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9 Delicious Chocolate Factories In Spain!

When planning your vacation, Spain stands out as an enticing destination, renowned for its historical sites and diverse activities. Particularly intriguing is the country’s deep-rooted connection to chocolate, dating back to the 16th century. The exploration of South America by the Spanish led to the discovery of cacao, laying the […]

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13 Dangerous Animals In Spain To Avoid!

Spain, a country celebrated for its cultural richness and diverse landscapes, is home to a variety of dangerous animals. Located predominantly in southwestern Europe, with territories extending into the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Spain boasts a mix of historical charm and natural beauty. As you explore the ancient […]

Christmas in Spain is full of unique customs and traditions.

Christmas in Spain – Customs and Traditions

Christmas is an important period in Spain. The Spanish celebrate Christmas differently than the people in the United States. These celebrations usually begin as early as December 22, and they will last until January 6. Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25 in Spain, and it is considered a religious […]