Jungfrau ski resort is one of the biggest and most popular Swiss ski resorts.

Overall Jungfrau skiing region has even 3 different parts to ski: Grindelwald – Wengen, Grindelwald – First and MĂĽrren – Schilthorn.

Jungfrau ski resort
Jungfrau ski resort

These three parts are not joined together, they are all like three different ski resorts, but very close to each other. It is possible to ski in all of them with one ski pass, but the connections between them are time consuming. Although, if you come to Jungfrau ski region for the whole week or longer, I highly recommend getting the ticket for all the region, so you will be able to visit them all and try much more different slopes. All region is 210 kilometers.

Jungfrau ski resort
Jungfrau ski resort

The biggest one of those three is Grindelwald – Wengen – it is 103 kilometers of great slopes. And this is the one I have spent two days and I can not recommend it enough. It is simply fantastic. I have visited probably 15 different ski resorts in Europe (Italy, Switzerland, France, Austria, Slovakia, Germany) and this one is my favorite. We will see if I get to visit something even greater in the future 🙂

Ok, let’s dive in.

In this article I am going to write about:

  1. How to get to Grindelwald – Wengen ski resort;
  2. Prices of ski passes, food, hotels, restaurants;
  3. Discuss different ski slopes in the resort (which are good for beginners and which are better for experienced ones);
  4. Other details.

How to get to Grindelwald – Wengen ski resort

As it is seen in the name of the ski resort, you can get there from two locations: Grindelwald and Wengen.

This time went to the skiing resort via Wengen, but I will give you all information how to reach it via Grindelwald as well.

How to get there via Grindelwald

Grindelwald is a very popular Swiss Alps destination, so you can easily reach it by car or train. Trains go there pretty often, but please check all the latest time schedules and prices from your location right here: Swiss trains. If you are going there from the ZĂĽrich airport and will spend more days in Switzerland, I highly recommend getting a Swiss pass.

If you come by car: be aware, you may be in problem to find a parking place (this is what happened to me in Wengen) as this ski resort is very very popular.

If you struggle to find a parking place in Grindelwald (there’s a pretty big underground parking place very close to the train station), go a bit down to Grund – there is the biggest parking spot in this area.

Once you are in Grindelwald, you can get ski passes in the Grindelwald train station as it is the place where the train will take you to Kleine Scheidegg.

Kleine Scheidegg
Kleine Scheidegg

There is another way to get there with cable cars, but this will take you to Männlichen, another location in the skiing resort. There is actually no difference where to start your skiing: Männlichen or Kleine Scheidegg, both places have great slopes starting from them, but Männlichen has very wide ones, Kleine Scheidegg a bit narrower 🙂 Oh, and if before start you want a snack or a drink, so then go to Kleine Scheidegg, it has few places to eat and drink, Männlichen has just a cable car station.

How to get there via Wengen

First of all – you can not get to Wengen with your own car. You can get there only with a train from Lauterbrunnen. Actually Lauterbrunnen is not that far from Grindelwald, it is just on the other side of the mountain.

Lauterbrunnen as well is reachable by car or by train and the time needed to reach Grindelwald or Lauterbrunnen from any location in Switzerland is pretty much the same.

If you come to Lauterbrunnen with a train, you can actually buy a ticket to Wengen in Lauterbrunnen train station or even before, just pick Wengen as your final destination.

If you come by car, it gets more tricky. There’s a very huge parking right in the beginning of Lauterbrunnen with almost 1000 parking places right next to the train station. But guess what, when we came – it was full. All 1000 places. It is good that they are very organized there and the man standing next to the parking lot told us that there’s another parking lot in the end of Lauterbrunnen called SchĂĽtzenbach.


As we drove there, two men were collecting money (only cash) for the parking. One day is 10 CHF, so for two days we paid 20 CHF. We didn’t have any cash, but ATM is right next to the parking lot, so no problems there.

The train station from the parking is about 15 min walk, but luckily there is a free bus which takes people to the train station every 30 minutes. As it is not that fun to walk with all the bags and snowboard, we waited for the bus.

From Lauterbrunnen to Wengen

Once you get into the train station, you can buy ski passes even there or get just the train ticket. Ticket price to Wengen is 6.60 CHF and the ride is about 10-15 minutes. I would say that this train ride is the maybe one of the most beautiful ones for such a small price. As you are getting up, you see all the Lauterbrunnen falls, the valley and mountains. It is a really cool train ride.

Wengen train
Wengen train

As well, the train is very skiers and snowboarders friendly as there are perfect small slots for your skiing stuff.

Wengen train
Wengen train


Wengen train station is about 5-7 minutes away (walking) from the cable car station (Luftseilbahn, Talstation, 3823 Lauterbrunnen) which will take you to Männlichen.

If you are not going to spend the night in Wengen, you should simply head over there.

If you are spending the night in hotel, first leave all your stuff there.


Wengen is a very small and precious mountain ski resort, so the prices of hotels are pretty stingy. We got a double room in hotel Edelweis (300 meters away from the train station) for 220 CHF a night. And that was actually one of the cheaper hotels, so the prices usually just go up. You can get cheaper hotels in Lauterbrunnen as the train to Lauterbrunnen goes pretty much till late night and I saw that it even goes at night once an hour.

Wengen train
Wengen train

I can say that I was very happy with a hotel as they offered very nice breakfast, nice rooms, free coffee, reading room, TV room, sauna and so on. Really good service. As well in a hotel we got a free depot car in the Central Sport shop, so after snowboarding we could leave our boots and snowboards there for free.

Wengen ski rental

As mentioned before, we left our stuff in Central Sport shop (Wengiboden 1349, 3823 Lauterbrunnen) which is right next to the cable car station. So if you wish to rent, I think it is a perfect place to do it. It has a wide variety of skis and snowboards, people were very friendly to us. By the way, we waxed our snowboards there for 10 CHF each (I paid the same price in Italy).

You can make a reservation online and once you come there, just take your stuff and go up the mountain 🙂 All information here: Wengen ski rental.

Ski pass prices in Wengen

One day ski pass is 66 CHF, if you start after 12am, the price is then just 51 CHF.

If you decide to ski longer, 2 days, 3 days or even more, you get a lower price for each day.

Jungfrau ski resort
Jungfrau ski resort

For the price you get 103 kilometers of skiing slopes, a lot of off road possibilities (only if you are very experienced), the ski lifts are in a very good condition, I haven’t seen any of those rope tows which most people hate.

The resort has few restaurants, bars and many other great places to relax and enjoy amazing views.

Wengen – Grindelwald ski resort slopes

Let us first have a look at the Jungfrau ski resort map below.

Jungfrau ski resort map
Jungfrau ski resort map

Ok, so basically from Wengen you get to Männlichen AND if in the end of the day you want to get back to Wengen, during the day you must get to Kleine Scheidegg. To get to Wengen while skiing is only possible from Kleine Scheidegg direction, there is no other slope. It is even better to get to the highest point in the resort called Lauberhorn – there you get a connection to Wengen, a very long and nice slope back to Wengen.

Once you get to Männlichen, a pretty wide slopes are awaiting you. These are red and blue routes, perfect for not very experienced people. I highly recommend going down these slopes at least couple of times to warm up.

Wengen Männlichen
Wengen Männlichen

Later on, as I mentioned, you should get closer to Kleine Scheideg, so you have to move more to the right to Tschuggen, get up to Gummi and then to Honegg – there you will always have the connection to Kleine Scheidegg.

The slopes in Tschuggen and Gummi are amazing, a bit steeper, but quite wide at the same time. I really loved that part, but more fun slopes are a bit further 🙂


If you wish, from Honegg you can use Eigernordwand line and get close to the glacier. There is a very cool bar with amazing views. Coke price: 5-6 CHF 🙂 Keep in mind that prices are quite high up there.


From Eigernordwand there is a black route to Kleine Scheidegg (actually the only one I saw in the whole resort), but I haven’t used it, I enjoy the red ones more.

You can get to Kleine Scheidegg via Arven line and the slope back down to Arven is very much fun, there’s one very steep slope where you must gain a lot of speed as there’s a pretty steep hill in the front so you must get on the top.

Kleine Scheidegg – Lauberhorn skiing

For me personally, that side of the resort is the most fun.

Especially the Wixi line. It is long, wide, very good snow, nice turns – all the fun you are looking for in the skiing resort.

As well, in Lauberhorn you can get pretty much the best mountain views in all the resort (although the views are spectacular in all the resort).

Jungfrau ski resort
Jungfrau ski resort

I must recommend you the Sky bar which is on the top of Wixi line (a little lower than Lauberhorn, maybe 1 min ride down from Lauberhorn). They serve drinks, coffee, some snacks, have great views and many outdoor chairs so you can just sit there and rest with the drink of your choice. We have stopped there couple of times, really loved it as a break place.

The slope from Lauberhorn to Kleine Scheidegg is as well a lot of fun, just narrower and faster.

Lauberhorn – Wixi line – Wengen

Once you decide to go home to your hotel or to the train, you should get to the top of Wixi line or Lauberhorn, then you can ski all the way down to Wengen.

Once you tried Wixi line a few times, you will notice that there’s a bridge in one place (you ski over it). Once you cross it, you must take a turn to the right, otherwise you will go down and will have to go back up via Wixi line (that was not an option for us, as we went down pretty late and Wixi line was already closed).


The 15 route goes from Lauberhorn. Great views from the top.

After you take a turn, there will be just blue route all the way down to Wengen, BUT after the turn, try to keep the pace pretty high as the slope is not steep, pretty flat, so there’s a high chance to stop in the middle of it and I know how all of snowboarders hate that 🙂

I would try to keep the pace considerably high all the time on this blue route, because there are two more such places where you can simply stop.

On this blue route there is one more bar with a great views, so if you wish to stop for the last time and have a drink, here is your chance.

Once you reach Wengen, the slopes go through the village (which is very cool actually) and you should keep always on the right as that slope takes you back to the sport shop (which is perfect if you left  your stuff there) and cable car station. If you keep left, you will get closer to the train station.


For me personally, it is probably the best skiing resort in Europe. If it changes sometime in the future, I will definitely write about it here:)

I think this skiing resort (just this Grindelwald – Wengen part) is perfect for 2-3 days weekend. There is enough to see, to ski, to experience for the whole weekend. If you are visiting Switzerland for a longer period, then I would probably buy the ticket for the whole area and on other days would check out other parts in Grindelwald and MĂĽrren.

This skiing resort is really beginners friendly unlike Titlis which is more for experienced skiers.

There is so much fun, so many nice places to stop, have a drink and continue skiing. Really great mood all day long in this skiing resort.

Wengen information center
Wengen information center

The resort and the whole area is pretty pricey, but you definitely get what you paid for.

Really highly recommend.

If you have any questions about Jungfrau skiing region, please let me know, I will do my best to help you.

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