Verbier is a village that is situated in the southwestern region of Switzerland in Valais canton. It is a ski and holiday resort region in the alps region and is considered one of the best places to visit in Switzerland for skiing and holidaying activities. Some of the areas in this location are covered with snow all year round, and skiers have the chance to take advantage of the varied conditions, steep slopes, and resort culture to enjoy what the region has to offer. 

The maximum elevation of this region is more than 3,300 meters, and if you are skilled and crazy enough, you can ski from the top of the peak to the lower region. It is imperative to note that this area is only for skilled skiers, and if you are a newbie, it would be more beneficial if you can learn from the short tracks before joining the long and complex skiing tracks. When season change, there is no end to the natural activities as the tracks become mountain biking tracks, and you can see marmots, chamois, and other alpine wildlife in the mountain region. Here are some of the things that you should do in Verbier.

Explore Mont Fort

Ascending to the highest peaks in the four valleys is not a small feat. However, you will enjoy the best you can get in this area because the view is exceptional. At the summit of Verbier, you can see what the surrounding area has to offer and enjoy the amazing views as you soak in what the beauty of the natural environment has to offer. The trips are more dramatic as you traverse the glacier de Tortin on the final 400 meters.

After you have climbed the stairway, you will be at what will allow you to explore the natural environment as you feel on top of the world. You can see the Matterhorn (which is definitely one of the best places to see in Switzerland) to the east and Dents du Midi in the West from the highest point.

Visit Mont-Gelée

One of the other limitless peaks is the Mont Gele, and it sits at 3,022 meters above sea level.  This area can be accessed by cable cars from the Les Ateles region. At the tripoint of Bagnes, Nendaz, and Riddes municipalities, you will have a chance to see a panoramic view of the entire region of all the four valleys.

The mountain is recommended for an excursion if you want to get a glimpse of the area and get to familiarize yourself with skiing activities in the region. There are numerous off-piste runs in the region, and only experienced skiers can handle this.


Skiing in Switzerland

Verbier’s main activity is skiing, and with a major difference in elevation from the upper region to the lower region at 1,500 meters and 3,300 meters at the peak, this is the perfect region for your skiing activities. Verbier forms part of the four valleys, and it will give you a chance to access hundreds of kilometers in runs.

The more experienced you are, the more fun you will enjoy in the region. Newcomers are not left behind either as they have a chance to explore flatter slopes as they get to know the region. 

Explore the La Reserve Du Haut Val De Bagnes

This natural reserve was created in the 60s, and it is the second-largest natural reserve in Switzerland. You can enjoy the natural environment and what the region offers as you explore other fun activities in Verbier. The natural reserve has a classic alpine landscape featuring lush pasture, lakes, bare peaks, and hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails.

While in this region, you have a chance to explore the alpine wildlife, which includes marmots, chamois, among others. The mountain nature is a perfect environment for you to relax and unwind as you ponder on the regions that you should visit in Verbier.

Enjoy mountain biking

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is a fun activity that you can enjoy from June to September, and you have the chance to utilize the cable cars to access the mountain biking tracks on the summit.  You do not have to worry about where you will get your bike because you can rent in the region.

The trails are distributed according to their difficulty levels, with green being the less difficult followed by blue, red, and black. You must get more information about the trails before you can begin your exploration.

Participate in Toboggan Run

If you are not yet experienced in snowboard or skies, then you have something that you can still enjoy while in the area. Sledding does not require any skill, and you can participate in any of the common events.

The ten kilometers toboggan run is the longest in western Switzerland, and the trail is well-groomed, and you can see all the signs easily.

Visit Mauvoisin Dam

Mauvoisin Dam
Mauvoisin Dam – ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

This is one of the most exceptional megastructures in Switzerland. The Mauvoisin dam is the eight tallest dams globally, and it is 250 meters high with a width of over 500 meters with a capacity of 190 million cubic liters of water. The dam covers the valley on Bagnes stream, and it was constructed in the 50s to generate electricity and combat flooding in the region.

You can get to explore what this region has to offer through a guided tour. You will get to understand how electricity is generated and get to enjoy the most amazing views.

Enjoy snowboarding activities

Verbier is not restricted to skiing during the winter period, and there are other fun activities that you can enjoy in this region. You can choose to enjoy snowboarding activities in the region where you can get the chance to see the tracks with varying difficulty and length.

There is a wide range of off-piste runs, and you can explore this through snowshoeing as well.

Taste Bagnes Cheese

Verbier is located in Bagnes valley, and if you want to order fondue or raclette, most restaurants in this location will use local Bagnes cheese. The cheese is quite delicious on its own, and it is made from cow’s milk, and it has a semi-hard texture with a few holes in it.

You can visit this location at any time of the year and enjoy the exceptional dessert that you will find and what the locals have to offer.

Enjoy golfing

During the summer period, there are many activities that you can do in the region. Golfing is a more common sport, and you should not be left behind as there are numerous opportunities for you to enjoy while in the region.

The 18-hole course and other courses in the area present you with a chance to enjoy the best activities. You can enjoy wall climbing as well, however, if you are not familiar with it, then it is better to have a guide throughout the process to avoid any accident.

Relax and unwind at Bains De Sialon

No matter the season you are visiting Switzerland, spas are always an integral part of any trip if you want to experience the best mountain resorts such as Verbier. You can squeeze a couple of hours after your hiking and other fun activities to visit the spa.

Enjoy the crepes

Crepes in Switzerland

Renowned chefs make the crepes at the mountain top, and they are the best tasting crepes that you have ever encountered in the region. These thin-pancakes are made traditionally in front of you, and it usually involves any ingredient that you might want to be included, such as eggs, vanilla ice-cream, cheese, or mouth-watering chocolate

You can top it with chocolate sauce. When visiting Verbier, ensure that you enjoy the best meals as a remembrance of the area.

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