Selecting the best clothes to wear is one of the most essential components for any individual. People often perceive you differently based on your attire, and choosing the right stores goes a long way in getting your attire and style right. Before we can list some of the best clothing stores in Kenya, we need to know the criteria used in choosing the best. First, the store’s location plays a critical role in determining the kind of clothes that you will get from this place. You should go to a clothing store that is easily accessible and you can get your items and carry them easily. The store’s visibility is another major factor, which is important because major brands will not hide in some dingy streets.

What you need to know about clothing stores

When going shopping, you should have the mindset of looking for something that will last and be in style. Even if you are looking for funky clothes, you should check out stores that understand their offering. When you visit a store with a variety of clothes to purchase from, you will have a higher chance of making the right decision. The pricing of the items also plays a critical role in the clothing store that you will choose to buy your clothes. Before purchasing any cloth, you need to know how much you will spend on this process. The store should provide neither sacrifice quality for low price or hike price for a low-quality product. 

Elegance is all you are looking for in the clothing you want to purchase, and the stores should offer this feature. You want outfits that are decent, elegant, and in style. As a fashion enthusiast, you need to keep yourself updated on what is happening in the current world. To get the best in the market, you must have all the information about the best clothing stores in Kenya. This ensures that you get quality and elegant clothes. Knowing the right stores is paramount in finding the clothes that you are looking for. These shops should offer not only diverse fashion but also have the latest designs.

Planning to visit Kenya anytime soon and looking for more information about this beautiful country? Here are some interesting reads:

Top clothing stores in Kenya

Sir Henry’s

One of the top clothing stores in Kenya is Sir Henry’s. This is your go-to store for men because they are well stocked, and you will not miss the items you want to buy. The stores have various items such as sneakers, jeans, T-shirts, and fitting suits that will give that executive look. The store is located in the central business district, and there are branches in major malls. It is imperative to note that Sir Henry’s solely focuses on men’s clothes and accessories; therefore as a man, this is the best place to get all your items. Whether you are looking for something funky, official, or just casual, this is the right store to visit.

Jade collection

This is a retail store that has been there for almost a decade now, and they are really bringing a storm into the fashion world. So if you are looking for a retail store with all the latest fashion trends for kids, ladies, and men, then this is your home. Anything from baby’s clothes, handbags, shoes, and men’s accessories, then the Jade collection is your next shop to visit. The retail store has gained an enormous reputation for high-quality products, and it has continued to attract more customers daily. They have multiple stores in the central business district, and you can visit any branch for your shopping.

Little red located at Yaya Center

Yaya Center is home to major international brands, and Little red is not left behind either. They have a full women’s wear on the first floor and a men’s wear shop on the ground floor. The brand is focused on delivering quality and elegant clothes only. So if you are looking for a place to find the latest designer clothes, then this is the shop to visit. Some of the popular brands you will get include Giorgio Armani, Marina Rinaldi, Hugo, Boss, Brioni, and Peter Kaiser. You can make orders as well, and they will deliver your items to your desired location.

Sarai Afrique

This clothing store recently opened its shop in the leafy suburbs of Lavington, and it is a place that you will find the latest designs and styles for women. They stock reputable brands, and you can never miss something to purchase. Sarai Afrique is flexible as well. They have casual, contemporary, and evening wear. For close to a decade, they have been providing the best services for high-quality clothes. So you should visit them and get high-quality clothes at competitive prices.

Mr. Price

Mr. Price, or what is commonly referred to as Mr. P is an internationally recognized brand that caters to children, men, and women at competitive prices. The store’s growth has seen it open more branches in the country and find its stores in major malls in the CBD and the suburbs of Kilimani. When you visit this shop, you will find quality meeting affordable pricing. They keep the latest fashion trends, and you will not miss an item for any category you are looking for, all family stuff is under one roof, and you can purchase all the things for all seasons here.

Royal Wardrobe Kenya Limited

This is a local clothing shop that is known to feature major fashion brands. Their styles are iconic, and they are currently in partnership with global brands such as Mango for women and Benetton for men. As a fashion-oriented group, you are sure that you will get a high-quality product and stand out from the rest for your unique fashion sense. For sports fanatics, here is your home. You can get the latest Adidas collection, Original and Goodyear collection, among others. 


If you are a person who loves fashion that features casual and stylish attire, then this is the right shop. Woolworth believes in a mixture of antique and contemporary, making everything unique and bringing a different sense of style. As a result, you will get clothes that will make you look stylish yet sophisticated. They have a wide array of clothing that you can choose from. Therefore, you are not limited in the available options. You can get clothes for kids, men, and women all in one store. They also have gift items such as bags, jewelry among others.

LC Waikiki

LC Waikiki is an internationally recognized brand with over 850 stores in thirty-eight countries, and Kenya is one of those countries. Going by the company motto that everyone has to dress well, LC Waikiki never disappoints when it comes to the products that they have in their stores. The firm has made proper guidelines to ensure that you will get items for infants, children, young adults, and adults. In addition, high-quality clothes are sold at competitive prices. You can get the stores in the central business district as well as major shopping malls in Nairobi.

Kiko Romeo

Kiko Romeo is the right place if you want an African inspiration in fashion. The store majors in African style, and you can get clothes for everyone from kids, women, and men. It is growing as a major fashion store across the East Africa region.

Mimi shop

Mimi shop is defined by elegance, style, and quality, all wrapped in one. Visiting this clothing store guarantees you that you will get the right attire you have been looking for and purchase more items than you thought because of the high quality and competitive pricing.

Keba clothing store

Keba clothing is solely focused on the manufacture of formal and casual clothes for all members of society. The firms feature a wide range of designs that you can choose from. Whether you are looking for kids, women, or men’s attire, this is the right store to visit. You will get high-quality apparel at affordable prices.

In summary, getting the right clothes can be a daunting task. Hence, you should choose the right clothing store, and Kenya has more stores than the listed, explore the country’s fashion industry, and look unique.

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