Cannes Nightlife – Where to Go & What to Do

Cannes nightlife

Once upon a time, a fishing village Cannes has gone leaps and bounds to be a popular, expensive, and glamourous location considered the social center of Europe. This famous destination hosts the Cannes film festival that is usually held in May. During this popular event, celebrities, directors, actors, and the who and who in the entertainment industry travel to Cannes to experience the festival. Cannes is often characterized by high-end restaurants, casinos, and exquisite nightlife, and this tends to give it exclusivity, however, this is not the case entirely. There are locations around Cannes that you can visit on a budget. You can check out the beauty of the architecture, the breathtaking views of the skyline and enjoy your time at the marina.

There is more to life than just films in Cannes, the splendid town is home to the best sandy beaches, high-class hotels, boutiques, and entertainment joints. The world of films has enhanced the entire look of the town and it has become a luxury location that now holds some of the luxurious nightclubs in France. The city is often considered the best French Riviera location where you can relax and unwind. Cannes’ nightclubs provide a wide array of musical tastes, dancing experience, live music, and excellent drinks that you can sample in the region. Tourists who visit Cannes want to explore the kind of nightlife that is present in this location. You can have the time of your life by visiting the major clubs in the city. The nightlife in this area is worth the wait and you can go and explore what Cannes has to offer. Besides, you are not limited because you can visit the musical theaters and enjoy your genre if you love arts.

How is the nightlife in Cannes?

Nightlife often refers to entertainment and fun that young people and the current generation like to enjoy. Cannes is the perfect city for these activities as it presents the charms for an exceptional nightlife experience. The city is known to have special offers such as bars, nightclubs, beach clubs, and casinos. With all these features, the city has attracted an A-list of celebrities from different parts of the world. The annual film festival brings an elite class of individuals from different parts of the world to the city, and the clubs, hotels, and restaurants in this city are designed to provide luxurious service.  

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If you plan to visit Cannes and want to enjoy your time with celebrities, then the best time to visit is during the film festival in May. Cannes has a huge entertainment scene that you will never miss a spot where you can go and enjoy yourself. The seaside town comes to life immediately after sunset. There international deejays that come to play in the city, and you will find that the parties on the rooftop feature the glamor and glitz that you expect in the entertainment industry. 

Top bars that you should visit in Cannes

Cannes Bars

As much as France is famous for champagne, wine among other drinks, the people in this country love to drink and party. Cannes is a place that is full of entertainment spots that you can ever get in Europe. You can get VIP class amenities in this location because of the high traffic of celebrities visiting the city annually. The bars in the area have their opening and closing time, and you should check out your favorite bar what time they are opening and closing.

Cannes has so much to offer when it comes to bars and restaurants, and you will find high-end restaurants that have top-notch bar services. The rooftop restaurants are ranked the best in service. However, that does not negate the fact that there many fantastic bars and restaurants in the city. Some of the exceptional bars and restaurants include:

Lucky You

It is a famous bar and restaurant, and they are well known for their seafood, quality food, and exceptional drinks. You can order a beverage of your choice within the establishment, and they serve Italian, Mediterranean, French cuisines for those visiting. This location is within the proximity of Cannes, and you do not have to travel for long distances to reach where you want.

For more information about the bar, events, and working hours, go to their official website.


Chrystie is a famous restaurant and a barn with elaborate artwork and styling. The central bar is where all the activity begins as it buzzes with a wide array of activities and dancing. The club is just a few meters from the prestigious seafront. As the nightfall, Chrystie changes into that night spot that you have been dreaming about.

They have deep house nights, hip hop nights, and circus-themed entertainment, which takes it to a whole new level. However, you can go earlier in the day and try their fantastic pizza. The dress code in this club is strict, and you have to follow the trend, you are sure to have the time of your life when you get into this location.

For more information about the bar, events, and working hours, go to their official website.

Morrison’s Lounge

If you are looking for a place in Cannes where you can have fun without breaking your bank, this lounge is ideal. The Morrison’s lounge is based off the shopping street, and it is a trendy Irish pub.

The bar has a resident disc jockey, and you are sure that you will be enjoying some of the top European and worldwide music. The friendly staff at the bar will make your experience in the region worthwhile.

For more information about the bar, events, and working hours, go to their official website.

La Chunga Bar and Restaurant

This bar and restaurant give your something different from the regular clubs in Cannes. Here you will find excellent cocktails, and during the day, they play piano and live music before the deejays pick up at night, and the party turns up.

This area is frequented by celebrities therefore, do not fret if you meet one. The comfy chairs, soft lighting, and exceptional service are what makes it tick.

For more information about the bar, events, and working hours, go to their official website.

Clubs in Cannes to go and have fun 

Cannes Nightclubs

After you have spent your time exploring the beaches in this beautiful destination, the next thing that you would like to ask yourself is where you can find an excellent club to hang out with. Clubs in Cannes never disappoint, and you are about to have the time of your life by visiting one of the clubs in the area.

The glamorous life of Cannes with champagne-filled clubbing is what you are looking for, here are the clubs you should visit in Cannes.


Medusa is at the top of clubs, as the name suggests. It is a cabaret club that has a restaurant and is purported to be the best in Europe. The dance floor is huge and there is an outside terrace as well VIP section. Moreover, the club boasts to hosts international artists who regularly perform in this club. It is situated in place of Franklin Roosevelt.

For more information about the club, events, and working hours, go to their official website.


If you are looking for a truly dripping venue, the Riviera glam, and glitz, then the Bâoli is the place you should visit. The club and lounge feature Asian-inspired themes and restaurants before you head to the expensive cocktail and champagne offered. Life picks to a higher notch after midnight as the disc jockeys mix music from different zones of the world.

The lighting in this club is incredible and if you so choose you can dance in the stars outside with the palm trees. It is an exclusive club, and you should look the part.

For more information about the club, events, and working hours, go to their official website.

The Play Club

It is an exquisite club with intimate touch as it features a bar and a lounge, it is known to have international disc jockeys, and the nights are filled with fantastic dancers and themed evenings. The club is popular with people from the principality of Monaco.

While you are in this club, you are guaranteed a fantastic night as you can sample the extensive drinks menu of champagne, wine, and signature cocktails. The style of this club is refined chic and flair. It is open all year round.


Gotha is one of the unique clubs in Cannes, and it is a super club as it attracts the rich, famous, and the most glamorous of this world. The dance floor is both inside and outside, and there are multiple VIP areas, and the attire is glamorous as expected. The music played in the club is served by top deejays known worldwide, and you will expect that events feature top artists. 

Artists such as Snoop Dogg have featured in the club, showing the level of entertainment you expect. Many celebrities often visit Cannes to promote their movies, and it is a hub for the film industry. The nightlife in the city starts in the evening as the bars begin to open at this time, and you will get a chance to see the town come to life.

For more information about the club, events, and working hours, go to their official website.

In conclusion, Cannes is the place to be if you want your weekend or night to be lit. Turn up your entertainment and visit the best clubs in Europe by organizing one organized event in Cannes. The beaches and beach clubs have much to offer, and you are sure to have fun when you visit the city.

Have you ever experienced Cannes nightlife? Share your experiences…if you remember of course. 

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