Ticino canton lays in the south of Switzerland and has a border with Italy, so it is one of the warmest and italian places in Switzerland: let us explore top 10 places to visit in this vibrant Swiss canton.

I have done once a road trip in Ticino canton and have visited many places there in couple of days, you can check out the road trip here: Road trip in Switzerland.

Ticino is very hot in summer time and as well has a very nice weather in winter. You will see some white peaks, but it will not be too cold to hike or stroll in the cities and villages in Ticino.

As Switzerland has even 4 national languages, Ticino language is italian. You will recognize it in the names of cities and of course in the streets once you hear people talking.

Ticino canton is full of nice mountain peaks, valleys, small villages and cities. It is full of culture and fun activities. Let us dive in into the list of top 10 places to visit in Ticino.


Morcote is one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland.

Morcote in Ticino

It is situated right next to Lugano lake and is looking towards Italy. You can swim to Italy from Morcote in under an hour.

Morcote village is like an open air museum: full of ancient buildings, narrow streets, charming old roofs and many other artefacts.

One thing you must do in Morcote, is to climb up to the church and a bit higher, so you can look ever the whole village and the mountains on the other side of the lake. It is a stunning view.

Once you visited Morcote and its windy streets, have a lunch in the main square or by the lake and enjoy an amazing peacefulness of the lake.


Locarno is one of the biggest cities in Ticino canton.


In Locarno you can have a very nice walk right next to one of the biggest lakes in Ticino which even goes to Italy: lake Maggiore.

Locarno has a very nice old town with many places to visit and check out:

Visconteo Castle, Piazza Grande (main square), Falconeria Locarno (a place with real falcons) and many other places and buildings.

As well, if you have more time, I really recommend taking a boat tour on lake Maggiore and visit next villages and cities. The views from the lake are breathtaking. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and peaks.


Lugano is the biggest city in Ticino canton and has a lot to offer to each fellow traveler.


As many bigger cities in Ticino it is lucky to be next to a huge lake so a boat ride or some activities in a water over there is a must (especially in hot summer weather).

Once you are in Ticino, you will definitely recognize a huge art museum which holds both permanent and temporary exhibitions of local and international art.

Do not forget to take a walk in a very beautiful Parco Ciani.

Lugano has a very neat and tidy old town, so do not miss a chance to visit it and have a local meal in a cozy restaurant over there.

Once weather is not that hot and sun starts to hide behind the horizon, take a long and slow walk by the lake – the evenings are both romantic and vibrant in Lugano.


Indemini village is one of the hidden treasures of Switzerland.


It is a very small village isolated in the mountains, it even didn’t have a normal road connection back until the 20th century, so it kept a very nice, ancient and unique architecture. It is really a place for people who love places less traveled. It is a small cozy remote village in Ticino mountains.

Once you come to Indemini and walk in the narrow windy streets of it, you will feel like you are reliving the history.

If Indemini wouldn’t have any electricity and some other 21st century artefacts – you would definitely think that you are back in 17th century.

Buildings and streets are made of cobble stone and the whole village plan is a small maze.

The best thing to do: just walk and check out every tiny street and alley in Indemini, you will love the feeling of discovery in this village.

You can definitely walk through all village in one hour, so after that you can have a meal in the local restaurant or take a hike to the mountains next to it. I have prepared a list of activities in Indemini for you: Things to do in Indemini.

Valle Verzasca

Valle Verzasca is one of the most beautiful mountain valleys in whole Switzerland.

Valle Verzasca
Valle Verzasca

It has a very unique geological features which makes the river, the rocks and everything around look like from a fairy tale.

It is as well a very popular Instagram spot in Switzerland.

Valle Verzasca is full of ancient bridges over the river and a short swim in summer time in Valle Verzasca river is really an exceptional experience.

Once you check out the valley, I highly recommend to do some hiking in the mountains around or even spend a night in a mountain hut up there.

Check out all hiking possibilities over there: Valle Verzasca hiking trails.


Bellinzona is the capital of Ticino canton, so it is an administrative center of the whole Swiss italian part.


Bellinzona has a very beautiful old town with a fascinating castle above it.

Once you are in Bellinzona – Montebello Castle is a must. It has a small museum inside of it and probably the best views of the city from the top.

If you want to, you can even hike a bit higher and get to another castle: Sasso Corbaro Castle. From there you will get exceptional views to the whole valley.

Afterwards you can have a very nice walk by the river Ticino and do not forget to visit the old town.

Over there you can taste the delicious local cuisine and probably on of the best pizzas in whole Switzerland.


Rasa village is yet another hidden treasure of Ticino canton.

You can not reach this village with your own car. You can get there only by your own foot or use a cable car.

Such isolation makes Rasa a really remote destination. Rasa is a really nice escape from a big city life place.

It is a small old village, in the mountains, resting alone, as peaceful as it can get.

In Rasa village you can have a really nice walk in surrounding forests and enjoy a glass of wine in a local restaurant.

If you want to expand your escape, you can rent a room or an apartment in a local hotel and spend the whole weekend over there.

It is a perfect place to relax and plan your month or year ahead. Or even write a book. Sky is the limit.

Monte Bre

Monte Bre is an exciting mountain destination right next to Lugano.

Lugano Monte Bre
Lugano Monte Bre

For the whole experience, I really recommend to do the whole hike from Lugano, so you earn these views. If you do not have time, you can take a funicolare straight to the top.

On the top you can find a couple of restaurants where you can rest, but before that, you should visit a small village right next to the top of Monte Bre.

It is a very cozy little settlement with ancient buildings, small yards and windy streets. It was very beloved by artists and you can feel it in the air. It is a really nice destination to check out. There you can find even more restaurants, hotels and museums.

The whole information where to hike and how to get to Monte Bre, you can find here: Monte Bre.

Gotthard Pass

Gotthard Pass is one of the most exciting mountain passes in Switzerland.

Gotthard Pass
Gotthard Pass

It connects the canton of Ticino and canton of Uri.

Gotthard Pass stands at 2106 meters and offers a very fine alpine drive to the top of it. You can reach from Uri, Andermatt or from Airolo in Ticino.

On the top of this mountain pass you will find hotels, restaurants, a museum and even Swiss bunkers which you can visit. It is a really exciting place.

Gotthard Pass if full of small tiny lakes where you can walk around and of course countless amounts of hiking trails all around.

For the passionate hiker – it is an ultimate place to visit. You will not regret exploring these mountains and valleys.


Rheinwaldhorn or Adula is the highest peak in Ticino canton which is standing at 3402 meters altitude. So it must be in top places to visit in Ticino list.

It is situated in so called Lepontine Alps which has many peaks over 3000 meters.

Well, there is no way you can get to Rheinwaldhorn by a car or a gondola, but you can hike up/ski up there.

Once you are on the top, you will get an incredible views of the whole mountain panorama. It is simply jaw dropping.

I really recommend going there just only with an experienced mountain guide (or if you are one yourself).

Check out the possible routes and other information right here: Rheinwaldhorn tour.

Places to visit in Ticino sum up

Ticino canton is really an exciting place to visit.

You can use all these destinations and visit them all on one weekend, it can be your 2 days Ticino itinerary.

There are of course many other nice and hidden places to visit in Ticino. What I’ve done in Ticino, I just simply took a lot of unplanned turns and found amazing places as Indemini, Locarno and Morcote. If you wish to find more places in Ticino, you should try doing this kind of traveling.

I would recommend visiting in Ticino in early spring and late autumn – summers are very hot there. Of course, if you are not afraid of 35-40 degrees (by Celsius) temperatures, give it a go, you won’t regret it. Especially the swims in the lakes and rivers.

If you have any questions about top places to visit in Ticino, please let me know, I will do my best to help you.

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