Situated in the foot of exquisite and mesmerizing Swiss alps and at the shores of Lake Geneva, Montreux is one of the top Swiss destinations. It is a perfect location and many people have made it their homes such as stars like Charlie Chaplin spending his 25 years in Montreux and even the most famous rocker of all times – Freddie Mercury. Montreux is a favorite destination for many people and you should not miss the amazing features of the town on your visit to Switzerland.

Montreux Riviera

With exceptional mountains, valleys, and serene environments it is a place that you can never miss to visit. You can spend your time in this unique Swiss location as you enjoy some fun activities on Lake Geneva and the environs. The climate is mild and it is a perfect place that you can visit in any season, unlike other places that are affected by changes in seasons. The spring is the perfect season as everything blooms and you can walk around with ease.

Once you come close to Montreux you will be fascinated by hundreds of vineyards sitting on the slopes of huge mountains right next to Montreux, and Montreux itself resting on the banks of huge lake Geneva. Montreux is pretty much a piece of heaven on earth.

You may be curious about all the things to do in Montreux with your kids. Don’t worry, there are plenty of things to do there and you won’t lack the ideas. Keep reading as I’m going to share my favorite activities and attractions in Montreux.

How to Get to Montreux

You can get to Montreux using various avenues. By air, you will have to use Geneva international airport as this is the closest airport to the location. The airport serves direct flights from various European destinations as well as a few cities in Canada, North Africa, Canada, and the middle east. The distance from Geneva to Montreux: 96 kilometers, around 1 hour by car or train.

The railway in Geneva is connected to the airport and you can grab a train and arrive at your location within no time. On the other hand, you can choose to use a train to get to this destination. Various train services arrive from Lausanne and Geneva and it is easily accessible via rail connection than any other place in Switzerland.

Check all the timelines (trains are leaving for Montreux each hour) and ticket prices: Swiss trains.

11 Family-Friendly Things to Do in Montreux, Switzerland

1. Explore a Historic Chillon Castle

Chillon castle

Chillon castle is one of the most popular places in Switzerland and definitely the most famous castle in Switzerland. It is simply gorgeous. This fortress dates back to the 13th century and you will get to understand history as well as the dynamics that have happened over time.

It is built on a small rocky island in the lake which offers both strategic position and natural protection. The castle is exceptionally beautiful from outside.

However, you should not be limited to this, you should check inside the castle and you will be amazed at how architecture has evolved. The panoramic view from the tower will give you a different view of the lake and its surroundings.

Not to forget, there are many organized tours where you can learn much more about Chillon Castle’s history.

Chillon castle opening hours: from 10 am to 6 pm.

Entrance fee: Adult – 13.50 CHF, child: 7.00 CHF.

All additional information right here: Chillon castle.

2. Visit Queen Mountain Studios

Queen Mountain Studios Montreux

When describing places to visit in Montreux we cannot miss mentioning Queen Mountain Studios. This is one of those unique places that you should visit when you are in the area. The legendary band Queen were perplexed with this place and made it their home.

They have set up their studio in this location. Seven of the studio albums including their latest album was recorded in this studio. The studio offers true Queen experience free of charge. You can get a glimpse of how the major band operates in this location. In the studio, you can see handwritten lyrics, old tapes, stage costumes, and many more.

The control room has maintained its original look and it is a place where you can enjoy an interactive experience.

The studio is just 15 minutes walk from the train station at this address:

Rue du Théâtre 9, 1820 Montreux, Switzerland.

3. Freddie Mercury Statue

Freddie Mercury in Montreux

There is an impressive statue of Freddie Mercury and it has been standing in the waterfront since 1996 and it serves as a memory of the activities of the singer in Montreux. Freddie fell in love with this place and made his home. It is amazing that many fans across the globe visit the statue and place flowers in front of this monument.

4. Take a Walk Through Montreux Riviera

Beautiful Montreux Riviera

One of the most unique aspects of Montreux is a unique shoreline. The 13-kilometer promenade lakeside shoreline is a magnificent feature that you should explore while in the region. You can take your evening walks as you enjoy some breeze from the lake.

Watching the sunset should be on your to-do list while in this location because the view is exceptional. Coupled with gorgeous mountain views, interesting sculptures, and beautiful flower arrangements that you will enjoy looking at while in the region.

5. Explore the Montreux Old Town

Montreux Old Town From Above

The old town popularly known as Vieille Ville may seem difficult to reach because it is located in the steep slopes of Montreux. However, it is a short walk from the shores of Lake Geneva and you should not shy away from exploring the unique features of the town.

In almost every corner there is a gorgeous view of lush forests, steep mountains, blue lake, and exquisite old buildings. There are numerous restaurants in the region and you can never miss something to enjoy. If you are tired of walking around the town you can take some lunch or coffee in one of the restaurants in the region.

6. Visit the Gorges du Chauderon

Gorges du Chauderon

This is one of those hidden gems in Montreux and you should not be left behind without exploring it. A wild hiking track that begins from the old town will lead you to Glion a village that overlooks the Montreux region. The path will give you an exceptional view of the town as well as a unique experience that you will never miss in this region. The Gorges du Chauderon is one of those places that you should not miss to hike to during warmer months because it is easily accessible unlike the winter months when it can be quite dangerous.

The hike is 6.4 kilometers, can take you up to 2h 15 minutes and is quite steep, so be ready and hike with suitable shoes and clothes. Elevation gain is more than 700 meters so it is a pretty much decent hike, not an easy walk on the lake, but the views and things you are going to see will be 100 percent worth your effort.

7. Rocher’s-de-Nayef

Rochers de Naye

This is one of the most unique places to visit in Montreux because of the enchanting views that you will have from the summit. You will have to take a cog railway journey from the shoreline to the summit and this will take you less than half an hour to arrive. The summit is 2042 meters above sea level and it offers exceptional views of Lake Geneva, the surrounding environment, and the Alps.

It is a perfect destination that you can visit all year round as you are not limited in the number of activities that you can do in the region. There are over a thousand colorful alone flowers in the La Rambertia gardens during the summer and spring period.

During winter you can pump your adrenaline high by hitting the slopes skiing. There is a father Christmas house at the summit and you can see this from November to the end of December.

The ticket price back and forth would get to 70 CHF, but you can easily get to the top with a train and go back on your foot, it is a perfect hiking place.

On top, you can visit a local restaurant and have your lunch with an exquisite view.

More information about the mountain is right here: Rocher’s-de-Nayef.

8. Enjoy a Ride in Chocolate Train (Perfect for Kids!)

Chocolate Train Montreux

If you are looking for an exciting, relaxing, and trip filled with happiness and goodness then this is the right ride for you. The chocolate train runs between the Cailler-Nestle chocolate factory and Montreux. It is the best thing to do because you will have time to explore the surroundings as you enjoy some exquisite Swiss chocolates. This first-class train will take you through the breath-taking countryside views and the magnificent location in Switzerland.

You will have the chance to visit the Gruyeres town and this is where the famous cheese factory is located. You can see firsthand how cheese is made and you can purchase chocolates from the nearby chocolate factory. If you have a Swiss pass you will be given a discount, therefore, more chocolates for you.

Check out for additional information right here: Chocolate train.

9. Pump Your Adrenaline High by Skiing

There is a cable car that will take you high to 3000 meters in 15 minutes. The views from the top of the mountain are beyond spectacular. you can see the alps mountains and other small mountains surrounding the region. It is a truly unique experience and you will not be left behind because there are numerous activities that you can enjoy while in the location.

For snowboard lovers and those who want to go for an excursion, this is the right place for you. The alpine coaster is the highest track in the world and it is renowned for its loops, curves, jumps, waves, and more. The 3000 glacier is free to visit and you can have a time of your life while in this location.

10. Visit Vevey

Vevey in Montreux

Vevey is one of those forgotten places but you will be amazed to know the history and the unique features that this location has to offer. Whether you choose to take a bus or train this is the perfect destination where you will get there easily and explore what it has to offer.

While Montreux is often seen as a tourist resort, Vevey is more homely and welcoming to the locals. This is the location where the international headquarters for the Nestle brand is located.

Besides, it is the places where Charlie Chaplin spent his years until his death. The town has a unique layout and you will be amazed at how this presents the perfect combination for both leisure and excursion activities.

11. Explore the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces

Lavaux Vineyard Terraces

Last but not least you should consider adding a trip to these amazing vineyard terraces to your to-do list in Montreux. It is located in the UNESCO region of Lavaux and it is approximately 800 hectares which makes it the largest vineyard in the area. This place is picturesque, beautiful, and welcoming.

It is perfect for those evening strolls as you enjoy some Swiss wine on the way.
In conclusion, Montreux offers a unique experience and you should make time to visit this location when on your visit to Switzerland.

Lavaux is perfect not just for wine tasting, but as well for slow walks with one of the most magnificent views in whole Switzerland.

Montreux is definitely one lucky destination with so much to offer: huge lake, rich history, great hiking trails, cozy old town, beautiful restaurants, rusty castles, enormous vineyards, and much more.

Don’t forget to share your favorite things to do in Montreux with your kids.

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