Coasteering can be your next adventure by the seaside, but be aware that you will be walking on some slippery rocks and jumping into a water, so good coasteering shoes is a must for a safe and fun experience.

This is a relatively new sport and it is important that you should take your time to understand all the aspects that entail this new activity. 

However, it has since traversed the world and you can have a time of your life when you choose to explore the different coasteering locations on the planet. This is a fun activity and you should ensure that you try doing it once in your life because you are going to have a time of your life in the different parts of the planet.

If you are not familiar with this sport and you know about mountaineering and coastal exploration. Coasteering is a combination of the two and you are going to have the best experience possible.  During the warmer months, you are going to have an exceptional time as you explore different parts of the planet coasteering.

When choosing to go coasteering in some of the top coasteering locations on the planet, it is critical that you choose the right shoes that will give you the best experience possible. The best water shoes are designed to allow you to enjoy different water sports in the region. When you have the right shoes, you can go coasteering without fear because you can explore the water safely and with ease whether you are paddle boarding, diving, canoeing, and even scrambling.

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How to choose the best coasteering shoes

Perhaps you could be finding it hard choosing the right coasteering shoes, but, you should not worry anymore because we are going to create a guide for you to follow when making the selection of these shoes. 

The water shoes should double up as hiking shoes therefore you should be careful when choosing them. When looking for the best shoes, it is always important that you put all factors into consideration to ensure that you get the best value for money as well as giving you the best experience possible.

Here are some of the parameters of the shoes that you should consider. 


The durability of the shoes is an important factor when choosing your coasteering shoes because you need something sturdy that can withstand harsh conditions outdoors.

The stitching and gluing of the shoe should be superb to prevent any wear and tear while enjoying your outdoor experience.  Your feet must be well protected when you are going coasteering and durable shoes guarantee you this experience.


Comfort is a paramount aspect that you should consider when you are choosing your coasteering shoes. This plays a critical role because it will determine the kind of experience that you will have while outdoors.

Since you will be descending, moving high up the mountains as well as walking in rugged terrains, then it is important that you have a high-quality shoe. The comfort of the shoe means that it is well insulated and protected to guarantee your feet’ safety.

How fast they dry

As you will be jumping into the water with these shoes, it would be the best if these shoes dry fast or even do not get wet at all (some of them are made from plastic like materials). Once you get out from the water, especially if it is not summer season, you will want them to dry as fast as possible.

The sole of the coasteering shoe

The longer your hike on the rocks is, the thicker your sole should be. Some coasteering shoes have very thin sole, and that is not a problem if your jump is quite close to the beach or you do not have to walk on rugged, spiky, slippery rocks.

But if your jump is further away and you always have to walk through the rocks, pick a thicker sole, it will be much more comfortable for you.


There’s a pretty high chance that the rocks you are going to walk on – are wet. If you do not plan to jump from some sunny rock, better choose shoes which have a good grip and you will not accidentally slip.

Here are some of the top shoe brands that you should consider when selecting your coasteering shoes:

Keen Astoria West sandals

The name of these shoes might be quite misleading; however, it is important to note that this is a mixture of sandals and shoes. They are durable and adjustable to give you the best fitting.

The customization of the shoes will ensure that you get the best experience possible. The shoes are ideal for wet and dry conditions therefore you can move from climbing to jumping into the water and your feet remains dry.

They are constructed from high-quality materials to ensure durability. In addition to this, they have a plastic webbing that allows your feet to breathe.  The rubber cap protects your feet and it is ideal for water sports.

Vivobarefool esc tempest

This is a premium water shoe that is made from high-quality material that is known for high-quality grip and it is perfect for funning, walking, or even exploring different tough environments. 

The water boot is iconic because it can take all kinds of environments and you are going to have the best experience possible while visiting the region. If you intend to explore different parts of the planet coasteering then this is the perfect shoe for you. 

The design might look simple, however, it guarantees you a top experience as well as comfort. It is one of the most performing shoes in the market, therefore, you are guaranteed the best experience. 

The rubber sole is made from Michelin-level of material therefore it offers impeccable grip and comfort while walking on stones and pebbles.  The materials allow it to snug perfectly on your feet and you can move with ease from one location to another.  If you are looking for a shoe that will allow you to walk outdoors, coaster, and join triathlons among other features then this is the right type of shoe.

Kane Revive

This is a legendary shoe that has been used for so many years for people who love coasteering because of the structure a well as the unique material that guarantees safety as well as comfort. This shoe is washable, quick to dry, and lightweight. While it is commonly known as a recovery shoe it can be used in dry and wet environments.

It is made from a soft foam that will give you the best feeling and comfort while you are walking.

There is enough padding and cushioning to ensure that you are comfortable and walking with ease.  The heel, instep, and arch are all made from durable material that not only ensures your comfort but you will also get the best experience possible. 

The perforated design of the shoe allows water to escape while allowing air to get in and this means that your feet are always dry and comfortable. The shoes come in different colors therefore you are not limited in the options that you have.

Craghoppers Locke Packaway

This is the best shoe that you will find in the market if you are looking for something that you can comfortably walk in as well as enjoy the outdoor environment.  It is a perfect shoe because it is quick to dry and it is having an impeccable grip. 

It is primarily designed for individuals who love the outdoor environment and activities such as backpacking, coasteering, and even canyoning.

The shoe is packable and you can wear it in different environments. You are sure that you will have a time of your life when you visit this region. The thick sole and cushioning rubber sole ensures that you have the best feeling because the shoe will fit perfectly and give you the best experience.

It has a sticky grip even on wet surfaces therefore you do not need to worry about slipping. 

Since they are quick to dry they it is perfect for you to use in different environments.  The shoes are tough and sturdy guaranteeing you the best experience possible.

Vivobarefoot Ultra Bloom III

This is an iconic shoe and probably the most cool looking one that is perfect for both swimming as well as coasteering.  These are some of the legendary shoes that you will get fort this sport and they are known to be comfortable, and lightweight and you can remove them easily even if they are wet.  The shoes feature proper straps that are easy to strap and ensure that it snugly fits on your feet. 

Whether you want to go climbing, coasteering, or bungee jumping among others and this is a perfect time for you to explore some of the most unique features that you should consider especially moving from one environment to another.

Decathlon aqua shoe

The decathlon aqua shoe is among the top water shoes that you are going to find in the market. 

The shoes are comfortable and they are known to be quick to dry.  If you are looking for better protection and grip then this is the perfect shoe for you.

The shoe is perfect and made from a high-quality material that guarantees you the best feeling when hiking and even coasteering. It is lightweight and made of high-quality material which ensures that you can still use it in the water and on land as well. 

The soles are equipped with a good grip to ensure that you can move from one area with ease the mesh on the upper side of the shoes means that it can whisk moisture away thereby allowing your feet to stay dry. You can get these kinds of shoes coming from different designs and you will have a good time while exploring the area.

Vans Surf Boot 2 Hi V

Perhaps these are some of the best surf boots that you are going to get. These shoes are known to have a perfect ankle seal which is known to protect your feet from harsh conditions.

The shoes are comfortable, warm, and grippy and with about 5 millimeters thickness you are sure that you can explore the different parts of the state. The shoes are made from high-quality material and they can keep you warm even in cold water environments.

Merrell Choprock Sieve

This is an iconic shoe that you are going to have some of the most exquisite times during your coasteering process. These shoes are tight, durable, and comfortable therefore you will be able to move from one location to another with ease.

There is a Vibram grip which gives a perfect grip especially if you are moving from one location to another.

The webbing loops also ensure that it fits perfectly and you can enjoy your bungee jumping and coasteering experience. These shoes are known to have cutouts that are good for releasing water and allowing you to air your feet.  Sand will never be clogged in your shoes because you can easily move from one location to another.