Planning a trip to Switzerland should be on your bucket list. Switzerland is rich in places that you can go and enjoy your holidays.

If you plan to visit Switzerland in April and want to know what it is like during this period.

Even though there is no bad time to go to Switzerland for vacation, April is quite a tricky period, and you need to have all the facts and essential information before you go on your visit. April marks the last phase of winter and the beginning of spring as well.

We have prepared a guide that will help you make the best decision.

Whether you want to know how the weather looks or looking for ideas on the best places that you would like to visit, we got you covered.

Spring is a season for celebration in Switzerland. It marks a period where winter phases out as spring ushers in new life.

If you are set to visit the country in April, you must try to cover as many places as possible. You can visit the countryside, hanging out in the capital, or explore some exceptional views and scenery.


The weather in April in Switzerland is more or less predictable than other months of the year because it marks a significant change of the season. The first two weeks of April marks the end of winter, while the rest of the month is the spring season.

You should consider the altitude that you strive to ascend to when visiting the country. 

Things begin to feel spring-like as April progresses on.

The average snowfall, temperatures, and rain will vary depending on how low or high you are going. The average temperatures for Zurich at 408 meters above sea level ranges from 4 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius.

However, this is not the case for higher elevation places because these regions experience more adverse weather conditions. For example, in Zermatt, the temperature ranges from -2 degrees Celsius to 7 degrees Celsius.

It is imperative to note that you should expect rainfall throughout this period. Nevertheless, April weather is quite unpredictable, and it is smart if you can make informed choices using data and moving averages of rainfall, temperature, among other features.

Snow in Switzerland in April

Best hikes in Grindelwald, Eiger mountain
Best hikes in Grindelwald, Eiger mountain

There are quite many places in Switzerland where you can still find lots of snow in April and even some of the mountain passes in the Alps are simply closed because they are still impassable.

Some of the mountain peaks are all year round covered in snow in Switzerland, but in April you can still ski and do some snowshoeing trails.

Skiing & Snow Sports

Skiing in April

In April, some places in Switzerland will still have plenty of snow.

The elevated areas will still have snow in April, and you can go for skiing and snow sports, especially in the first and second weeks of April.

When it comes to such sports, you will have to go to high elevation areas because they will have adequate snow. However, as indicated, you should always aim for the first two weeks of April before spring begins.

Skiers will encounter some of the best temperatures during this period because the season is about to change, and temperatures will gradually increase. 

When visiting Switzerland in April, you should take your time and enjoy some of the best services the country has to offer. You will find the best ski hotels in Zermatt, Verbier, Andermatt, Saas-Fee, and St. Moritz.

All the hotels in these regions can be depended upon for the late skiing season in April.

It is imperative to note that Zermatt is the only few resorts across the globe that has its doors opened throughout the year. The glacier peaks make it ideal for holding the skiing activities throughout the year. 

I would highly recommend visiting Jungfraujoch skiing resort as it is still open in April and you should really get some nice snow on the top.

Competitive Prices

swiss money

One of the major benefits of visiting Switzerland in April is that you will find some of the best deals as the crowds begin to ease up. In most cases, the ski season will begin to ease up, and the resorts will have more space as visitors begin to leave.

You will be able to find hotels at competitive prices. It is important to note that many mountain hotels are closed at the end of the second half of April, because the skiing season is over, but do not worry, there are plenty of hotels in the big cities, villages and mountains. Mostly just the big hotels in big skiing resorts are closed, but for example in Zermatt or Grindelwald you will always be able to find a place to sleep.

Traveling around the country can be quite an amazing experience during this period because you have all the space for yourself.

You will not have to worry about crowded areas or high prices for hotel services.

What to Do in Switzerland in April

Switzerland April Activities

If you are visiting Switzerland in April, then there are numerous fun activities that you can enjoy. Here is a glance at some of the favorite locations and activities you can enjoy during this period.

Explore the Ticino Region

Morcote in Ticino

Ticino is the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland, and this area is known to experience spring earlier than any other place in the country. You can dip yourself into the amazing experience by visiting the Ticino region.

Ticino has some of the best tourist attraction sites in Switzerland some include lake Lugano situated along the Italian border and named after the city. The lake and the environment are the places that you can have visiting during this period.

The blooming greenery and exquisite flowers make it an amazing experience. 

Ticino is probably the warmest location in April in Switzerland and you can start to feel summer already then.

It is always very interesting to visit some beautiful villages and Ticino canton, and I highly recommend these 3:

  1. Indemini – very isolated and it is like an open-air museum and the time stopped where maybe 200 years ago.
  2. Morcote – a very beautiful village next to the lake. It is an exquisite village with very defined Italian architecture.
  3. Rasa – a village only reachable by cable car or on foot. You can find very nice swings on the top of the village with exquisite views.

Visit Zermatt 

Zermatt view to Matterhorn
Zermatt view to Matterhorn

Zermatt is a popular tourist destination that should be on top of your list because it is a renowned world location.

Early in April, the Zermatt region may still have the effects of winter but as the month progresses, you begin to see rapid changes that will define your perception of the beautiful region.

You will have plenty of activities to do in the region during April, and ski conditions may vary from one year to another.

Nonetheless, you will be able to find some of the slopes to ski. Hiking can be challenging in this region during April because of the muddy or rainy conditions.

The most interesting place in Zermatt is Glacier paradise which sits at 3883 meters altitude and offers not only the views but many other activities as well.

Explore Lucerne

lucerne or Zurich

Lucerne is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a place to visit in April.

The weather is nice in Lucerne, and there are many activities in and around the city that you can enjoy doing. Lake Lucerne is the first attraction site, and you should embrace taking a walk as you explore the lake. 

Mount Titlis and Mt. Pilatus cable cars are operational during this period, and you must take your time to see them.


It is imperative to understand that April is still one of Switzerland’s wettest months as the weather has not changed completely. Depending on the prevailing weather conditions, you can find some of the well-paved hiking trails and enjoy your hiking.

Low lying trails are the best during this period because most of them will be in better conditions than others, which can be muddy.

Have a look at 15 most beautiful hikes in the famous Jungfrau region: Hiking in Jungfrau.

Join Sechseläuten celebrations in Zurich 

Sechseläuten is a common festival in Zurich, and it is a celebration that occurs to mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

The celebration usually occurs on the third Sunday of April. This is an annual thing that is amazing, and you cannot miss it.

It usually ends with the burning of a handmade snowman effigy that is packed with explosives.

Enjoy exquisite blooms

The narcissi blooms are common in the countryside near Montreux, and it is one of the best experiences that you can have as a tourist.

Overshadowed by the explosive and dramatic scenes of the alpine world, the flowers will turn into the white beautiful wonder that changes the entire location. 

Visit Basel

Living in Basel, Switzerland

Basel is the capital of museums in Switzerland, so it is a perfect location if the weather gets colder or windy.

You can not only enjoy very interesting museums such as Kunstmuseum, Tinguely museum or Museum of Natural History, but as well some very educational guided tours: tours in Basel.

Basel is full of history and the longest river in Europe, Rhein, goes straight through it, so do not forget to stroll on the banks of the river and visit the oldtown.

Bus tours in Switzerland

Bus Tours in Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for trains, but busses can take you to even more remote places in the Alps as the trains do not get to each tiny village.

Check out our list of best bus tours in Switzerland: Bus tours in Switzerland.

I really recommend taking a bus in  the Swiss Alps, especially in the Val Müstair valley as you can visit local villages or even get to Umbrail Pass.

Visit most beautiful Swiss villages

Guarda village
Guarda village

April is a really great time to visit the local villages up in the Alps, as the nature is starting to bloom and the weather is getting more and more pleasant.

In Switzerland you can find old well kept villages all around the country, but I really recommend visiting the ones in the Alps, up high.

Further reading: Most charming Swiss villages

My tip: visit Zermatt, Guarda, Juf, Indemini, Soglio or any other village in the high mountains, so you will feel the real atmosphere of the life in the Alps.

In conclusion, April is a bit unpredictable for any tourist traveling to Switzerland. However, you can keep up with the prevailing weather conditions and local tourist information if you plan to visit the country at this time. 

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