Coasteering is a sport that encompasses numerous activities outdoor and especially in the coastal regions of the world – you will not only jump and swim in the water, you will have as well do a small hike or do a careful walk on the wet rocks, so a good coasteering kit is essential to have a good time once you do coasteering. 

Some of the activities that you can enjoy during your trip to the region include deep water cliff diving, scrambling, hiking, wild swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and abseiling among other activities. It features strenuous activities and you should be careful when you are exploring the different parts of the planet for fun outdoor activities.

You will get to enjoy a wide array of whirlpools as you discover fauna and flora from different parts of the planet.  It is important that you take your time to review some of the most exceptional locations on the planet and see what thrill seekers try to take their adrenaline levels. 

The best time that you can go coasteering is usually during the summer period when the water is crystal clear and the visibility in different parts of the planet is improved. It is imperative to note that you are going to interact with areas where the rocks meet the ocean since there are no rescue boats or other safety equipment.

The most important aspect that you should consider is to check out the sea conditions before you can visit the different locations on the planet.

The daily movement of the tide is critical because it allows you to enjoy the environment and you can choose a location that is perfect for you during your coasteering locations on the planet. Coasteering is a very fun activity if you want to kick your adrenaline higher and if you are seeking adventure. The dramatic and beautiful cliffs, caves, and beaches are some of the places that you should explore during your trip across the world.

What do you need to go coasteering?

Just like any other sport it is always important that you should put your safety first and during your trip to the region you should consider all the safety equipment that you need.

Since this is an adrenaline sport and it features extreme natural adventures then you should always ensure that you are safe before exploring the canyoning or coasteering locations.

There are so many reasons why you should explore the different locations on the planet.  The equipment that you are going to purchase will play a critical role in ensuring that you get the best experience possible by allowing you to push your limit even in dangerous caves, coves, mountainous areas, and other places on the planet.  There are numerous pieces of equipment that you should purchase if you are exploring the different locations on the planet.

Coasteering is an outdoor adventure that involves all your muscles and it is therefore important in stimulating the body and the mind. The technicality involved during the process means that you are working out as you improve your muscle strength and fitness levels as well.

You can as well expand your marine life knowledge because you will encounter a wide array of aquatic life during your trip to the region. You will also get the chance to interact with different people from different parts of the planet.

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Which is the best coasteering kit?

Coasteering features numerous activities such as jumping, diving, swimming, and abseiling along the intertidal coastlines without the help of watercraft or boats.

It is therefore essential that you get the right equipment for you to enjoy the best experience during your trip to the region. The activity is in-depth and has variations of activities as well as procedures and rules.

You can enjoy activities such as jumping from a cliff to the open waters, or moving from one rock to another in the ocean as well as moving from the top of a cliff to the bottom as you enjoy some of the diving in the water.

It is a fun activity and you should have the best protective gear when you are exploring the different parts of the planet. You can explore the different coastal regions of the planet when you have the right protective fear. 

It is important to note that some kit is used for the whole jumping/swimming experience: thermals, wetsuit,  life jacket, waterproof camera, and so on. Make sure you are equipped with the right gear before undertaking this activity as it will make your experience much more enjoyable. 

Other part of equipment is used for getting to the coasteering location: you may climb on some quite uncomfortable surfaces like wet rocks during a windy weather, so you need a good waterproof jacket, backpack and suitable clothes. 

Moreover, prepare a first aid kit with all necessary items as well as some snacks if you don’t want to get hungry while exploring the coast. Don’t forget to bring enough water! 

Last but not least, always inform someone of your whereabouts in case of emergency. Safety should come first when doing any kind of coasteering activities.

Here are some of the most essential coasteering equipment.

Coasteering equipment


These are very important especially if you opt to explore the different parts of the planet during the cold season.  The thermals are essential because it is a perfect environment for you to explore different areas with ease while at the same time remaining dry.

The purpose of these thermals is to ensure that your skin is comfortable and if you do not like wet and thermal suits then you can check out the different materials that will give you the best experience.


Perhaps this is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you should consider when purchasing your coasteering equipment. 

The wetsuit should be constructed with high-quality material that will allow you to move from one location to another with ease.  You should get a wetsuit that fits your body perfectly as it allows you to protect yourself from hypothermia.

Staying warm is critical especially if you are exploring areas with cold water. You can carry even thermals or a jumper if you are going to explore coasteering in areas where it is cold.  The wetsuit neoprene rubber is known to tear apart especially when it is pushed to its limits therefore you should wear shorts over the wetsuit to protect it.


This might seem like a regular thing; however, navigation is very essential especially if you are going to traverse areas that you are not familiar with. During your expedition to different parts of the planet, you will need a navigation system that allows you to move from one location to another.

A compass and other navigational tools will help you in moving from one point to another and GPS usually speeds up navigation from one point to another especially if you want to include hiking to your coasteering trip. 

In areas where GPS might not work then you should use a common compass to give you directions in canyons and areas where you cannot access the internet.

Coasteering helmet

A good helmet is essential part of your coasteering kit as it assures the highest safety if something goes wrong: sometimes the waves can be quite strong and can bring you close to the rocks. The helmet as well softens the landing into the water.

Coasteering shoes

Choosing the right shoes for your coasteering adventure is a very important factor. You will need to choose a pair of rugged shoes with good grip and strong soles that can keep you on your feet in wet conditions. Shoes should be comfortable and light, but also provide protection from sharp rocks and sea urchins. 

Buoyancy aid/Life jacket

This is another piece of equipment that you should check out during your travel. The buoyancy aid will ensure that you can easily breathe and move from one location to another.

The aid should be adjustable and equipped with a modern strap that can fit your chest space and shoulders.  The dimension of the buoyancy aid should ensure that it fits perfectly on your body and give you the best experience.


This is one of the most fundamental items that you need because you can explore different parts of the planet with ease. When you have woolen socks, you are going to retain warmth even in a cold or wet environment. 

You should ensure that you choose the right socks depending on the season that you are going to go coasteering and the prevailing weather conditions as well. You can opt for thin thermal liners if you are going to explore warmer areas as it helps you avoid sand. 

Thermal socks are important in keeping your feet warm and dry throughout your time during coasteering.


This is one of the items that is commonly forgotten by many people yet it is a very important thing to have during your travel to different parts of the globe. You should pick a beanie that is nice and warm and you can choose from major companies that are producing some of the iconic beanies.

You can as well get neoprene beanies that are available in many shops closer to the areas where you are going to go coasteering. The beanies should fit perfectly because you want something that is going to give you the best experience yet at the same time allow you to get some warmth.


The clothes that you should choose will depend on the region that you are going to explore.

If you are going to explore canyons and other warmer environments then it is better that you have a T-shirt and a short that will guarantee you the best experience.  You can as well choose something that is both shorts and trousers.

This will help you make the best decision when selecting the right clothes for the environment. You might need thermal jackets especially if you are going to explore a wet environment and long-sleeved shirts.

The best clothing that you will enjoy when canyoning should be durable and fast drying to allow you to have the best experience during your coasteering period. You should leave your cotton shorts and T-shirts because they will draw heat from your body as well as remain wet for a long time.  You can use gaiters which allow you to protect yourself from snake bites among other dangerous activities while outdoors.

Waterproof jackets

Waterproof jackets are an essential part of your coasteering equipment because it guarantees you the best experience possible. You will be comfortable while abseiling from one location to another, especially in caves, coves, and waterfalls.

These waterproof jackets are essential because they keep you dry and warm during wet and windy conditions.

Dry warm clothes

It is important that during your trip to coasteering locations on the planet, you should ensure that you always have dry and warm clothes in your car or hotel where you can change into them during your trip to the area. 

During your time in the area, you can change from wet and soggy clothes to dry and warm ones.  It is always recommended that you have something that you can change to after your coasteering trip because it guarantees you the best experience possible.

Coasteering backpack

You might have all the equipment and gear ready, however, this is the most critical aspect that you should consider in your kit.

Rucksacks and backpacks are essential because they will allow you to put all the equipment into one place where you can access it easily. 

Depending on the region that you are visiting you can carry a backpack that will suit your trip. Always go for a rucksack or backpack that is lighter yet very durable.

The best is to take backpacks which are completely waterproof, where you could put your stuff like phone, dry clothes, hiking shoes and other stuff. We recommend not to use a simple hiking goretex backpack, but polyester with TPU laminate.


Wetsuit gloves are an important part of the clothing and coasteering kit because it helps you get warm during your coasteering experience in different parts of the planet.

You should always keep your hands warm because you might need to hold on to the harnesses and other equipment and when you have gloves you will not suffer from frostbite and excessive cold.

It may seem that gloves are not as important as it is, but once you jump into the water, and if it is not summer time, you will get cold in minutes.


This is a critical component for your coasteering experience.

The trainers are essential tools for your trip because it allows you to move easily.

Wetsuit boots and other kinds of beach shoes provide proper protection for your feet and you can enjoy canyoning and kayaking in different places. You should have trainers that are comfortable for you to explore the different parts of the region.

Coasteering kit – conclusion

It is very important to pay attention to all the small parts and equipment in your coasteering kit, because they play an important part during your adventure.

Good backpack will assure that after your jump and swim you will have all your stuff dry.

Good wetsuit will keep you warm.

Good helmet will keep you safe.

Good shoes will make your walk on the rocks and rocky seabed comfortable.

Lifejacket – simply a must.

Depending on weather conditions bring good waterproof jacket, a beanie and just have the best possible time as coasteering is an amazing adventure each time.


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