Switzerland has become a popular location for various races in the recent past. As the weather begins to warm up, various sports events are available for visitors as well as the locals. The athletic calendar of Switzerland running competitions is fully packed annually. You must check the local listings and current information that will help you make the right decision.

There are races from marathons to mountain races, all available for participants to enjoy the fantastic picturesque while running for a fantastic event. Mountain running, on the other hand, there are also track events that you can watch or participate in at the significant stadia around Switzerland. If you want to narrow down the best running competitions, then you will have to explore all the annual events that are usually held in Switzerland. The country features remote valleys, dramatic ridgelines, and scenic summits. With endless possibilities, here are some of the best running competitions in Switzerland.

1) Aletsch Marathon

Aletsch marathon is one of the best running competitions in the country, and it has a length of 21.1 kilometers. The elevation change is around 700 meters above sea level. The marathon begins in Bettmeralp, and this stunning course will take you along the ridge above Aletsch glacier, which is the longest ice flow in the Alps.

You will not only climb up the Bettmerhorn, and it will be worth exploring the glorious views of the local glacier.

2) Engadin Ultraks in St. Moritz

St. Moritz marathon

Engadin Ultraks gives you a chance to explore the different races that are available in Switzerland. The length of the race or marathon will last from 16 kilometers to 46 kilometers.

Besides, this is running trail is not limited to elite competitors only, you can explore it on foot and enjoy the most amazing views of the mountains and the surrounding ranges. In case you’re not sure what to do in St. Moritz, don’t worry, there are various things to do including hiking, skiing, museums, strolling the lakes, and much more.

3) Zermatt Marathon

The Zermatt Marathon is an event that is held annually, and you can explore these races by signing up. The length of the marathon is 42 kilometers, and the elevation change is 1466 meters rising and 444 meters drop. Runners begin their race at St. Nicklaus before running through the amazing valley, climbing up to the Zermatt area, and finish up in Rifffelberg.

However, for the ultra edition, they have to cover an extra 3.5 kilometers, which they have to reach Gonergrat. Besides, there is a half marathon that you can explore in the region as well.

Also, if you’re planning to explore Zermatt, but looking for amazing activities, don’t worry as the Zermatt’s second name is ‘adventure’. From hiking trails, educational museums, all the way to skiing resorts and traditional villages, Zermatt has it all.

4) Montreux-Rochers de Naye

Montreux-Rochers de Naye

It is an annual event that is held in July, and you should check out the race calendar if you are planning to participate in any of these events. The elevation change for this race is 1600 rising. It is a somewhat mountainous race, and you can explore what the country has to offer by registering for one of their annual events.

The course begins in Montreux (explore Montreux) at the shores of Lake Geneva, and it will take all the competitors to Rochers de Naye. However, if you are looking for a lighter challenge, then you can begin at Caux, which almost half the path.

5) Eiger Ultra Trail

The Eiger running trail is quite long at a length of 16 kilometers to 101 kilometers. The change in elevation is from 960 meters to 6700 meters, which shows that the area becomes steep as you continue hiking or running. You can take your pick on the annual races that are held in the country and indulge yourself in a race of your choice.

Some athletes begin with the pleasure trail before they embark on a more intimidating ultra-trail. Along the way, you will experience some of the best spots in Europe as you enjoy your time in the country. Switzerland is rich in culture and diversity, and the running trails present a chance for you to explore both.

p.s. if you’re into hiking, then don’t miss the Eiger hiking trail.

6) Swiss Alps Endurance Run

Swiss Alps Endurance Run

It is a brand new race that was launched on July 15th of each year. The elevation change is negative as you drop from 2889 meters to 2812 meters above sea level.

You can begin this race in Oberwald as you traverse through the mountain peaks and valleys, which includes sections with an elevation of over 10 kilometers, commonly called the best.

7) Swiss Alpine Marathon

A Swiss alpine marathon is an annual event that is held in the last week of July, and it encompasses a race of different distances and lengths, which is often around Davos. Everyone has a chance to enjoy these races because there is a race of 500 meters for the little ones.

There is also a combination of the marathon and Swiss iron trail, which is an advanced race for athletes who are professionals and have been in the game for some time. The hardcore event covers over two hundred kilometers, and it is a three days event with over 11000 meters in elevation change.

8) Glacier 3000 Marathon

Glacier 3000 Marathon

Glacier 3000 is a marathon that is held in the first week of August each year. The distance of the marathon is about 42 kilometers, and the elevation change rises to 1900 meters. This race has been there for the past decade, and it takes place in a pretty posh alpine village of Gstaad in the valley of the Swiss highest skiing areas. 

Did you know that Glacier 3000 is also a popular but challenging hiking trail? If you’re into outdoor activities, I can’t recommend you this trail more. Just prepare yourself as it’s not an easy one.

9) Sierre-Zinal

It is an annual event that is held in the second week of August, and it covers around 31 kilometers, and the elevation change is sudden from 200 meters up and then 1100 meters down.

You will have an opportunity of the five 4000 meters peaks as you run in this fantastic Rhone valley race to the ski village of Val d’Anniviers. It is considered as one of the best races that you can join in the world.

10) Jungfrau Marathon

The Jungfrau Marathon is an event that is held annually in the second week of September, and it covers 42 kilometers, and the elevation change rises to 1830 meters. There is pure niceness when you are running past the three significant mountains, the Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger.

The marathon ends in Klein Scheidegg, and despite the extreme nature of the race, the spots are usually sold over. You can get to enjoy the view of the region as you race in one of the best marathons in the world.

Have you ever participated in any running competitions in Switzerland? Share your experiences and thoughts below.