There are no many places that offer the most inspiring and wide range of running trails than Switzerland. Whether you are looking for a running track for beginners or you want the most challenging race, then Switzerland is the right place to visit.  The easy runs are usually signposted with white, red, or yellow markers, which makes it easy to follow. They are shorter and have a less vertical gain than any other runs. The footing is generally steady and smooth, but you are still on a mountain trail.

There are so many places that you can refuel along the way as you race. It will give you more energy as you strive to accomplish your objective of running a race in Switzerland. As much as some of these places might be labeled easy races, you will have to put in some work to finish some races since some have a respectable gain and distance. Switzerland offers the best tourist destination in Europe because you can mix a wide array of activities and fun all together. We are going to include as much information as possible about the races. When looking for a running trail, you must take time to review the topography of the location that you want to go and hike or run.

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Here are the best running trails in Switzerland

It is important to note that not all hiking trails are suitable for running. We have selected some of the best running trails in the country. Be inspired and lace up your running shoes.

1) Valais

Valais Region

This running trail is located in the southwestern part of the country, and it is home to some of the most dramatic sceneries in Switzerland. The high Pennine peaks of the alpine world towers above the sparkling glaciers creating one of the most picturesque locations in the world. There are world resorts in this region that you can have fun after running. 

There is no other region that is exquisite as the swiss alpine running trails. The Valais region has an intricate network of hiking trails, creating an endless opportunity for you to hike and explore the region.

2) Bernese Oberland

The Bernese Oberland region is located in the western part of Switzerland, and it is popular because of the Bernese Alps. The spectacular range is famous for its significant massifs, Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger.  All these ranges are filled with splendid hiking trails.

The most spectacular part of the region is the alpine pass route, which is a long-distance running trail that passes through the Bernese alps to Kandersteg. Each day as you run in the breathtaking scenery and cross the panoramic high passes, you get to indulge in the best locations that anyone can visit in the world.

3) Eastern Switzerland

Eastern Switzerland Region

The eastern part of Switzerland is home to famous hiking trails in the Davos and Engadine region. You will have a chance to explore some of the most incredible hiking trails alongside beautiful lakes and moderate jaunts between the rustic villages. 

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You will have a chance to see the glacier-clad peaks and run-up to the tranquil valley in the rugged mountains. The running trails in this region are perfect for both beginners and advanced runners as you have a chance to explore the best.

4) Zurich to Zug 

The length of this running trail is 34 kilometers, and you will experience an elevation gain of 1000 meters. The running trail offers both an exquisite look to the city life coupled with a rugged, rustic look of the forest roads. 

Once you arrive in Zug, there is a chance you’d stay for a few days there. Here’s my list of fun things to do in Zug, which will make your belly and wanderlust soul filled.

The ridge from Uetliberg will give you an interesting perspective of the fantastic alps views and the scenic lake Zurich. There are many restaurants along the way, and you can choose the length of the trail that you want to run before taking a break.

5) Zurich to Meilen

Zurich Oberland

This running trail is a perfect place for both the beginners and advanced racers as you will get a chance to run in the fantastic trail that winds down through the forest and meadows in the Zurich area before going across to Zurich Oberland.  There are numerous lookout towers that you can climb and enjoy the best views from the top.

This running trail is marked, and you will have fun doing what you love.  Besides, you can begin in either direction of the trail as all will give you the best view of the ranges and a Melian perfect run.

6) Murgsee Lakes Loop

The Murgsee lakes loop covers a distance of 28 kilometers from Murg, and you will experience an elevation gain of 1520 meters.  Here runners have a chance to go through the alpine areas nestled in the meadows and massifs.

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Eventually, you will arrive at your destination near the lake, and you can explore these places as you race. It is imperative to note that the lake is centrally located, therefore, if you run from the lake to the parts, it will lead you to different directions. 

7) Walansee Traverse

The Walansee Travers covers a distance of 21 kilometers, and you expect an elevation gain of 840 meters. The centrally located lake is the most beautiful in eastern Switzerland, and the trail is one of the warmest in the region.

You will have a chance to explore the running trail that goes through the forest above the cliffs. 

8) Three Sisters Running Trail

The three sisters running trail covers the Liechtenstein part of Europe as it crosses to Switzerland, and it is 25 kilometers long. However, it is essential to note that this is a tough trail, and you should be conversant with running and climbing on rocks. 

Climbing of rocks can be technical, but it will not require you to take a lot of gear. Besides, there are little huts along the trail, and you can stop for a drink or meal after a race. You can run in both directions.

9) Weisstannen to Elm

The Weisstannen to Elm over Foo pass is a running trail that is 22 kilometers long, and you will experience an elevation gain of 1500 meters. It is a single track with some dirt road sections.  The running trail begins with a run along the Seez river and through Arena Sardona, a UNESCO world heritage site. The geology of this destination is super unique, and there are numerous exceptional waterfalls along the route. 

As the trail gets steep, you will climb a stream of the valley before you top out with beautiful meadows of Ross alp.  There is a distinct description of the running trail, and you will not get lost while on your run because it is well marked.

10) Adelboden to Kandersteg

Adelboden Running Trail

It is a running trail that is 16 kilometers long, and there is an elevation gain of 1450 meters. The route covers a single track with multiple dirt roads. What makes this running trail memorable is that you will experience a walk through the forests, meadows, and rocky pass.

The Kandersteg and Adelboden have ski infrastructure, which is often quiet, and it is a well-marked trail that you can enjoy running at any moment.

What are the best running trails in Switzerland? Share your thoughts below.

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