The city is made up of an upbeat African spirit and a mix of western culture. Since it is a hub of commerce and entertainment, you will find major international brands and eateries such as KFC and subway and local brands. It is one of the best shopping locations if you are looking for both global and regional brands. There is a variety of shopping malls in Nairobi offering both, local and international goods, so you’ll always find what you need. 

There are numerous open-air markets and top-notch malls that allow different modes of payment, making your shopping easier. Nairobi is a gateway to Africa, and it is the city you should visit and do your shopping. The convergence of different unique brands and international businesses makes it a perfect spot where you can shop with ease.

Top malls in Nairobi

Since Nairobi is a metropolis and it is a spot where you will take your shopping experience to a new level. There are numerous malls constructed in the past two decades, and they all have an international appeal because of the businesses they host. If you are looking for state-of-the-art malls where you will get everything in one place, then Nairobi is your destination. Whether you are visiting the capital for pleasure or business, you are sure that you will get a place to shop for your essential items. Here are the top malls in Nairobi.

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Two Rivers Mall

This is one of the largest malls in eastern Africa, and it was constructed recently. The mall is in Runda along the famous Limuru road. It is a modern mall, and it was built with an international look with all shopping experiences factored in during the construction process. So when visiting Two Rivers Mall, you are sure that you will have all the amenities you are looking for because it is a one-stop shopping mall.

One of the major attractions in this mall is the eye of Kenya, where you can see the skyline of Nairobi city on the Ferris wheel. Some of the major international brands with a shop in Two Rivers Mall include Swarovski and Adidas. There are multiple dining spots in the mall, and you can enjoy international cuisine or try out local Kenyan dishes. There is plenty of parking space, and it is safe for children. Therefore, you will have a fantastic experience while shopping. In addition, you can explore the theme parks among other places in the mall.

Garden City Mall

The garden city mall is a multipurpose community and a mall that is situated along the Thika Superhighway. The mall is just fifteen minutes away from Nairobi’s central business district. It is a place that you should not miss if you are looking for the best dining experience. The mall is family-friendly, and it offers a myriad of options where you can shop and enjoy your time when you visit.

If you are looking for fun, then this is the best place to be. You can enter the IMAX theater that on the mall and catch up with the latest international movies. There are also several food courts where you can sample local as well as international cuisine. In addition, you will find numerous retails stores, which sell global and local brands as well. Depending on the purpose of your visit, you are sure that you will have a fantastic time in the mall.

The Hub

The hub is a mall in the Karen suburbs of Nairobi, and this is one of the major malls that attracts many foreign shoppers. As a result, the standards have been raised to a higher level regarding the shopping experience in this destination. The hub is the destination where you can get your authentic shopping experience in Nairobi because they have multiple banking halls, food courts, international retail outlets, among others.

If you are exhausted and want to take a break, you will find food courts that serve freshly prepared food, and you can explore the local or international cuisine. In addition, there is Wi-Fi internet, which you can access freely while in the shopping mall.

NextGen Mall

The NextGen mall is located along Mombasa road, and it is a popular shopping destination among many people because of its location and proximity to the central business district. There are over twenty retail outlets in this mall, and you will get everything under one roof. There are fast-food restaurants as well as food courts that serve local as well as international cuisine.

On the upper floor of the building, there are several bars and restaurants, and you can take time to sample some local Kenyan drinks and check out what it has to offer. The NextGen mall is located closer to premium hotels such as Ole Sereni and Eka, so you can move from your accommodation to the mall with ease.

The Junction Mall

The junction mall was opened about fifteen years ago, and it has risen to be one of the best shopping locations in Nairobi. Major roads lead to the junction mall, and it is several minutes away from the central business district. You can access the mall easily whether you are using public transport or taxis. There is a plethora of retail outlets in this mall, and you will find international and local brands.

When you visit the Junction Mall, you will find international brands such as Woolworths and Adidas. In addition, there is a movie theater where you can watch the latest international movies. If you feel hungry, there are food courts that serve local and international cuisines. There are also fast-food restaurants where you can get your burger or sandwich fix.

Yaya Center

Yaya Center is a major shopping mall for the residents of Kilimani and the environs. The mall currently serves as a multipurpose center where you can get your shopping under one roof. There are several supermarkets in the malls as well as major retail outlets, whether international or local. You will find Woolworths among other major international clothing companies with retail shops in this mall.

There is a local art gallery called Tazama, where you can check out some of the latest artwork collections from local artists. In addition, you will find jewelry stores within this mall, and be sure to choose some of the local pieces of jewelry and souvenirs.

Westgate Mall

The Westgate mall gained international reputation because of a terrorist attack that occurred almost a decade ago. However, the mall has regained its former glory, and you will find various retail outlets and international brands. The mall caters to the affluent individuals of the capital as well as international audiences. There are numerous high-end options that you will find in this mall.

The top floor has a cinema where you can enjoy some of the latest movies. There are food courts as well where you can get nearly any local meal and international cuisine. The Westgate mall is easily accessible because it is on the Waiyaki way, and you can access this road easily from the central business district. Various establishments within the mall will cater to all your shopping needs.

Thika Road Mall

The TRM, as is popularly known, is a mall that is situated about 22 minutes away from Nairobi’s central business district. Thika road mall is on the Thika superhighway, and you can easily access it from the CBD. The mal features numerous retails outlets, including international supermarkets such as Carrefour.

There are over a hundred stores within the building, and you will find all your shopping items because they have local and international retail outlets. In addition, there is a weekly Maasai fair where traders dealing in Maasai wares come and display their products on the open space created for them. You can get some Kenyan souvenirs from these trade fairs.

The Village Market

The village market is one of the places where you will find virtually anything you want in a mall. Since it is near the American embassy in Nairobi, there is a significant international influence, and you will find international brands and local brands. The village market is considered one of the oldest malls in Kenya.

It houses over a hundred stores, it has major modern features in one store, and you can get to the bowling alley and enjoy some sports or visit the virtual reality gaming center and play some games. The village market presents you with endless shopping and fun activities to do in the area.

Galleria Shopping Mall

Nairobi is definitely your shopping city. If you are looking for a place to find a variety of malls that will accentuate your shopping, this is the place to visit. The mall is located on Langata road, and it is a large complex with different stores such as supermarkets, banking halls, food courts, and local ware stores. A galleria shopping mall may not be extensive as the others, but it truly features an international image, and you can get your shopping here.

Sarit Centre

Sarit center is by far one of the most popular shopping malls in Nairobi. The shopping mall is among the oldest malls in Kenya. It is a diverse mall that features local and international brands as well. It is located a few minutes away from the central business district, and you can visit when they have an expo where you can get items from foreign countries such as Turkey, United Kingdom, and Germany.

In conclusion, Nairobi has a vibrant shopping scene, and you can explore other malls around the city if you want to get a genuinely Kenyan experience mixed with western features.