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I have visited Soglio on the first day of 2020 and fell totally in love with this beautiful remote mountain village which is sitting in a beautiful valley which is leading to Italy.

I came to Soglio on purpose, because I read that painter Giovanni Segantini once said it was the most beautiful village in Switzerland. He said it is “La soglia del paradiso” – the gate to paradise. I like that italian word soglia and the village name Soglia are so similar 🙂 Giovanni Segantini spent a few winters in this peaceful village.


Let us explore this remote settlement together and look for things to do there.

I will discuss: how to get to Soglio, some facts about Soglio and what to do in this marvelous village.

One note: I have visited Soglio in early morning so the lightning of pictures are pure, so don’t be discouraged, it actually looks much better 🙂

How to get to Soglio

Soglio is pretty isolated and very close to the border of Italy, but you can reach it easily with your car or by public transport.

Now, the trip with public transport will not be short: around 5 hours from Zürich and you will have to change multiple trains and buses. As I said, this is a remote place. But do not be discouraged, on the way to Soglio you are going to cross a lot of beautiful places, especially once you get into the Alps.

Check all the latest schedules and ticket prices right here: Swiss trains. If you are taking this trip as a tourist to Switzerland, I would suggest to buy a Swiss pass, this will save you a lot of money. You probably will need 3 day Swiss pass as at least two days will be used to reach Soglio, enjoy it and then go back next day.

If you go by car, it is much easier. From Zürich you will need 3-4 hours. But as I mentioned before, once you get into the Alps, you will love the alpine drive. As well, you are going to cross the amazing Maloja Pass which I love myself a lot, especially in winter. Once you come to Soglio, there’s a parking lot right below the church, it will be easy to find and spot it. In the parking lot as well you will find a village map which helps you to wander around it.

Facts about Soglio

Soglio is in Graubünden canton in the italian side of Switzerland, so the spoken language is italian over there. Do not forget to greet locals with Buon Giorno!.

Soglio was first mentioned back in 1186 as de Solio. So the village is morethan 800 years old, older than united Switzerland itself.

Soglio village

The population is not very big, just 167 people, but actually bigger than in other charming village I have visited: Indemini.

Soglio is sitting at elevation of 1090 meters and one more interesting facts: it rains close to 1 in 3 days per year in Soglio 🙂 So take an umbrella just in case.

What to do in Soglio – Top 3 things

Ok, now despite its amazing location, Soglio is a small village with no museums, no big activities (unless you love hiking) and supermarkets.

The village has an amazing charming atmosphere with a small, snug and calm old town, beautiful old church, couple of hotels and a restaurant. Oh, it has as well a tourism center and very nice public toilets. I am always impressed then such small places have nice public  toilets – it shows me immediately how the locals take care of their own home.

Mountains near Soglio

I would like to suggest you three things to do in Soglio.

  1. Explore the old town. For that you would need up to 1 hour.
  2. Hiking hiking hiking. I would like to suggest at least 2 beautiful hikes. Up to few hours, sky is the limit if you feel like hiking even more.
  3. Have a delightful dinner in the local restaurant. 1-2 hours of delicious experience.

1.  Explore the Soglio old town

Once you come to the Soglio, you will get this instant feeling that you traveled at least 100 years back, maybe even more.

Soglio has almost untouched beautiful old town with narrow streets, old buildings, old cobble stones. First thing you must visit: is the village church. It is the dominant building in the village and you won’t miss it. It is right next to the parking lot.

The church was first documented back in 1354, the church got quite many “facelifts”, changes, expansions, renovations and took its final shape in 1735.

After you leave the church, go into the village center (on the left you will pass the tourism center).

In the end of the street you are going to bump into Palazzo Salis. It is the old palace (which belonged to Salis family, one of the richest in the region in the old times) now made into a hotel.

Once you reach the palace, I would take the turn to the right and explore the street there. Once I walked there, I even saw sheep in the barn resting. As you walk a bit more from the village to the meadows and a path which leads outside the village, you will get the 5 star view to the village: all houses, the church tower and the mountains. From that point it is easy to understand why Giovanni Segantini though it is the gates to paradise.


Afterwards come back to the old town and explore the other streets. All buildings are old and very well kept. You feel like walking through living history. I love it.


Depending on how much you like old town and sneaking around, you would spend up to 1 hour in Soglio old town.

2. Hiking in Soglio

Would you like to climb higher than 3 kilometers? Then I have a perfect hike for you. I must say, that this hike is not very easy, it is long and you are going to gain a lot of altitude.

The hike is to Piz Gallagiun, the mountain peak straight on the border of Italy, and the height of it is 3107 meters.

Some information about the hike:

Time needed: back and forth 8 hours

Distance: 14 kilometers both ways

Altitude gain: almost 2 kilometers

Difficulty: it is a long hike, it will not be easy to make it all.

Things to take: extra jacket, extra pants (water resistant is the best), good hiking shoes, at least 3-4 liters of water for each, plenty of snacks.

Best time to do it: summer

Let’s have a look at the map of this hike.

Hike to Piz Gallagiun

As you see, the hike goes up pretty steadily all the time, but it’s a long hike, so you should take it easy. You are going to gain a lot of altitude.

Pretty much all the hike is in the beautiful nature you will have a view to Italy or Switzerland all the time.


I would rest at least a bit each hour and have a snack at least every other hour. This is going to be a long day, but the views from the top will make up for all the difficulties 🙂 The green rocky mountain peaks all around. It is a splendid place.

Look, if you don’t feel like doing all the hike up to the peak, you can always do a bit shorter hike. This hike is long and you kind of need all day for that. This hike is purely to conquer 3000 meters peak 🙂 And to gain 2000 meters – that’s a challenge itself. That is really a lot. So do not worry, no need to do it all. The beautiful views will follow you during all the hike.

If you do this hike, take it slowly, have enough water and food.

One more very cool destination is Malinone: it is on Italian side and much closer: 6 kilometers hike, just a bit over 1000 meters altitude gain.

I have found a very cool description of it in italian language, but here I put an english version. The description is about hike from Italian side 🙂

A hundred meters before the Swiss border, the long and beautiful mule track that leads to Malinone, the destination of our tour, begins. It is a walk of a certain commitment and which requires good training and a secure step, even if it is free of difficult or even uncomfortable points. The track, always wide and well-marked, has long sections of steps, obtained with huge slabs of gneiss, which alternate sectors of connection on meadows where you walk on a simple track of beaten earth. Certainly this is a path for those who love the paths they “make”, that is, those walkways that without compromise lead only upwards. During the whole march there is, we believe, only one flat meter. Each step pushes upwards, sometimes slightly, more often with decisive and endless rises that end only once they reach the ruined houses of Malinone. As you go up your gaze opens more and more on the Val Bregaglia and offers spectacular views of the grandiose granite architecture of the Sciore, Badile and Cengalo group. In the first part, the walk takes place not far from the border line and in view of the small town of Soglio, one of the pearls of the Swiss Bergell. Along this interminable “way to the high alpine pastures”, perhaps more than elsewhere you can touch the sense of fatigue inextricably linked with the life of the mountaineer. Every meter was used to encourage the poor economy linked to agriculture and pastoralism, to make life that was conducted in these mountains as easy as possible. Particularly striking is the construction of the mule track, cleverly designed between leaded rocky walls and steep woods. Everywhere, the gaze discovers, on this apparently desolate and inhospitable side, small areas of grass where huts are located, often in incredible positions. At the top of the “staircase”, Malinone and Sciucco were the destination of a route that knew several stages. The two rather large groups of huts are part of a system of mountain pastures which, more or less all at the same altitude, occupy the entire top right side of the Bergell.”

You can find more information about this place right here: Malinone.

3. Dinner in Soglio

As many marketing people say, for a good restaurant you need 3 things: location, location, location. Soglio definitely has an exceptional location.

The restaurant is right in the beginning of the village, it is called: Stüa Granda. It has a hotel as well.

Soglio restaurant

If you are lucky take a table with a view to the mountains: it is splendid.

You can have a look at menu, hotel offers and all other information about the place right here: Stüa Granda.


I personally loved Soglio village. My favorite part was wandering around the village, it narrow streets, looking into houses, old architecture, the mountains. It is all very very beautiful.

If you happen to in Ticino canton or close to Maloja Pass, you should really give this small paradise a chance 🙂

If you have more time: take a hike or have a lunch in the local restaurant. The time flows differently in Soglio 🙂

If you would like to visit more of such small villages, I highly recommend Indemini village which I visited as well: Visit Indemini.

If you have any questions about Soglio, please let me know, I will do my best to help you.

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