Best Coffee in Kenya – Which Kenyan Coffee to Get?

best coffee in kenya

Kenya is widely known for producing some of the best coffee beans in the world. The country’s position gives it the perfect climatic conditions that increase the quality of coffee grown in the country. The Kenyan coffee has a high spectrum of nuances and flavors, and you should try them if you want to start your day on a brighter note. The country is well known for the best coffees in the world. The high mountainous regions of central and western Kenya create an ideal environment where the flavonoids are generated on the highest level possible. Since it has a tropical climate, it is a perfect place for coffee to grow and increase its flavor and aroma.

The topography of Kenya, coupled with its existing climatic conditions, has made the country produce some of the best coffee in the world. The attitude plays a critical role because, at an altitude of 1700 to 1800 meters above sea level, Arabica coffee thrives. The coffee beans are usually harvested before they are washed and sundried. This preservation method ensures that you get a high-quality coffee and maintains all the tannins and flavonoids in the coffee beans.

In most instances, Kenyan coffee has a rich and decadent body with lemongrass, bergamot, and berries featuring in the taste. The floral aroma from a freshly brewed Kenyan coffee is all you need to wake up in the morning. The volcanic soils also contribute significantly to the characteristic of coffee, and since these soils are rich in minerals, the coffee beans produced are of high quality.

Here are the best Kenyan coffee types

Here are some of the best coffees in Kenya that you should try. Kenyan AA is the top grade in coffee production hence a measure of quality.

Java house coffee

Java house is one of the top-notch coffee producers in Kenya. They produce coffee that is a blend of the major varieties grown in Kenya. The roasting process may be lighter than other coffees worldwide, but there is a distinct spicy and fruity note. If you are looking for the best Kenyan coffee, you can try java coffee house because they are adventurous and will taste the Kenyan coffee at a house level. The flavor produced by the coffee is fruity and spicy as well, and this is unique to Kenyan coffee.

Volcanica Coffee

Volcanica coffee has gained a considerable reputation among coffee drinkers and enthusiasts as well. Anytime you get Volcanica coffee, you are sure that you will feel the Kenyan coffee in place because the coffee is grown in the Kenyan highlands with volcanic soils, and it is rich in flavonoids and tannins as well. When it is medium roasted, you will get a high-quality coffee cup, and the flavor is quite complex.

The flavor from this coffee will have a hint of cranberries, raspberries, and notes of redwood as well in the end. The coffee is usually grown at an altitude of 5000 to 6800 feet above sea level. Therefore, it is peculiar. You can get a decaffeinated version of this as well if you want to reduce your caffeine intake.

Kenyan coffee beans

Volcanica Kenyan AA Decaf

If you are looking for the best coffee that will not leave you awake at night because of high levels of caffeine, then the Volcanica Kenyan AA decaf should be your choice. Decaffeinated coffee is good for your health because you will not be consuming high levels of caffeine. The method used during extraction is unique, and it is called the Swiss water method.

When this technology is used, you are sure that up to 99% of the caffeine in the coffee is removed. It is important to note that as much as the caffeine level is reduced, the taste profiles remain high, and aromas are as original as the time they are picked from the farms.

The aromas and flavors will vary from a pleasant acidity, winy aftertaste, and a highly fragrant aroma, and you can taste the overtones of citrus and berries. Since the water used is 100% free of any chemicals, the taste profile is not affected.

Volcanica Kenyan Peaberry

This is another version of Volcanica coffee, and it is characterized by its winey flavor and the black currant color. The Kenyan AA coffee grade is quite pleasant to your palate, and you will feel every note. When it is medium roasted, you will taste berries and citrus flavors as well.

The acidity level of this coffee is high and has a winey taste with unique citrus and berry flavors. You can try this coffee if you want something fruity, and it will leave something tasty on your palate.

Henry’s House of Coffee

These are Kenyan coffee beans that are roasted according to different clients’ tastes and preferences. The roasting process is usually taken to a medium level, and you will get some of the best notes that you have ever tasted in any coffee. Henry’s coffee house uses Kenyan AA-grade coffee, and you will taste earthy and fruity tones.

However, the house has gone further to spice up your coffee routine by incorporating other flavors such as lemon, berries, and vanilla. If you want to try henry’s coffee house coffee, it is better that you add milk because the milk will complement your coffee with smoothness and regulate the acidity level.

Coopers Cask Coffee

Coopers’ cask coffee is unique because the roast is usually dark roasted, and when you taste it, you will find notes of chocolate and cherry. When it comes to Kenyan coffee, the measure is typically the sweetness and fruitiness. Tasting Cooper’s cask coffee requires a proper coffee drinker because you will be hit first with an aroma of honey and molasses as well as wheat tea biscuits in the end. The flavor is unique, and you will take your coffee drinking to a new level by trying the cooper cask coffee.

The pricing of this coffee is also competitive, and you will find some of the best coffee beans that you can ever get in the Kenyan highlands. The coffee from this house is fruitier than it is chocolatey. You can choose to cold brew your coffee, highlighting new notes that you would not get when it is brewed hot.

Coffee beans

Gevalia Special Reserve

When looking for coffee with all the floral notes coupled with a cherry flavor, the Gevalia exceptional reserve coffee is the right option. It is one of the most flavorful coffee in Kenya, although you will find less chocolate incorporate into the coffee. It is important to note that the coffee comes when it is already ground.

You will not experience a powerful aroma and taste. The taste is floral and authentic to the Kenyan highlands. If you want the real taste of Gevalia special, you can order your beans as unground. It is important to always note that it should always be kept at optimum conditions; otherwise, the quality will deteriorate.

Fresh Roasted Coffee

This is a dark-roasted Kenyan AA coffee that is produced by the freshly roasted coffee house. The beans for this coffee are usually sourced from Mt. Elgon (which is btw. an awesome hiking spot in Kenya), and they are generally grown at the height of 1300 to 1500 meters above sea level. Since it is a top-grade coffee, you will taste different notes, and these include notes that are citrus and that of peach fruits. The acidity level for this coffee is reduced, and the added smokiness gives it a darker profile.

This is the perfect coffee for anyone looking to spice up his or her day in the morning or any time of the day. The coffee beans from this house are versatile, and if you know your coffee, you can brew one of the most unique coffees because the beans respond differently to changes in temperature and the level of grinding.

Coffee plant

Equator Coffee Kenya

Equator coffee Kenya is a light roast, and it is one of the coffees characterized by a solid acidity level. And when perfectly brewed, you will get a balanced, sweet, and nuanced coffee. The coffee beans used to make this coffee are usually grown at a height above 1600 meters above sea level.

The light roasting technique for this coffee is essential because it gives a rich and fragrant aroma. You will taste a spicy yet toned flavor; hence you can get more in one cup than any other type of coffee. If you want to sample the best coffee, you should buy your coffee beans unground this will allow you to grind them to a level that you enjoy most.

In summary, you have seen a preview of the coffee in Kenya, and you can get high-quality coffee locally grown from major retail outlets. The quality level should be high, and always get coffee that is indicated in Kenya AA. All you need in Kenyan coffee is flavor and excellent notes, and that is exactly what it will give you.

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