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Winter in Geneva
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Geneva In Winter Will Amaze You In Many Ways

Geneva is one of the main cities in Switzerland that attracts many visitors annually, and it looks completely different during the winter period. However, if you are visiting the country, there are other places that you should see the area. You can do so much in the city from visiting […]

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Top 10 Things to Do in Lausanne

Lausanne is popularly known as the Olympic capital as it is a top tourist destination in Switzerland. Sitting on the northern shore of Lake Geneva the court of arbitration for sport and international Olympic committee all have their main offices in the city and there is an exceptional sports museum […]

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10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Switzerland

Even though Switzerland doesn’t have any access to any sea, Switzerland is very lucky to have more than 1,500 crystal clear lakes! When planning a trip to Switzerland, it may be hard to decide which lakes to visit, so I’ve made your life easier. The biggest lake in Switzerland is […]