The Netherlands is of the locations that people tend to underestimate when it comes to chocolate production and you can actually find some fascinating chocolate factories in the Netherlands.

Moreover, the country has a rich history of chocolate and they are the ones who took chocolate to Japan. Holland is known for dairy farming and popular Amsterdam with its wide array of touristic activities.

There is so much that you can do when you visit the Netherlands. Since the country is closer to the top chocolatiers of the world, Holland is one of the regions where high-quality chocolate is made and you should try their chocolate products during your visit.

You will find a wide array of chocolate and chocolate products when you visit this awesome destination. It is imperative to understand that there are factories that solely focus on making iconic chocolates in the Netherlands.

The companies in this country have embraced diversity and they continue to produce some of the best products that you can get in the market. It is imperative to note that when you are visiting the nation then you should let yourself be free and explore the different parts of the country that offers the best relaxation as well as exploration activities. 

Whether you are visiting Amsterdam or any other city in the country, you are sure that the chocolate manufacturers in the country are the best because of the type of chocolates that are sold around the country. Just imagine the dark chocolate with milk, soft and warm melting in your mouth as you explore different parts of the country.

The Dutch are very friendly people and when you visit the country you are sure that you will find things to do and places to visit.

Why Dutch Cocoa?

Omnom chocolate

The land of the Netherlands is known for producing fresh, rich, and flowery chocolate that will give you the best sensations because it is made to perfection. The industries in the Netherlands have perfected the art of manufacturing through artisanal techniques hence you are sure you will have the best quality when you visit the country.

Whether you prefer dark or white chocolate, you are sure of finding something that you can enjoy. There are chocolate cookies, bonbons, truffles, and wafers filled with chocolates giving you the best sensation when consuming them.  There is always something that you can try while in the Netherlands.

 There are so many chocolate shops across the Netherlands and this is important in the chocolate culture of the country as many people have picked and they enjoy the concept of chocolate eating.

When visiting the country, you should make a point of visiting the factories where you will see the production of the chocolates from scratch and this is important because here you can see the product from raw cacao beans to the final product.

They usually source their cacao beans from Africa and South America hence they have perfected the art of producing some of the iconic products in the market. There are so many chocolate shops and companies in the Netherlands and you should sample them when you visit the location. Here are some of the chocolate firms.

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Most interesting and fun to visit Chocolate Factories and shops In The Netherlands


This is a chocolate shop that is in Amsterdam and it was recently started. However, this should not fool you for a company that does not deliver high-quality chocolate. It is one of the best places where you can get the best chocolates in town. 

The chocolate shop was started by two brothers who learned their craft from their grandmother. It is critical to note that the chocolate brands that are coming out from this shop are iconic.

In as much as they are not a big company, these individuals continue to deliver top-notch chocolate and services to the clients. They are selling chocolate-made truffles and you can sample some when you visit the shop in Amsterdam.

Unlimited Delicious

This is one of the biggest chocolatiers in the Netherlands and you should visit the company during your stay in the country. It is important to understand that the firm uses artisanal methods to produce some of the best chocolates in the country.

They are the best when it comes to producing exclusive and homemade truffles, pralines, and bonbons.

They source their cacao beans from top destinations across the world and you are sure that when you purchase their product you will be getting nothing but the best. Some of the product ranges include grappa poli, tamarind sambal among other enticing fruit truffles.

Puccini Bomboni

Puccini is one of the most famous chocolatiers in Amsterdam. It is imperative to note that the Puccini Bomboni chocolates are handcrafted and this means that you are getting the best quality only when you visit the company. 

The company has decided to put all their efforts into ensuring that they deliver only the best chocolates to the people. 

The chocolates have unique flavor and they are made from blending different herbs and spices such as nutmeg, pepper, lemongrass among others.

Besides, you have the chance to explore some of the iconic chocolates that are made by incorporating alcoholic drinks such as rum currant, cognac among others.  The blend of the chocolates is amazing and you should not leave the factory without a proper tour of the premises. The staff are warm and friendly and they will guide you through the process.

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Huize van Wely

This is one of those chocolate companies that you will forget that you are in a chocolate shop because it may appear as more of a jewelry shop than a chocolate manufacturing company.

There is a wide array of chocolate options that you can choose from when you visit this location. The vanilla-colored gemstones or dark brown diamonds are just examples of chocolates made by experts in this location. It is important that you take your time to review the manufacturers in this location before you make the right decision.

They usually have a wide range of chocolates that you should try from bonbons to chocolate truffles.

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This is one of the top chocolatiers in Amsterdam and you should visit the company because they produce some of the most exceptional chocolates in Europe. 

They have a wonderful process of making the best chocolates because they follow an artisanal method of production and this guarantees that they meet the customer’s expectations.

If you have chocolate cravings, then this is the right spot because you are going to be given the ultimate chocolate experience. Besides, they have 44 different bonbons and other categories of chocolates that you should try when you visit the area.

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Hotel Chocolat

This is the most luxurious chocolate maker in the Netherlands because the British chocolatier grows their own cacao beans and this is to provide the best quality beans only for their product. 

When they follow the process of planting, developing, and harvesting the best beans then it means that they can monitor the quality of the product from scratch.

If you are a bean-to-bar lover then this is the right company that you should explore during your visit.  There is a wide array of chocolates that you can choose when you visit this company. 

The artisanal technique of making the best chocolates is one of the main criteria why you should visit the company.

Once you get the chance to taste the chocolate from this company then you will know what happiness is because they have perfected the art of making the chocolates. 

The finish of these chocolates is long and luscious and you should not miss the experience. There is also a myriad of chocolate options coming in different flavors and shapes and you should try them during your visit.

Hotel Chocolat is the best place that you can visit when you want to explore the chocolate-making process and you want to surprise yourself with some quality chocolates.

Pure Kakaw

This is a company that is run by a couple who wanted to deliver exceptional chocolates to the people of Amsterdam.

They have a traveling cacao bar that brings unique flavors from the south and central America and with the use of unique techniques of preparation from cacao beans to the product you are sure that you are dealing with the best flavor around.

You should visit this shop because they pride themselves in sourcing some of the most exceptional cacao beans from the south and central America. 

The process of making the chocolate is pretty straightforward and you should be ready to deal with the emerging changes in the production and product area.

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Cacao Museum Amsterdam

This is one of the most important places that you must visit when you go to the Netherlands because it is an iconic location. The museum is a specialist in converting cacao beans into chocolate bars. 

The history of making the chocolate bars begins with artisanal preparation of the beans before roasting and cold pressing which ensures that all the chocolate is derived and you can enjoy your drink as you explore different places of the country. 

They are also educators in that they teach locals and tourists on the process of chocolate making and the steps that are taken to produce artisanal chocolates,

 The museum is open during the week and you should prepare to explore the area because you are guaranteed the best experience.  The staff at this location are friendly and they will show you the whole process of making the chocolate from beans to chocolate.

It is imperative that you take your time to review the best experts in the industry and visit the museum if you want to learn more about chocolate production and the steps taken to produce the most iconic chocolates.

They have a wide range of chocolates that you should try from pralines, bonbons among other chocolate shapes.

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Macao Movement

This is one of the best chocolate makers in the Netherlands because they are known to accentuate the chocolate scene. Since the introduction of this company to the chocolate production sector, there have been tremendous changes and people continue to sample their awesome products from Europe and different parts of the world.

The company is based across the river and they are known for their crispy caramelized cacao beans. These beans have been carefully sorted to ensure that you get the best value for your money and that the quality of the product is very high.

When you visit the company, you can ask about the process and you will be shown how the chocolate bars are made from scratch.  Besides the owners are vegan friendly hence they can make you a bar of vegan-friendly chocolate.

You can find and taste their chocolate in many different locations in the Netherelands.

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This is one of the most unique places that you can visit because it is the oldest bean-to-bar chocolate shop in the region. They have a huge selection of cacao beans and they advocate to produce high-quality chocolate from these beans. The selection offers different chocolate drinks to people who visit the premises to enjoy their coffee.

The hand selection of the chocolatiers has ensured the artisanal production of the chocolates. Once you have the chance to explore some of the exceptional chocolate makers in the country you have the right chance to explore different locations as well. The Netherlands is an ideal location for your chocolate explorations. 

Some of the chocolates that you will find include bonbons, chocolate bars, among others. It is important to understand that different chocolate makers make them use different levels of chocolates when preparing their bars from 37% milk chocolates to higher dark chocolates with over 90% chocolates.

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In conclusion, the Netherlands is one of the best destinations when looking for a place to enjoy some of the best chocolates in the world. You are not limited to the locations listed above, there are other chocolatiers in the country and you can explore different companies as well when in the country.