Many people with facial hair find it challenging to snorkel because of the kinds of snorkel masks for beards that are available in the market. Many men out here with big bears usually consider them an asset and hence will not want to shave them for purposes of snorkeling.

However, the most important aspect that you should know and consider is that you should style your beard to allow the snorkel mask to fit properly. If you are using the traditional mask, it can be challenging because there are areas where it could let in water.

When you have more facial hair, the creation of an airtight seal is challenging hence the safety of the individual is compromised as well. 

There have been multiple situations where the water leaked into the mask and this can cause fogginess as well as taking in excess water. When you are looking for snorkel masks for beards then you should understand the features of these snorkel masks before going to shop for one.

The type of material that is used to create the edge of the mask will determine its ability to repel water and create a watertight seal with your face. Some mustaches will push the mask out creating spaces where water can enter the mask.

The type and size of the beard will determine how you will purchase your snorkel mask. Full face masks usually do not work for people without thick beards.  

What To Consider When Choosing A Snorkel Mask For Beards

1. Size

One of the most fundamental aspects that you should consider when choosing a snorkel mask for beards is the size. The size of the masks should be in tandem with your face and the size of the beards.

When you choose the right size you reduce the chances of creating spaces where water can enter the mask. Creating a tight seal is the most important aspect when it comes to masks.

2. Use a high-quality silicone mask

If you have small beards and you want the mask to it in tightly without any space letting in water, then using food-grade silicon is the best way that you can tackle this problem.

The silicon seal will increase the chances of water being blocked out. You must always create an airtight seal. Using food-grade material is good because in case it gets into your mouth by chance then it is harmless to your body.

3. Choose the right mask for your facial hair

One of the most important aspects that you should consider when choosing a mask is that you should synchronize it with the size of your face and facial hair. When you select a mask that is smaller than your face then there is a chance that water will end up in the mask and this will cause fogginess and discomfort.

Besides, trimming the top of your beards and keeping your face clean is one of the most important things for the masks to work effectively. You can ask the experts for the best mask size for your face.

4. Avoid contact lenses

It is important to understand that when you are going snorkeling then you should avoid wearing contact lenses. If the mask size that you have chosen fits your face properly then you should not be worried about the contact lenses.

However, in a situation where you are snorkeling in deeper areas and you have contacts then it could be difficult to see because of the fogginess and sometimes water that gets into the mask.

5. Apply a quality Silicone to your mask

If you have facial hair that interferes with the seal of your snorkeling mask, using a food-grade silicone can be a great solution. This type of silicone is safe to use, even if it accidentally gets in your mouth during swimming. Simply put on your mask, note where your facial hair is in contact with the seal, and apply the silicone around those points.

Avoid using Vaseline or other petroleum jellies, as they can damage the silicone skirt on your mask.

Mustache or beard wax, as well as certain types of lip balm, can also be used in a pinch. However, for the best results, it is recommended to use a specific product, such as Trident’s food-grade silicone snorkel and scuba mask seal, which is available in a stick or spray format.

This product has been found to be effective by many individuals, and can greatly improve the seal of your mask, making your diving experience safer and more enjoyable.

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Best snorkel mask for mustaches and beards

When you are going to shop for a snorkel mask for beards and mustaches, it is always important to remember that not all masks are created equal. You need a mask that will give you an amazing view, fit properly and create a watertight barrier.

A high-value snorkel mask is what you can get whenever you are going for these top snorkel masks.

Hollis M1 Frameless Scuba Diving Mask

The Hollis M1 frameless scuba diving mask is one of the best masks that you can find out there. The frameless design allows you to fit your face perfectly into the mask and it prevents any water from getting into the mask.

Their field of view is very wide and it allows you to enjoy the best views of the ocean. The rigid silicon structure on the skirt surrounding is perfect because it reduces the overall weight of the mask while giving it a tight fit that will repel water.

The lens used in the construction of this mask is a diamanté clear lens and this provides the perfect crisp views while you are in the water. The silicon black skirt prevents extra light from entering your eyes and you can enjoy the best views of the waters. Depending on how you use these mask sometimes has fogginess hence you should clean them properly before use.


  • Has a wide range
  • The frameless design makes it light unlike other snorkel masks
  • You get a travel case and bag


  • Slim chances of fogging
  • May seal too tightly

Get it here: Hollis M1 Frameless Scuba Diving Mask

ScubaPro Synergy 2 Mask

This snorkel mask is made from modern technology that features a silicone contouring of the face part. This is critical because it creates a well-fitting barrier that does not allow water to get in and it is also softer on your face.

The silicone contouring gives it a unique feel and you must check out the best mask size for your face. Since the silicon is rigid and firm then it provides the support required during snorkeling. 

This snorkeling mask is perfect for people with beards and since it has a two skirt system there is no chance that water will enter the mask. The superior quality of silicon provides the right support and comfort while snorkeling.

The ScubaPro Synergy 2 Mask is the mask that you have been looking for because it hugs tightly on the face and when you are under the water there is great visibility and you will have less eye strain when watching the creatures in the water below.


• Gives excellent visibility

• Two skirt system is very comfortable and provides an extra seal.

• It has a double lens design.


• Some think that the space around the nose area is small.

Get it here: Scubapro Synergy 2 Single Lens Scuba Diving Mask

Atomic Aquatics Venom Frameless Mask

The Atomic Aquatics Venom Frameless mask is classified as a high-end mask and it is manufactured by a renowned company that has been in operation for decades now.

The masks are extremely comfortable and the frameless feature coupled with the silicone skirt is a feature that is the best because it ensures that the mask fits on your face properly.

Whether you have a big or small mustache this mask will fit perfectly and expel any water that may come to your skin. The lens of this mask is known to transmit up to 97% of the light that strikes it and compared to other masks you will have over 80% of range to enjoy the view.

The field of view of this mask is very wide and you can enjoy it even with your peripheral vision when exploring the underseas. The mask has unique strap adjusters that ensure that you can fit the mask properly on your face and no water will get in or cause any kind of fogginess.


  • The frameless design which wraps around your face
  • Comfortable because of the silicone skirt
  • Tight seal that works even for bigger beards
  • Allows more light and has a wide view when compared to other masks


  • I May have some fogging issues

Get it here: Atomic Aquatics Venom Frameless Mask

ScubaPro Crystal Vu Plus with Purge

The ScubaPro crystal Vu plus is one of the top masks that you should be purchasing for your snorkeling activities. The purge valve ensures that you get high durability and a perfect view of the environment.

This mask is the best option for snorkelers with beards.

The mask has a single lens viewing system and this is perfect because it splits the light into two compartments. In addition, the mask has been made to allow the fog to drain quickly hence giving you the perfect view of the environment.

The single-lens give an unobstructed view while you enjoy your views under the water.

The purge valve is an integral component of the mask because it allows it to release the water collected as a result of fogging. The peripheral view of the snorkel mask is amazing and you get to explore the environment with ease because you have a wide angle of view.


  • Has a purge valve to expel water?
  • Adjusts to your face
  • Excellent panoramic view for better angles
  • Amazing silicone seal to prevent any water leakage


  • For some people, the purge valve might push on their nose

Get it here: ScubaPro Crystal VU Plus with Purge

Cressi Panoramic 4

The Cressi panoramic 4 snorkeling mask is one of the best masks that you can find out there.

This is a high-quality mask that guarantees you only the best vision and the soft nose pocket ensures that you have a perfect fit and easy equalization.

The design is important because it ensures that there is extra light getting into the snorkeling mask and when this happens you have a better view of the environment.

The Cressi panoramic 4 has two lenses and these are more or less similar to goggles they are fitted so that you will not notice the seams. The snorkel mask has two tiny lenses that run parallel on the side of the head and this is perfect for you if you want a mask that will give you wider angles.

The curved lenses allow you to have a fish-eye design and view thereby getting the best of the sea or ocean.

Unlike other snorkel masks, it has a more peripheral vision and allows more light, therefore, giving you the best views of the ocean.

The skirting of the mask allows you to have the best and most comfortable seal therefore you do not have to worry about fogginess.


  • A perfect panoramic view
  • Lenses are durably made from tempered glass
  • Watertight seals allow you to enjoy the views uninterrupted.


  • The frame might be bulky for some people
  • Some people do not like the split lens design

Get it here: Cressi Panoramic

ScubaPro Solo Snorkeling Mask

If you are looking for a mask that will give you both greater visibility and comfort when snorkeling, then the ScubaPro solo snorkeling mask is the best mask for you. The dual-colored frameless single-lens design allows it to give you the best field of vision.

The double seal created by the silicon ensures that it fits all the faces, especially the bearded ones.

This fit is leak-free and you can enjoy your snorkeling activities.

The hydrodynamic design is perfect because it reduces any water drag while you are snorkeling. The single tempered glass is created in a way that is strong and it gives you a wide field of view.

The ScubaPro solo snorkeling mask gives a perfect fit because it has a low volume fit and this allows for easy cleaning and also prevents entry of water droplets. The buckles are non-slip and you can adjust them according to your fit.

The brand has been in operation for many years and they understand the challenges and the requirements for the best snorkeling mask.


  • A nose pocket is created to perfectly fit
  • The strap is nonslip allowing you to adjust it to your size
  • The silicon skirt features a double feathered edge hence preventing any water from getting into the mask.


  • The nose pocket may be small for some people
  • It is expensive

Get it here: ScubaPro Solo Snorkeling Mask

Oceanic Shadow Frameless Dive Mask

The Oceanic Shadow Frameless dive mask has been on the market since the 1970s and they are popular for producing some of the high-quality snorkeling masks that you can find around the globe.

The oceanic shadow can fold completely and if you want to fold it you can carry it in your pockets.

The low volume of this frameless design is important because it ensures that the masks stay on your face and still give you exceptional peripheral views.

You can use the mask for spearfishing or photography.

The skirt of the oceanic shadow frameless dive mask is made from silicone hence it fits snuggly on your face and this will ensure that no water gets in on the mask or fogginess. You can easily adjust the fitting by strapping it with the buckle and this will give you a perfect fit against your face.


  • Low profile perfect visibility and peripheral vision
  • Tight-fitting silicon skirt
  • Comfortable strap


  • Some people think they have faulty straps.

Get it here: Oceanic Shadow Frameless Dive Mask


In summary, when purchasing a snorkeling mask for beards you must consider the design, price, weight, quality, and vision among other aspects. For the best snorkeling experience always ensure that the mask fits perfectly on your face.


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