountains is impressive, and you will have something to marvel at. You can spend your night at the hut at the end of the trail. The Reither Spitze is an interesting ascent, and the views from high up the mountains present you with stunning pictures that you will never forget.

Explore the Nördlingerhütte to Solsteinhaus hiking trail

This is a moderate hiking trail that is four miles long, and it is classified as moderate. It is recommended that you visit this location from June to September. This is a suitable period because the terrain will be much better as the wetness is reduced considerably.

As you embark on this trail, you will find fauna and flora that are amazing and quite memorable. Depending on the period that you visit this location, you will find that the mountain architecture is enchanting. You will find rocks and sculptures that you have never seen before. As much as the hiking trail may not be difficult, you will find that the hike could be challenging because of changes in the weather conditions. 

Hike the Solsteinhaus to Pfeishütte trail

This is a hiking trail about twenty kilometers long and is classified as a moderate hiking trail. It would help if you were not left behind because you can explore the environment and know some new aspects of the region. As you head south towards the Brunntal, you will find a lush and dripping alpine forest, which makes it an exceptional location.

The path to this destination is perfect as you have the chance to explore everything in the region, from the fauna and flora as well as other aspects of the area. Some of the things you will see include an undergrowth of rowan, bilberry, hazel, birch, and other plants. There is an exceptionally picturesque during the autumn period. After a few kilometers of descent, you will arrive at Samertal valley, Pfeishütte is just a few kilometers away. There is always something magical about exploring the natural environment on a cool and exquisite side.

Trek the Pfeishütte to Bettelwurfhütte route

This is a moderate hiking trail that is nine kilometers long. It is an excellent location where you can push your hiking skills to the next level as you traverse across the wildest mountain and exceptional terrain. You will remember how amazing Austria is with the alpine look and gorgeous mountains. There is a marked section that indicates that there are loose rocks on the terrain.

The most integral aspect is to ensure that you are well equipped for the changing landscape. The hardest part of the trail is the descent down, which involves moving rocks, which you should be careful about. An overhanging cliff makes the track amazing, and it is well constructed, ensuring that hikers have a safe environment for trekking.

Hike the short Bettelwurfhütte to Hallangerhaus trail 

This moderate hiking trail is six kilometers long and can be hiked in a short period. You can traverse the steep slopes of Speckkarspitze and the fantastic slopes of the Lafatscher Joch. Raindrops will spark the low spine shrubs as you explore what nature has in store for you.

As you descent, the valley gives you an exciting look as you enjoy the terrain and the natural picturesque. In the trail, you will rock hanging cliff and dense forest that is hundreds of meters high, and you will feel the most amazing experience as you trek high up the mountains as you head down to Hallangerhaus. 

Trek the final stage Hallangerhaus to St. Magdalena

This is a six-mile-long trail classified as moderate, and you can hike through the dense forest following River Isar on your way to St. Magdalena. This location makes it easy for you to return to the original inception point, and you will be amazed by what you will see on the trail as you move from one location to another. There are well-built stone houses, and there are remains of the old salt-mining industry in the valley. The valley presents the right opportunity for you to enjoy some sunshine as you trek the trail. Upon arrival to St. Magdalena, you will see some of the best tourist attractions, such as beautiful mountains and valleys. 

In summary, Karwendel high trail is an enjoyable and exquisite trail, and you will love every bit of your hike. There are beautiful views of the mountains, and the fauna and flora are amazing.

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