What is the Best Walking Safari in Kenya?

walking safari in kenya

Kenya is one of the top African safari destinations, and the country brims with thrill, romance, and adventure. Nothing says a fantastic safari like a walking safari in Kenya. You will get to see the country’s spectacular natural beauty and the unspoiled places on the planet that allow you to get up close and personal with nature and wildlife. If you plan to go on vacation in Africa, then a Kenyan safari is exactly what you have been looking for. You can get the best places to visit whether you are traveling alone or going on the safari with your family. You can choose different safaris from a romantic honeymoon, a family-friendly holiday, or a photographic safari. 

The country is a well-suited destination that you can go on your walking safari, you can climb Mount Kenya, or explore the many hiking trails available in Kenya. You do not have to worry if you are going to Kenya because there are multiple places to go for your walk or hike. As a revered safari destination, Kenya is situated in East Africa, and it boasts of the great wildebeest migration, the rift valley, Maasai Mara, among other top destinations.  

What You Need to Know About Walking Safari in Kenya

When planning to go on a walking safari, you should have adequate information about your visiting destination. With sufficient information, you can plan your time during the trip. You want your journey to be thrilling, and you should enjoy it to the last bit. Seeing wildlife one-on-one, hearing the sounds, and smelling the natural environment while on your safari is one of the most amazing things you can do as a traveler.

Game drives tend to be popular in Kenya because four-wheeled vehicles can navigate the terrain easily. However, this should not deter you from walking. There are areas where the automobile may not access, and you will get on a better vantage point, unlike using the car.

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Walking through the natural habitat, savannah plains, riverine forests, lake, and riverbanks, as well as through woodlands, is a unique opportunity to interact with nature and diversity. There are microsystems snuggled in the trees and rocks, making the walking experience a worthwhile experience. The elucidation to experience the tiny things is taking action and walking through the natural environment where you will know more about nature, unlike being told from a personal perspective.

Walking safaris in Kenya are available for all fitness levels, and you should not worry about the walk because all can enjoy the trip well. You can take nature walks and bush walks, and these trips can take half a day, a full day, or several days depending on your taste and preference. Walking in the highlands and the moorlands is an enchanting experience that no one should miss.

Reasons to Experience a Walking Safari

Safari walks are not just the simple concept of walking. It is embracing nature and understanding the unique things that happen in the natural environment. You will find tiny creatures such as dung beetles and antlions. Getting up close and personal to the animals while walking is an experience that you will not find anywhere else.

You will see many animals in the conservancies as well as the national parks. There are many bird species as well, with the vegetation surrounding the area being unique to the subtropical climate experienced in the country. Here are the top locations where you can go on a walking safari in Kenya.

Borana lodge

This is one of the most exquisite locations that you can go on a walking safari. The beautiful conservancy is situated in Samburu, and while staying in the lodge, you get time to explore the natural environment. You will be spoilt of choice on the areas that you will visit because the site makes the best hiking or walking destination.

You can begin your safari walk in the morning as you go through the conservancy and explore the extensive fauna and flora. There is an opportunity to go on an adventurous trip alongside the army rangers to go spot the few black rhinos available in Africa in this conservancy. Since these are endangered species, you have the opportunity to interact with the right species that are endeared.

Take a walk at Laikipia Wilderness Camp

One of the best experiences here is not walking at all. You can find some tranquil spots and soak in the beauty and uninterrupted natural sounds from the environment as you watch the sunrise or sunset. There are hills and valleys in the area, which makes the views of the surrounding environment a fantastic experience.

You can feel the vibration from gazelles grazing in the area, rivers flowing through the valleys, and a tranquil natural surrounding that gives you meaning to life. Here you will have an intimate time with nature, and you can meditate, relax and reboot your mind.


Naboisho Camp and the Greater Masai Mara

Naboisho Camp is one of the locations where you will instantly feel that you are about to explore the most exquisite natural environment when you arrive. You will be welcomed by amiable staff, and there are enormous tents with beautiful colors and amazing fabric that will make you feel at home.

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The camp is situated in a pristine conservancy and close proximity to the Maasai mara game reserve. Here you will explore the best locations that you have never experienced before. Walking in the wild is fun, and you can get closer to the giraffes feeding around the area. There are giraffes’ trails and numerous tracks that are easy to follow. Whether you want a day or multiple walking safari in this location, the Maasai mara region will give you the most fantastic experience.

Wahlberg’s Eagle Safari 

This is an exciting location because you will understand the diversity of the country better. The safari is suitable for both individuals and families as well. You can plan for a week or several days and enjoy the trails that children of any age can walk as well. The ranch features a homely decorated lodge with different room options.

You can access the wildlife in the park as well, and you can combine your walking safari with tennis, yoga, swimming, and cooking at the farm kitchen. 

Saruni Rhino Camp safari walk in Samburu

If you are looking for the most unique experience of Kenyan safari walk, then Saruni camp offers exactly that. There is an animal sanctuary close to the camp where you can watch animals and different bird species. The surrounding region is cool and calm, and there are multiple trails that you can explore.

And since it is a community-owned sanctuary, you can feel the natural environment firsthand. There are black rhinos in the protected area; hence you will see some of the unique animals that you will not find elsewhere. You do not need the experience to go on the walk. You can join the rangers and explore the area and see the rhinos in their natural habitat.


The Masai Mara National Reserve

The Maasai Mara national reserve is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kenya. This location offers you the chance to explore the wilderness on foot and see the great wildebeest migration. You will get the perspective of the local surrounding as you immerse yourself in nature with diverse river creatures, plants, and animals.

Your walking safari will not be complete without an adventure with the local Maasai community, who are naturalists, and they can predict the behavior of the wildlife that meet. These people are unique because they can even interpret a birdcall. Besides, they will introduce you to natural plants used as medicine.

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Your hike will never end without exploring the amazing natural environment and taking some local food. With the gently rolling hills, amazing savanna grassland, and scrubby bushes, you are sure that you will have the time of your life in this location.

Karisia Walking Safari

The Karisia walking safari is located in Nanyuki, and you can easily access this location either by flight or by road. A flight from Wilson airport will take you to Nanyuki Airport, and Karisia is a walking distance of the area. A perfect walking safari involves exploring the natural environment on foot.

You do not have to limit yourself to a vehicle to explore the natural environment and experience what the locals will show you on your trip. You can spend your night in tents as you check out the night full of stars while you sip on some Kenyan tea. The trek can begin from the rugged wilderness in Samburu through the heart of the national reserve and the thick forests in the region.

De Brazza Fly-in Safari 

This is one of those places where the contrasting environment will take you by shock. The remote wilderness of northern Kenya and the rich diversity of the Maasai mara is the most amazing places that you can explore on foot. The craggy landscapes from Namunyak conservancy as you head to Sarara oasis offer an exquisite experience to explore nature in its refined form.

There are camping locations in the area, and you can also join the night drives and see the animals as they roam around. This elephant sanctuary is a place that you should explore.

In conclusion, Kenya is a fantastic walking safari destination, and you are not limited to the locations listed above. Go out and explore other locations as there are uncountable, be adventurous, and have fun.

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