10 Breathtaking Spots For Snorkeling in St. Kitts

Snorkeling in St.Kitts

St. Kitts and Nevis is a tiny country that is situated on lesser Antilles in the Caribbean and it is composed of two islands St. Kitts and Nevis. It is one of the best snorkeling destinations in the Caribbean because of the natural fauna and flora.

You will love snorkeling in St. Kitts because of its corals and the reef coupled with clear waters. The island is an independent country and it is a popular location for many of the cruise ships in the region. Since some parts of the year experience calmness, it is the perfect time when you visit the islands and enjoy snorkeling here.

There is a major reef system on the island and with the huge rocks and boulders, there are huge fish species and invertebrates which allows snorkelers to have a time of their life exploring the different fishes and other creatures in the area.

Many people across the world have not heard about St. Kitts and Nevis and this is because the country remains pristine and uncrowded, unlike other Caribbean islands.

Since this region is hidden and there is not so much activity going on in the region you will find that the fishes and invertebrates in the sea are thriving immensely. There are volcanic cliffs that have made the islands create an environmental system that will ensure that different creatures are thriving.

The views from the islands are breathtaking because the tropical climate and volcanic eruptions have created mountains and landscapes that have unique fauna and flora. The warm and tropical climate that is experienced on the island makes the islands ideal for your vacation or next vacation destination.

The white sandy beaches, blue clear waters, and the amazing lush green environment coupled with deep waters which in turn allows more creatures to thrive. You can snorkel all year round in St. Kitts and Nevis.

How to get to St. Kitts and Nevis

St. Kitts is accessible via boat service and plane. Saba is a location in the islands that is a short flight from St. Maarten Juliana international airport.

You can easily access this island from St. Maarten because many international flights come to St. Maarten hence whether you are coming to the island from Europe or the Americas, you are sure that you will reach St. Kitts and Nevis easily.

Besides, St. Kitts has an international airport that usually receives air traffic from Canada and the United States. This airport can also receive linked flights from different parts of the world hence you can easily access it. You can then travel around using taxis or boats from one area to the other.

What is the climate of St. Kitts and Nevis?

St. Kitts and Nevis

The temperatures of St. Kitts usually vary slightly throughout the year. Since this location usually experiences a tropical climate then the temperature variation is small and there is sunshine throughout the months of the year. The average temperatures range from 75 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit. The precipitation of the island is about 2.25 inches per month.

The wettest months of the year are from September through November and during this period the rains that fall are about 6 inches per month. The hurricane season is from June through November.

If you are visiting this island for snorkeling then you must choose the months with little precipitation and when the sea is calm for you to see the best of the islands.

What you need

When it comes to snorkeling in the Caribbean islands, you must have all the required equipment that will ensure that you get the best experience in the islands. Some of the gear you need include fins and a snorkeling mask which will allow you to swim in the reefs easily and a mask with a wide-angle view for you to have the best experience.

When you are not snorkeling in the sea, it is important that you have proper beachwear and always carry lotion that will protect you from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

This is the most important part of any process and you must always remain vigilant during the process. Some of the sunscreen protectants have chemicals that can damage the corals hence use it only when out of the water.

Why go snorkeling in St. Kitts?

Snorkeling in St. Kitts

St. Kitts is an ideal destination that you should visit if you want the best snorkeling experience. It is the best place that you should visit because the waters are deep and clear hence you will find a wide array of fish and other invertebrates in the area.

Some of the best snorkeling locations that you will find on the island are located on the western part of the island and these are some of the best peninsulas you must explore this location.

The abundance of the sea creatures in this location ensures that your snorkeling experience will be awesome.

There is a collection of wrecked ships below the sea and here there are different creatures that thrive on the new structures below the sea.

Different companies are going to help you if you are looking for the best location where you should snorkel. Besides, they will give you a guide or snorkeling gear if you are looking for some.

Sandy Point marine park

This is one of the amazing locations where you can snorkel in the region because of its diversity and unique features it has included a huge protected reef.

The reef is about 30 meters and there are perfect places where fish and other crustaceans are thriving in this location.

The deep parts in this area are about 30 meters of 90 feet. However, there are also other points in this area where the water is shallow and you can explore them with ease.

It is critical that you understand the weather of this region this will guide you on the best time that you should go snorkeling in this region.

There are different fish species and crustaceans as well. If you want to see sea anemones then this is the right place because crabs, lobsters, sea anemones, and huge barracuda are thriving in these waters. Be sure to have proper snorkeling gear to enjoy your expedition in the area.

Frigate Bay

This is one of the most popular snorkeling locations, however, it is a perfect place where you can relax and unwind. It gives you a chance to check out the surroundings as well the amazing breeze from the sea.

You will see scattered corals about 25 feet below the waters and you will also see different species of fish albeit a few. However, there are turtles and stingrays as well in the area.

You can head south to the beach at the edge of the cliff where it will help you access the deepest location for snorkeling.

Christophe Point

This location is one of the best tourist destinations and you can visit the area to snorkel whether you are a beginner or an expert in the exercise. Since the water is shallow and clear, it means that you get the chance to check out the best fish species and other categories of sea creatures in the area.

Shitten Bay

Shitten bay is only accessible by boat and you must visit this location when the water is calm because during this period you can explore different areas with ease. The boats in the area will take you to the region and this is where the water is deep and you get the chance to explore the best fish species and turtles as well.

The corals and reef system in this part of the island has grown immensely and this promotes the multiplication of different animal species.

Snorkelers will find a wide array of tropical treasures in the clear water in this bay because during the calm period the water is cool and you can see up to 20 feet. The colorful coral is the prime location on the island. It is important that you get proper snorkeling gear and a water camera during your exploration in this area.


This is a popular beach on the southern part of the islands and it is a great location where you can go snorkeling. You can walk down the beach to the southern part where the waters are deeper and hence you can snorkel in the area.

This is the best area that you should visit because the beach is awesome and you can snorkel whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert snorkeler. Here you will see different kinds of fish such as parrotfish, barracuda, and turtles.

Four Seasons Breaker

This is another location where you can go and enjoy your snorkeling activities because the dock offers a perfect diving location. Here you can have up to 40 feet of clear view and this is critical because you can take pictures as well as see the many fish species.

It is the best snorkeling spot in Nevis and if you are looking for a place where you can go relax, unwind as well as check out the best environment then this is the right place.

You can spend your time on the beach outside as this will allow you to interact with the local people and get to know the history of the island as well as their cuisine.

Carambola Breaker

This is a large breaker that is located on the carambola beach club and here you can follow the breaker before you reach into the deep location. There is a wide sea in the area that will take you to the best snorkeling views as you will check out different fish species from parrotfish, turtles among others.

Pelican cove

The pelican cove is a perfect location where you are introduced to the amazing sea environment that is filled with fauna and flora and you will have a chance to see different fish species and other crustaceans in the water.

There is a vibrant sea life that thrives in the waters in the pelican cove. Besides, it has the right water temperature which ensures that you get the best quality time and here you will see tropical fish, stingrays, barracudas, and turtles all swimming beautifully in the waters.

Nag’s Head

This is one of the best snorkeling destinations in St. Kitts and Nevis because the water in this area is very deep and you are not only guaranteed the best views but also an opportunity to explore different fish species and other crustaceans of the sea.

Some of the tropical fish that you can see include parrotfish, barracuda, and others. Apart from this there are sponges, turtles, lobsters, and other creatures all thriving in the waters in the area.

Some boulders and rocks have formed in the area and this is perfect because it encourages the growth and development of species of fish and other species.

The waters in this location mean that snorkelers have the best views of up to 40 feet and whether you are an experienced snorkeler or you are beginning then this is the perfect place that you should check out this location.

The waters in Nags heads can be quite a challenge at times hence it is important that you read all the weather reports to ensure that you are well equipped in case of a strong wave or a sudden change in wind direction.

Salt Plage Wreck

This is a destination that is characterized by large rocks and boulders and these areas create a perfect environment where different fish species and sea creatures thrive because it is a perfect hiding and breeding environment.

There is a boat in the area that will give you an indicator of the deepest point in the region and once you are there you can dive right into the water. Inside the water, you will see different kinds of fish, turtles as well as crustaceans. It is important that you should have proper snorkeling gear because at times the winds might be too strong in this area.

In conclusion, St. Kitts and Nevis present you with a pristine environment where you can go enjoy different watersports as well as snorkeling. The experience is out of this world and you should put it on your to-do list.

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