Switzerland is known for its mountains, unique scenery, and amazing landscapes that attract tourists worldwide. Famous for its mountains such as the Alps, Jungfrau, Switzerland is a popular European destination that has everything to offer when it comes to tourism. There is always something that you can do in Switzerland. Kayaking is a popular tourist attraction activity in Switzerland, and many tourists are flocking to the country to enjoy the exceptional kayaking surrounded by lush nature.

Kayaking is one of the best activities that you can enjoy on your vacation in Switzerland as the crystal blue lakes and rivers between the highest mountains and the beautiful country ranges. Kayaking is an activity that is for everyone from a beginner to experts, and you can go for a day or multiple night tours. Besides, you can enjoy kayaking, whether you like it during summer or winter. 

Depending on the region that you have chosen to visit in the country, you are sure to find a spot for kayaking in the area. The Swiss are proud of their landscape and the countryside because of the diversity it brings and the country’s uniqueness. Here are the best places that you should go kayaking in Switzerland.

Lake Brienz

The right time to go on this tour is from October to April, and it covers an easy terrain, therefore anyone can join as long as you have a guide who will give you more information about the region. Some of this journey’s highlights include having a lake for yourself, exploring the beautiful and relaxing landscape, and unwinding in the most pristine location.

The winter months offer a perfect opportunity for exploring Brienz. From your kayak, you can see the beautiful mountains and reflections on the lake.

Winter is the best time you should visit this destination because you will have the lake to yourself, allowing you to enjoy all that is available. Besides, your tour guide will provide you with dry boots and suits to keep you warm and dry during the exploration.

Giessbach Falls

Giessbach Falls

The perfect time to go on this tour is from May to September, during this period, the climate in the area is pretty warm, and you will not experience any cold. You can explore the area with a tour guide, or if you are an expert, you can get your gear from the shops nearby. You can start the paddle from the lake’s southeastern part as you paddle along the impressive cliffs to the southern region. 

This tour’s best place is to stop by for lunch at one of the shops near the area. You can learn advanced paddling skills from your guide and take photos to show your friends and family. You can decide to split the tour into two or just explore it within a day, and depending on what you have, you will get the best experience in these falls.

Overnight tour of Lake Brienz

Apart from exploring Lake Brienz during the day while kayaking, you can take your experience a notch higher by taking an overnight tour. The overnight tour presents a unique opportunity to explore the area well as you see the magic turquoise water and the pretty traditional villages as the backdrop.

Many waterfalls are tumbling down from above, giving you the best experience that you can have at night. The overnight trip allows you to get true to nature and explore the wild while in its natural form.

Lake Lucerne

Lucerne Lake

Lake Lucerne is one of the most picturesque destinations in Switzerland that you must visit. The lake offers you a chance to paddle in some of the most amazing places in Switzerland. Besides, when you have such a chance, you will explore the best locations with ease.

The lake is a jewel with uninterrupted mountain scenery with dramatic cliffs and gorges that you can explore during your visit to Switzerland. You should choose the picturesque part of the lake as it gives you a chance to get the best of the surrounding environment.

Once you’re done with the lake and not sure what else to do, I’d recommend you check my Lucerne guide as I’ve been there multiple times and there is always something new to enjoy.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva offers the most mystic places in Switzerland that you should visit from June through September. It is the right time to have everything running correctly and explore the area well during the summer. During this visit, you will see the beautiful views of Lake Geneva with the mountain backdrop around you. You will not get over the fantastic views that will leave you yearning for more from this exceptional kayaking location. 

Located in Montreux and St. Saphorin, you will paddle and explore the wine-growing region’s famous shores. The UNESCO heritage site is in location, and you can enjoy the view as you kayak to the destination. You can reach the Chateau de Chillon, which is one of the most iconic castles in Switzerland, to get a close view of the Rhone delta and the wine production area.

Lago di Lugano

Lago di Lugano

Lake Lugano is a perfect destination that you must visit during your vacation in Switzerland. The area offers exceptional views that you can never miss some of the spectacular features. Kayaking through this lake will require some experience therefore, you should have some experience or have a guide that will guide you through the process. 

In Ticino, the lake kayaking will give you a glimpse of the Italian and Swiss traditions. The lake is dotted with palm trees, and with a mountainous backdrop, you will see spectacular scenery. The lake’s shape allows you to get all angles and get a grasp of the fantastic destination. There is a place in the UNESCO heritage site that will get you in the holiday mood with its Italian flavor and the most laid back atmosphere. The shape of the lakes offers ever-changing views, and this will give a chance to explore all the areas while kayaking and even visit the fishing villages near the lake. 

Have you ever done kayaking in Switzerland? Share your favorite spot below.