This weekend we decided to go somewhere that we could climb up to at least 2 000 m altitude.

In the amazing website called Wanderland which offers hundreds of hiking routes in Switzerland we picked the one numbered 51.

Actually, the route 51 starts in Oberwald and ends in Andermatt after 35km, but we decided to start from the other side and as we had just one afternoon to hike, we wanted to reach the lake called Lutersee which is at 2000 m elevation πŸ™‚

So here we go πŸ™‚

The trip to Andermatt

I hadΒ never been in Andermatt before and all I heard about it is what it is a pretty cool skiing resort, maybe one of the top skiing resorts after Zermatt and Sainkt Moritz.

The town itself is full with many big hotels and other touristic stuff, but the population of Andermatt is just over 1300 people. So it’s not crowded, actually as the weather was pretty bad: very windy and wet, it was almost completely empty. Just by the train station we saw quite a lot of tourists who were taking the amazing glacier express which takes you to Zermatt by train and offers maybe the best views you could actually see from the train in Europe.

As well, on the way to Andermatt we experienced a huge traffic jam on the highway… It really sucks to get on the traffic jam in the highway, because that’s the least what you expect to happen πŸ™‚ So we spend around 1h30min in a car going like 5 km an hour and sometimes even stopping for 10 minutes or so. But just right after we got to our turn to Andermatt, the road was empty and quite nice as well as we were going up the mountain roads.

Hiking routes from Andermatt

Andermatt offers dozens if not hundreds of different options for hikers. Where are plenty of routes which cross Andermatt and after Andermatt divides in many other routes and trails. It’s a paradise for the hiker. Mountains and rocks are just next door. You walk like 1-2km from the city centre and you are already going up.

hiking switzerland
Hiking routes from Andermatt

So as I said, we chose the route 51 which was pretty easy to find by the train station.

The route leads straight to a big meadow by Andermatt where they have a huge golf court. Really nice done. Really. Maybe Trump owns it :)? I don’t think so πŸ™‚

I wonder how long does it work every year as in the end of May there were no people and the weather was still pretty rough.

Up we go

On the route we met just two people who were resting by the route at 1500 m altitude and no one else afterwards.

Hiking Switzerland
HikingΒ from Andermatt

The trail and all the paths are pretty well maintained, but I do not suggest to go there when it’s raining, it would be very slippery. I think it rained the day before and it was still quite slippery in some parts of the way up.

Until you reach the altitude of 1900m the hike is not that majestic and nice as you see two towns below you and the road which makes a lot of noise. It’s not a big road, but still, you can hear every car. But right after you go further up you hear no cars and you see no towns, just beautiful rocks, mountain grass, some moss and spots of snow.

In the altitude of 2060 m we saw a post which shows directions, but it was on the ground so I believe that weather conditions there in winter time are pretty rough.

Hiking Switzerland
The fallen directions post

As we started to experience more and more snow, we changed our shoes which stands the snow much better πŸ™‚

hiking switzerland
Changing our shoes πŸ™‚

And, I suppose, at altitude of 2100 m all the paths were quite impossible to be seen. It was all covered in quite deep snow and if you are not with good shoes, I would not suggest to go further any more. It can get pretty dangerous and very very slippery. As well, as summer is kicking in now, the snow is melting and moving all the time, so it’s not a safe surface to walk on.

Hiking Switzerland
Snow covered all the paths

I don’t know if we missed any signs or something, but we were not able to see the lake which was pity. I came just to two conclusions: it was covered by snow (and it’s not as big as you expect) or we lost our way somewhere, as post which show direction were fallen on the ground, so maybe some were missing πŸ™‚

Doesn’t really matter, the weather was harsh, wet and cold, even snowing a little bit, cloudy, but the views were nice. There’s a beauty in nature chaos. You don’t really all the time need to experience just nice sunny weather… clouds and rain is good as well πŸ™‚

To sum up

Next time I would maybe choose another route which would go straight to the valleys and no civilisation is seen and no cars noises πŸ™‚ Andermatt offers a lot of routes, so just check the one you like and get lost in Alps (in a good way) πŸ™‚

The hike up to the peak of our day took us 1h50min, it was 7km and the ascent of 909 m πŸ™‚ Pretty good, almost 1km. The hike back was little hard in the beginning as the snow was really slippery, but once we reached the dry ground it was a piece of cake πŸ™‚ All in all, 14km, 3h29min πŸ™‚

I hope you like the photos as it was very cloudy πŸ™‚

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