Geneva is one of the main cities in Switzerland that attracts many visitors annually, and it looks completely different during the winter period. However, if you are visiting the country, there are other places that you should see the area. You can do so much in the city from visiting various museums, going for a cozy dinner, or indulging yourself in a beautifully designed spa. Geneva is situated in the southern part of Lake Geneva, and it is the second-most populous city in Switzerland.

Geneva is home to the united nations headquarters, and tourists flock to the city every time. Hence, the stunning natural landscape, easy access to the lake, and the exceptional natural landscape, and you can enjoy the stunning views of the Jura mountains and the alps mountain. While many people may visit Geneva in the summer when the temperatures rise, and the city comes alive with outdoor picnics and festivals.  

It would be best if you headed to Geneva during winter and you will have an amazing view of the city. In the winter, the city changes completely as the Christmas decorations and snow begins to shape the location. The smell of hot chocolate and fondue fills the air, and dusting snow creates a beautiful backdrop of the city’s medieval center. 

Here are some activities that you should do during the winter period.

Explore the ethnography museum

Since the makeover in 2014, the ethnography museum has received several European awards as one of the most visited and exquisite museums in Europe. In 2017 the museum received the European Museum of the year award, and t is a perfect example as you can see that it is a museum of the highest quality. 

There is much that you can see in the museum from the arts that date back several decades and artifacts that date back centuries.

Visit a spa with a view

Visit a spa

Bain-Bleu Hammam & Spa Genève-Plage is an exquisite location that you should make time to explore as there are many fun activities that you can do here. The bath area of the spa has two pools which consist of hot tubs, massage jets, and a whirlpool. 

It is a perfect location where you can relax and unwind as you enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding external system. There is a steam room at the pleasant bistro lounge, which has a panoramic view. You can get scrub rooms, steam rooms, a large room with hot stones, and a central basin to receive all the massage and rejuvenation you need.

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Go for a chocolate tasting tour

Chocolate tour

 There is no better way to visit a place apart from visiting the chocolate factories in the area. With this, you have the opportunity to chase the cold by consuming hot chocolate. The delightful chocolates served on the Geneva chocolate tours are sumptuous, and you will never get such a feeling elsewhere in the world.

You will be introduced to some of the award-winning chocolates in the region and sample the best chocolates from chocolatiers in Geneva. If you want to explore the area properly, you should make an appointment as this will give your hosts a chance to plan effectively and ensure that your trip is fantastic.

Explore the Patek Phillipe museum

Geneva is a watchmaking location, and there is so much history that you can learn by visiting the Patek Phillipe museum. You will get watches that date back to the 16th century onwards.

Here you will know how the watchmaking process has changed over time until the modern world, where watches have become more sophisticated. You can also see some of the historic masterpieces around the museum.

Enjoy some dinner by the fire

Dinner in Geneva

After a fun-filled exploration day in the city, you can spend your evening in a friendly, cozy, and elegant place with heartwarming food. You can enjoy some of the best cuisines In Geneva by setting up a fire in the evening in one of the locations as you want dinner.

Geneva has numerous options when it comes to the dining experience. You can choose retro styles of gourmet food eateries and enjoy your food by the fire.

Explore the historic old town

When visiting Geneva in the winter period, there are things that you should never miss. One of the most crucial things you should do during the winter is visiting the historic old town. Here is where you will understand how the city has developed over the centuries until where it is today.

You can check out the iconic St. peters cathedral and old arsenal, which depicts the olden history of the city and the life of the swiss. You will be surprised that there are numerous tiny winding streets in the area. 

Stop for a glass of wine at the local wineries

Taste wine in Geneva

Once you have had a perfect exploration of the city, it is time to unwind in the evening, and you can do this by taking time off and grabbing a glass of wine from the local wineries.

You will find a bar along the shores of Lake Geneva, and you will explore the local products, including wine or beer if you like. 

Explore Geneva parks

Parks in Geneva

A stroll around the park might be what you need on your vacation, and Geneva parks provide an ultimate destination where you can stroll as you enjoy the majestic views of the city. The park is situated along the lake, and you have the most amazing views of the city and the lake.

In addition, you can stop nearby at restaurants around and pick some food after your walk. Parc La Grange is the most significant green space in Geneva, and you are sure to be mesmerized by what the park has to offer.

Go for a live event

Those people who make assumptions and keep saying that there are no activities during winter in Geneva are utterly wrong. Indeed, some information may not be available unless someone is interested in something. For example, you can go for live events and music at Ca-rouge club where you can listen to electrical, techno, afro-Caribbean, rock and roll, and RnB.

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