A chocolate skull in Mexico

7 Chocolate Factories In Mexico to Visit!

In the heart of Mexico, where the rich history of chocolate production began over four thousand years ago during the Aztec period, lies the Yucatan peninsula—an absolute haven for chocolate enthusiasts. Exploring the origins of chocolate-making and chocolate factories in Mexico becomes a fascinating journey, providing valuable insights into the […]

Snakes in Mexico are some of the most exotic in the world.

Snakes in Mexico

Mexico is one of the most unique locations on the Earth because of the diversity of the fauna and flora, culture, history, cuisine, and its pristine beaches. The state is about 2 million square kilometers big and the ecosystem that you can find in this region is very unique. While […]

Dangerous animals in North America
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What Are Most Dangerous Animals In North America ?

The North American continent is one of the most visited continents in the world. There are many places that you should visit in North America. The continent is in the western hemisphere and it is often considered a single continent it borders the Atlantic Ocean on the east, the arctic […]